Top 8 OCR Tools to Extract Text From Image

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the authorized process that functions to capture texts from physical documents. It is referred to as the useful technology that helps to extract information from the textbooks and other documents during research. You can find different sources around the internet that offer the best image to text converter for OCR-based image text extraction. They use the default phone camera as a scanner for extracting characters from existing document files. 

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Well,  in this informative context, we shortlisted a few best OCR-based photo to text converters that you have to use for text extraction. 

Photo Scan:

Photo Scan is the best utility that allow you to capture text from images within no time. You can find that this tool allow you to scan any kind of photo with characters. Besides from extracting text from images, this application loaded with a best QR code scanner. Simply navigate to the Microsoft Store on WIndows to get this tool. The upside is that it comes with an intuitive interface that lets you copy text from photos immediately. 


This is indicated as one of the best OCR-based services that has served you for decades for text extraction. You will get the best online image t-o text converter through which you can easily get text from image without any quality distortion. This handy tool comes with multilingual support, this means it proceeds with OCR recognition for different languages. Moreover, it allow you to export extracted text file in different formats. 

Easy Screen OCR:

Ease Screen OCR is another well-known utility that works optimally for recognizing and extracting text. Get text from image with this cloud-based application that works well on both desktop and mobile browsers. The upside is that the recognition software is powered by Google, this means you will get quality preservation results while extracting text from images. Remember that this application is not fully free, you have to subscribe right after the 20 files submission. Moreover, the most appealing feature of this image to text converter app is that it recognizes over 100 different languages.


This is indicated as the very simple, reliable, and fast tool for capturing text from the images. It is the most useful desktop based application that is highly compatible with Windows OS (Operating Systems). Get text from image right now with this free photo to text converter without installing any third-party application. Simply launch the executable file and proceed OCR-based conversion within a single go. The most apparent to account for this OCR tool is that it assists to make specific selection for the charterers that want to export into the text file. If you people are looking for the simplest photo to text converter, then this is the recommended tool for your convenience. 

English OCR:

English OCR is another best image to text converter that lets you proceed with advanced text extraction. Only iPhone users are able to get text from images with this assistance. You already know that iOS devices’ cameras come with superior quality, so this means the OCR accuracy is highly remarkable. The upside about this photo to text converter app is that it is fully free for all users. However, you can support the developers of this OCR application by availing its PRO version with advanced traits. Besides that, no matter which version you choose, it always serves you with great results on both iPhones and iPads. 

Office Lens:

Get text from image with this expert choice application that lets you work on both Android and iOS. It does not involve huge manual intervention for transferring texts from images with ease. The great thing is that it is a lightweight application, this means there’s no huge burden for your mobile device. Remember that the more advanced the variant of the mobile, this app will come with better OCR results. You can find that OCR-based image to text converters will already improve together with the advancement of the mobile phones. 

Adobe Scan:

Adobe Scan is a splendid photo to text converter that works to get text from image on both Android and iOS devices. This application is loaded with the best version of OCR function to provide you with optimal outcomes regarding text recognition. Unlike its counterparts, this handy tool does not charge you, not even ask you to subscribe. It is referred to as the straight-forward and easy to navigate OCR scanner that helps to extract clear and accurate characters in different languages. Once done, the text is simply converted into universal file format i:e PDF. If you think about performance-wise, then this is an ultimate option for you. 

Text Fairy:

Get text from image within a single go with the assistance of Text Fairy. This is indicated as an ultimate solution for turning text documents into digital files. You can find that this application is loaded with auto-fix traits that allow you to produce clear and high-quality outcomes even if the physical document is a bit blurry. If you people are working with old documents with some typography and other issues, then Text Fairy is the perfect tool for you. 


OCR-dependent tools are advancing at an incredible speed these days. This all because of the advancement of optical hardware for desktop as well as smartphones. However, the question that comes into picture is all about the accuracy as one needs to deal with different languages. Thus, we discussed the most preferable OCR image to text converter that mainly functions to provide best results regarding text extraction. 

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