How to Find Hidden Photos on iPhone and iPad? iOS 6, 7 or Later!

Are you unsure about to get to hidden photos on you iPhone or iPad? Don’t take confuse, because by read this article, you will learn about how to find hidden photos on iPhone and iPad (iOS 6, 7 or later). Keep going on!!


Why to hide Picture on iPhone? Each one open image to keep their memory saved forever. Keeping your private images safe is a concern as they are not protected on your Photo album. If your phone come to other persons then they try to view your any image in Photo app, then you have to way: either to remove your picture or protect from outer.

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But After few days, you want to decide that some photos should be unhide from your Hidden Album on your iPhone and iPad, then you can perform it by using pretty simple steps.

Before going to ahead, you should be aware that where are available your hidden photos.

All hidden pictures and videos are saved into hidden album folder into your Photos app. So first of all, your Hidden Album must be enabled that you can retrieve hidden photos from Hidden Album. So in this section, we will cover that how you can Enable/Disable your Hidden Album on Photo app.

How to Find Hidden Album on iPhone & iPad

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iOS 14 or later offers a new feature that users can hide or unhide your Hidden folder (Where to save all hidden pictures) as your need.

If you want to see Hidden Album on your iPhone, then:

  • Launch your <Settings> app on your iOS device
  • Find out <Photo> app and tap on it.
  • On next screen, you will see <Hidden Album> tab
  • Now turn on toggle switch next to <Hidden Album> to appear into your Photos app.


If you want that Hidden Album won’t show up on iPhone, then:

You have to need disable toggle next to <Hidden Album> to disappear.


How to Find Hidden Photos on iPhone 12, 13 or Later

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You can find your desired hidden pictures by using few simplest steps; below shown all:

  • Launch <Photo App> on your iOS device.
  • Click on <Album> that showing bottom to see many folders as categorized.


  • Perform scroll down and find out <Hidden> and tap on it.


  • On next screen, tap on <Select> option top right corner, and then select all pictures that you want to find.


  • Press on <Share icon> that locating bottom left corner of your device’s screen.


  • On resulting screen, select the <Unhide> option to save all hidden pictures into Camera Roll


How to Unhide Hidden Picture on iPhone 11 or Below

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With following few simple steps, you can find your hidden pictures on your iPhone iOS 11, 10, or older. Here’s how:

  • Firstly you have to go <Camera App> on your iOS device and launch it.
  • Press on <Album> icon located at the below of screen.
  • Then open different list’s folder options such as Selfie, Video, Slow motion and hidden, and then tap on <Hidden> folder unhide.
  • Now hidden folder will be open, press on <Select> option locating top right corner, and then you have to choose picture that want to unhide.
  • On next screen, press on <Share icon> that is showing bottom of your device’s screen
  • This will open pop-up window, press on <unhide> icon for finding your hidden pictures and keeping saving them into camera roll folder.

Bottom Lines

Now, I hope that you have been learnt completely about how to unhide hidden photos on iPhone and iPad. If really this article is most helpful for you, then please share it along with their friends, families, and relatives over social media on FB, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, etc.

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