How to Set up iMessage on Mac with Enabling iCloud Account? Easy Guide!!

In this article, we will guide you about how to set up iMessage on Mac as well as guiding how you can activate iMessage on Mac. In the end, you will say it is easier task, and I can do it.

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how to set up iMessage on Mac

Why you should prefer iMessage

All Appple ecosystems are enabled with iMessage feature that allows with your Mac you can send unlimited messages to any Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that uses iMessage. It also can support many other messaging services which perform along with Apple and non-Apple systems. iPhone and iPad users use it to send SMS and MMS messages.

How to Set up iMessage on Mac

In this section, we will educate you about how activate iMessage on Mac and how you can connect iMessage to Mac; below all basic and advance steps are mentioned:

How to Activate iMessage on Mac

To activate your iMassage on Macbook pro, you can follow few simple steps:

  • Open your messages from your desktop or laptop.
  • By default messages app will synchronize along with your Apple ID to sign in. If it does not perform any action then you have to need Apple ID email address and password.

how to set up iMessage on Mac

  • Go to Menu bar and make click on <Messages> option.
  • Now hit on <Preferences> in menu bar.


  • Then further click on <iMessage> button.
  • Choose your <Phone Number> and <Email ID>, where you want to reach.
  • Select which <Phone number or Email Address> under Start new conversations from dropdown, and then you can start conversation with them.

How to Enable iMessage on Mac

How to Enable iCloud Message Sharing on Mac

For getting to avoid data loss confusion, you have best option your iMassages synced in between your iOS devices and Mac, because it allows to you capability to download your all old messages into your new device at setup.

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This process is performing with involving a small setup on your both Mac and the iOS devices and then you can use to send iMessages.

How to Setup iCloud Message Sharing on your Mac

  • Launch your <Messages> app from your dock otherwise <Applications> folder.
  • Click on <Messages> and then go to <Preferences> that is showing top of your menu bar.
  • Now tick checkbox that is next to <Enable Messages on iCloud>.

How to activate iMessage on Mac

  • Finally you have to click on <Sync Now> for making synchronization with your iMessages.

How to Set up Messages in iCloud in iOS

  • Firstly open <Settings> app on your iOS device like as iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌.
  • Press your <Apple ID‌> that is showing at the above your screen.
  • Click on <iCloud> option
  • Making ensure <Messages> is toggled turn on in green color.

Now you are able to download your message history whenever you will get setup on new device.

How to Stop your IMessage

If you do not wish to view messages on your Mac system then just you have to need log out it. To do this:

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  • Launch <iMessage> app on your system, and then select Messages > Preferences
  • Now hit on <iMessage> and select setting.
  • Further Sign Out, and then confirm that in really you wish to sign out. When you get log out of iMessage then you are not able to receive messages.

How to Use iMessage on Mac

  1. Click on icon that is appearing top of your Messages window
  1. Address with your message while typing recipient’s name, email address, or phone number otherwise you can click on <+> icon and select a recipient.
  2. Write your message in field box that is visible bottom of this window, and then click on for sending it.

You can use emojis by clicking on

To use a picture or file, just you can drag or paste it into message area.

To use an audio recording, you have to click microphone and record your messages.

  1. After getting to start a conversation, you have to click on option that is appear corner of your window for performing other actions; like as:

To be used FaceTime to begin an audio call otherwise video call.

To be selected further never creating disturbance notifications about this conversation.

To be share your screen.

You can see recipient’s location – if they’re sharing their location with you.

You can review to all images and files which were swapped into conversation.

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