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Hi Learners! In this article, we will illustrate you about many remarkable advantages and disadvantages of biometric system; involving with showing other limitations and drawbacks of biometric identification with ease. At the end of this post, you will get to know completely all essential pros and cons of using biometric system without getting any hindrance.

Introduction to Biometric System

A biometric system is a technology that uses measurable physical or behavioural characteristics to identify and authenticate individuals. Biometric systems use a person’s unique biological traits, such as fingerprints, iris patterns, facial recognition, voice recognition, and DNA, to verify their identity.


These systems are increasingly being used for security and access control purposes in various settings such as airports, banks, and government agencies. Biometric authentication is considered to be more secure than traditional methods such as passwords or PINs because it is much harder to forge or steal someone’s physical characteristics.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Biometric?

Biometric technology uses unique biological traits to verify the identity of individuals, such as fingerprint, facial recognition, iris scans, and voice recognition. There are several advantages and disadvantages of using biometric technology; involving with essential drawbacks of biometric system. Below shown each one, you can check them:

Advantages of Biometric Technology

Biometric technology has several advantages over traditional forms of identification and authentication, including:

User Experience is Most Convenient and Fastest:

With the helping of internal process for biometric authentication is a technical, as the user point of view; it is most incredibly easy and quick. While pressing a finger on the scanner and getting to unlock an account in second is fastest, as compare to type a long password that contain the many special characters. Moreover, it is common mistake the forgetting a password by mostly users. But, there are not possibilities to forget your personal biometric? Never!

Better Data Accuracy:

Old security systems are getting to mess up frequently pricing us a vast volume of time, resources, and money. Therefore, mostly common protection systems are PIN (Personal Identification Number), password, and smart cards that are not offering the better accuracy. But, biometric systems work along with your personal traits like as retina, palm vein, fingerprint amongst other that will always provide you perfectly anytime and anywhere.

Fastest Authentication:

While using biometric system, you can easily unlock an application instantly. Hence, it is getting to become quickly to authenticate an individual by using the face scan and fingerprint.

Great Flexibility:

The biometric device provides users the flexibility of helping your physical traits and removing the need for keeping remember pin and password. Today, mostly smartphones contain the fingerprint scanner that permit you quickly access to the files on their smartphones. Moreover, WhatsApp also provides the finger identification that assists users keep their data secured from unauthorized persons

Better Scalability:

The biometric device is one solution per firm deal. This technology can be easily utilised for multiple aspect of the company; whether it is a new one department otherwise the special project. Hence, you can say that it is most trustable with scalable security system for large and small company.

Take Less Time:

Biometric systems are higher time conserving. This is because; in mostly conditions, you only require to put your finger at the device otherwise seeing at the retina device to pass the system. Apposite this, conventional technology have many hassle’s layers and interrogations that getting to become annoying and unbearable.

Less Cost:

Today, governments are going to invest their money to make the national biometric database. This is because; this government services can be offered to citizens being most accurate and cost-effective. Other corporations are also using this biometric solution to take accurate data that leads to keep saving both money and time. Being putting some money, any organization is capable to keep tack their workers and decrease the additional costs; they are getting to pay for years.

Better Accountability:

In other traditional verification technique, anyone can steal your password and security number to hack your precious information that is higher risky and we are getting to suffer from this issue regularly. However, in scenario of biometric security system, it requires your direct interaction to get log in and pass the security system that permits 100% accountability for your whole activities.


As per the recent report, the young generations are going to take interest with biometric solution as compare to other systems. Banks and other financial firms have already adapted to biometric security solution to increase the reliability and security for their customers.

Have a Screening:

It is the portion of increased procedure, several visitors are travelling on the visas will have two fingerprints that are scanned by the inkless device, and the digital photograph taken. All of this data is utilized to help the border inspector to determine the whether or not to enter the traveler. With helping of this advanced procedure will attach just seconds to the visitor’s whole processing time. Electronic fingerprint scanner also permits the officers to crosscheck the identities of visitors against those on the terrorist watch lists.

Not Easy to Steal:

Face and fingerprint locked biometric system cannot be stolen by observing him.

Enhanced Security & Assurance:

Pins, passwords, security codes are difficult to keep remembering for some guys. Therefore, the biometric device is getting to eliminate the require to remember any password. This is because; it provides the different kinds of mode such as fingerprint, retina recognition, or face scanner. Moreover, this biometric system also can be used to secure precious data, because your fingerprints can’t be forged; but pins and password can be easily stolen.

Unable to Transfer:

The biometric authentication needs its input is available on the authorization; then you are unable to transfer otherwise share the physical biometric digitally. It is just way to use most biometric authentication devices is being the physical application.

Having to Near Spoof-Proof:

The biometrics like as fingerprints, patterns, iris scanning, as well as other are near not possible to get replicating being current technique. There are one in 70 billion possibility that your fingerprint will get to match up perfectly with someone else’s one. Hence, you have a great possibility to win the lottery as compare to have few fingerprints as an intruder getting to try into your account that is protected by this biometric system.

Have a Fully Control Over Access:

The physical authentication offers the organizations and other HR administrator control over who are getting to access the vaults, precious data, office building, lockers, and etc. So, the biometric system permits them to give limit access to unwanted personnel. Just, you have to grant access to only those who are agreed with them.

Better ROI:

The biometric authentication device contains the unmatched ROI than other security systems. It is only one system that helps to keep tracking of each sign in and employ access in a enlarge organization. The biometric system is a great solution as compared to resources who would do the similar job for the hefty salary.

Less Processing Time:

Biometric validated devices are mostly represented to the one-to-one process; and generally it uses the low processing time than other using identifying systems. In the other recognizing solutions, the data is compared to the whole data already stored in the database.

Easy to Operate:

Now these days, you don’t have to need to enter the password again to again; as well as not require remembering the strong passwords. Just, you have to press your finger to open and update your this biometric device unlike to other office punching machine. Today, this device is enabled with retina and voice sensitive; just you have to look at the screen, otherwise just saying the hello the phone opens.

Disadvantages of Biometric Identification

Biometric systems have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in the areas of security and access control. While there are certainly advantages to using biometric systems, such as increased security and convenience, there are also some drawbacks that should be considered. Here are some of the key disadvantages of biometric systems:

False Positives & Inaccuracy:

False positives and inaccuracies are important issues to consider when it comes to biometric systems. False positives occur when a biometric system incorrectly identifies a person as someone else, while inaccuracies refer to cases where the biometric system fails to correctly identify a person who is enrolled in the system.

False positives can have serious consequences, such as denying someone access to a secure location or granting access to an unauthorized person. For example, if a facial recognition system used to access a building has a high false positive rate, it could prevent authorized personnel from entering or allow unauthorized individuals to gain access.

Inaccuracies can also be problematic because they can lead to the exclusion of individuals who should be granted access. For example, if a fingerprint recognition system fails to recognize an enrolled individual, that person may be denied access to a secure area.

There are several factors that can contribute to false positives and inaccuracies in biometric systems, including environmental factors, technical limitations, and individual differences. For example, changes in lighting or facial expressions can affect the accuracy of facial recognition systems, while variations in fingerprint patterns can affect the accuracy of fingerprint recognition systems.

To minimize the risk of false positives and inaccuracies, biometric systems should be designed to account for these factors and incorporate multiple biometric modalities when possible. Additionally, regular system testing and validation can help identify and address any issues with false positives and inaccuracies.

Physical Disability:

In the context of biometrics, physical disabilities can pose a challenge for accurate identification and authentication. For example, individuals with missing or deformed fingers may not be able to provide a reliable fingerprint for biometric identification. Similarly, individuals with facial disfigurement or paralysis may not be recognized by facial recognition technology.

To address these challenges, biometric systems can be designed to accommodate physical disabilities. For example, alternative biometric modalities, such as voice recognition or iris scanning, may be used instead of fingerprints or facial recognition. Biometric systems can also be designed to adjust to the needs of individuals with physical disabilities, such as adjusting the height of a fingerprint scanner or providing assistance for individuals with mobility impairments.

It is important for designers and developers of biometric systems to consider the needs of individuals with physical disabilities to ensure that these systems are accessible and inclusive for all users.

Physical Traits are Unable to Change:

Like with other system, the biometric device is not most suitable. Still, biometric system is getting to change to become better that means you are unable to rely on the safety of their precious data. Whenever, your data were stolen, and then they are not capable to change their identification traits as they are able to change passwords while getting to security breach.

Scanner Compatibility:

Few biometric modalities such as iris scan make deal with scanning difficulties. It can occurs due to many reasons like as eyelids, lens, reflections form cornea, and eyelashes. Cause of these parameters, iris scanning might not be most compatible for use.

High Error Rate:

Mostly, biometric system makes deal with two kinds of errors like as FRR (False Rejection Rate) and FAR (False Acceptance Rate). If this device attempts an unauthorized person then it is called the FAR; if it rejects an authorized person then it is called the FRR. Hence, the error rate is getting higher with making the great chaos for the whole security system. It can occur cause of physical appearance, weather, age, and other problems.

Getting to Delay:

Few biometric systems can take more than the accepted time and longer queue of employees form waiting being enrolled in enlarge organizations. In this scenario, people can get hard time when they scan the biometric device each day. It is most difficult for guys, when they have to go via biometric verification system before getting to enter into office, colleges and other place each day.

More Expensive:

The biometric system is most costly to apply for certain use cased and smaller outfits. Biometric device might not be better idea for applications, where number of people to identify is lesser and can be handled as manually concepts. It is most important to make continuously maintenance of this biometric system to ensure the optimum performance.


The biometric systems are also getting to unreliable because it is an automatically system that is based on the electricity to work. When, power will be shortage, then no user can enter or exit. Moreover, when the software contain the bug otherwise getting to fail cause to any reason; it will be restricted access to users until the software is getting to restored

High Complexity:

This is the biggest drawback of biometric that makes deal with highly technical and complex system, which makes up the entire process. So, organization hires the higher skilled person to develop the system, hence it needs programmers to keep managing the system too.

Privacy Issues:

Privacy issues with biometric technology are the collection and storage of sensitive personal information. Biometric data is unique to each individual, and once it is collected, it cannot be changed. Therefore, the storage and management of biometric data require high levels of security to prevent unauthorized access, hacking, or misuse of the data.

Another privacy issue is the potential for biometric data to be used for purposes other than those for which it was collected. For example, if biometric data is collected for identification purposes, there is a risk that it could be used for tracking or surveillance purposes without the individual’s consent.

Data Breaches:

Data breaches in biometric systems occur when unauthorized individuals gain access to sensitive biometric information, such as fingerprints, facial recognition data, or iris scans. This type of breach can be particularly damaging because biometric information cannot be changed like a password, making it impossible for users to protect themselves in the same way they might with other types of data.

Some common methods of biometric data breaches include hacking into a biometric database, stealing physical biometric data (such as a fingerprint or iris scan), or using fake biometric data to bypass security measures.

To prevent biometric data breaches, it is essential to implement robust security protocols that include strong encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular security audits. Biometric systems should also be designed to limit the amount of sensitive information stored, and access to this information should be restricted to authorized individuals only.

Tracking and Data:

While increasing the usage of biometric authentication systems such as facial recognition concept and other biometric protection measure, user’s privacy that to be grabbed into consideration. Whenever, the biometric will be converted into data and stored, then specifically in places and countries that have vast surveillance measure; user makes the risk of leaving the permanent digital record, which can be essentially tracked by nefarious actors.


Another disadvantage of biometric systems is that they can be biased against certain groups of people. For example, facial recognition technology has been shown to be less accurate for women and people with darker skin tones. This can lead to false positive or false negative identifications, which can result in discrimination and unfair treatment.

Environment & Usage:

Usage and environment can be most affected the overall measurement taken. Most essentially in higher cold regions, the error rate can be increased that make unwanted chaos and getting to disappointment over the entire system.

No Remote Access:

This is also biggest cons of biometric system. In the crisis, like the security breach, HR professional are unable to get access the system as remotely and getting to eliminate the precious data.


There are many kinds of biometric modalities like as contact based and contactless. Contact based means fingerprint and palm vein scanner; and contactless means iris and face recognition. In the contact based technique, the biometric system is used a billion times by vast amount of people. Each one is usually sharing their germs with each other through this device. You don’t know about what you are taking along with you after pressing your finger on this biometric device. Hence, you haven’t any alternative with this system.

Extra Hardware Integration:

Few biometric modalities require the extra hardware integration that can be costly, highly complex, and inconvenient. Hence, it is most difficult to keep manage these kinds of modalities.

Last Words

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