How to Find Lost iPhone Without Find My iPhone & iCloud Free? 10 Hacks!

Unfortunately, your iPhone or iPad gets missing or stolen but you forgot the enable Find My iPhone feature. Now this is big problem for you, don’t worry! Here we will guide you about how to find lost iPhone without Find My iPhone and iCloud by using 10 freely simplest methods.

Your iPhone or iPad keeps to stores all contacts, messages, videos, pictures, emails, music and other important information. Whenever your iOS device gets misplace or stolen then you make massive trouble and inconvenience. Unfortunately, if you forget your iPhone or iPad in bus, library, hotel or coffee hub or stolen, then this post helps you to find your iPhone without ‘Find My iPhone’ feature.


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All Apple users may aware about ‘Find My iPhone’ that helps you to find your missing or stolen device. But your ‘Find My iPhone’ feature must be enabling then it is possible otherwise you are not able to track your phone’s location. Don’t get panic! Here will all possible ways about how you can find your iPhone or iPad without using ‘Find My iPhone’ and iCloud.

How Find My iPhone Works?

Location Services: Find My iPhone uses location data from your device’s GPS, cellular tower data, or Wi-Fi node location to determine the location of your missing device.

Find My App: To locate your missing device, open the Find My app on another iPhone or a friend’s device. Tap the “Devices” tab and select your missing device to find it on a map.

Play Sound: If your device is online, it will play a sound to help you locate it. If your device is offline, you will see its location on the map, but it won’t play a sound.

Mark as Lost: While looking for your device, you can mark it as lost to protect your device and personal information. When you mark your device as lost, it locks your device with a passcode or your Apple ID password, and you can display a message that helps someone return your device or item.

Family Sharing: If you belong to a Family Sharing group, you can use Find My on a family member’s device. After sharing your location with your family members, your devices will be listed in their Find My app under “Devices”.

How to Find Lost iPhone/iPad Without Find My iPhone?

In this section, we will give you all possible stuffs that help to find lost or stolen iPhone/iPad without enablingFind My iPhone’ feature on your iOS device; below mentioned all:

  1. How Find My iPhone Works?
  2. Track iPhone Using Google Timeline
  3. Locate iPhone Using GPS Tracking Apps
  • FoneHome
  • iHound
  1. Find iPhone without iCloud with IMEI Number
  2. Find iPhone without Apple ID via Dropbox Camera Upload
  3. Find Lost iPhone Using Apple Watch
  4. Find Missing iPhone Using Siri’s Voice
  5. Find a Lost iPhone Using iPhone’s LED Alerts
  6. Find iPhone Using Find My Friends App
  7. Find iPhone Using Google Photos
  8. How to Protect Data if You Unable to Find Lost iPhone
  9. What To Do When Your iPhone Has Been Stolen or Lost?
  10. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Can you track a stolen iPhone without Find My iPhone turned on?
  • How do I Find My iPhone last location if its offline?
  • How do I Find My lost iPhone without Apple ID for free?

Let’s Get Started!!

How to Track Missing iPhone Using ‘Google Timeline’

In case, if you don’t have Find My iPhone feature turned on, then you are unable to track your iOS device. Don’t worry! We have one trick that helps you to find your lost iPhone without using Find My iPhone; below showing all steps:

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Important!! You must be turned on Location Service and Location History on your iOS device, because Google Timeline allows to record all data related to location of your iPhone or iPad or other iOS devices.

  • Next choose the date or Today your iOS device went missing.


  • Scroll down to bottom and check your last location of your lost or stolen iPhone or iPad.

How to Locate Lost iPhone Using ‘GPS Tracking Apps’

GPS Tracking Apps also let you help to track the location your missing or stolen iPhone or iPad. There are many tracking app available in the market, but we suggest two best app, which provide correct accuracy.


  • Download <FoneHome> app from official website and install on your new iPhone or iPad.
  • Once done it, run on your iOs device.
  • Put your log information of your lost device to trace it.
  • Click on <Log in> tab and tap on <OK> button to save the all changes.
  • When you logged in, now you are able to view the real time location of your lost device.


iHound is not free app, you would pay $3.99 for getting to install on your device. iHound helps to provide most accurate location of your lost device with using combination of the significant location GPS, real-time GPS, and Wi-Fi signals embed into your devices.

  • Go to App Store and download and install on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Put your credential and tap on <Submit> button to log in to it.
  • To get start to protect your iOS device, close this app and again launch it
  • Move back iHound’s official website and log in along with your same credential and then tap on <Track Device> button to view the current location of your missing or stolen device.

How to Find iPhone Without iCloud With ‘IMEI Number’

Apple company allots the unique 15 digit IMEI number for each iPhone or iPad, and this number can be fetched by executing *#06# on your device’s display. Nobody can’t change or erase from your iOS device. So with using IMEI number, you can easily track your lost or stolen iPhone or iPad without icloud and Apple ID.

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If anyone tries to use another SIM or switched off, once your phone traced then you send the request your service provider for getting to block it from being used or fire the report your IMEI number to authorities. Then they can easily touch with you if your iPhone is located. I know that it’s not easy task but you can make to possible with positive try.

How to Find iPhone Without Apple ID Via ‘Dropbox Camera Upload’

Dropbox is also best solution to find your lost or stolen iPhone or iPad. But before using this trick, your Dropbox app should be installed on your iOS device. If you don’t prefer the GPS and other tool then it lets you to find your stolen or missing iPhone through photo that automatically will be get uploaded on your Dropbox application. Now you can easily fetch pictures of guy when they shoot a photo and deliver it to the authorities, then they will assistance you. 

How to Find Lost iPhone Using ‘Apple Watch’

With using of Apple Watch, you can also easily track or find your missing iPhone or iPad without using ‘Find My iPhone’ service. Apple watch has to need proximity along with your iPhone or iPad for getting to make connection via wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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Go to home page of Apple watch, then get to swipe up to access Control Center and see the indicator that links to your device in green icon or text. Now you can press on <Ping iPhone> icon to begin tracing to location your phone, when you will come its location then it will give respond as a sound.

How to Find Missing iPhone Using ‘Siri’s Voice’

If you are using iPhone 6s or later then you can easily use ‘Hey Siri’ feature. Keep in remember, you should be set it up manually ahead of time. Then this service lets you to enable your iPhone along with voice- activated command ‘Hey Siri’, with a loud activation sound. But, if your phone’s sound level sufficient that you are able to hear this sound tone when you are nearby your phone.

How to Find a Lost iPhone Using ‘iPhone’s LED Alerts’

This trick helps you as visual aid that allows to find your iPhone or iPad at your home or nearby your location. In this method, you have to need enable your iPhone’s rear LED flash to be in correspondence of your device getting new notifications alert. How to set it:

  • Launch <Settings> app and go to <Accessibility> section, choose the <LED Flash for Alerts> option.

This setting is also known as ‘Flash on Silent’, whenever your iPhone or iPad is on silent mode; it is missing, now while receiving text or call, you can see LED flash.

How to Find iPhone Using ‘Find My Friends App’

The Find My Friend app allows you to track your phone location easily, when you will go to share your location access along with friend or family member on this app. How to set up:

  • Go to App Store and install <Find Friends> app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Once installed it, launch on your device.
  • Next, press on <Location Services off> option that locating at the bottom of this app.
  • Perform slide on <Share My Location> option and click on <Done>
  • Tap on < Add Friends> and select your friends or family member’s contact information.
  • Tap on <Share Indefinitely> option.
  • On next page, you have to instruct your contact to open this app and choose <Accept> option.
  • Now you are able to find your iPhone’s location on your contact’s Find Friends app.

How to Find iPhone Using ‘Google Photos’

If above shown tricks didn’t work then you can try this way that could be useful for you. But Google Photos should be installed then it will automatically upload enable. If anyone is going to try take shoot photos along with your iPhone or iPad, then you can easily track location of your stolen device; to do this:

  • Go to your web browser and visit at, check your recently uploaded photos.
  • When you get any notice to recently photos, then click on them and trace the location with clicking at the right sidebar.

How to Protect Data if You Unable to Find Lost iPhone

If after using all shown all ways, you are unable to find your iPhone or iPad then you are getting to panic about your precious private information and data, which are kept store into your iOS device. Then you should be taken next step that is erasing your sensitive data from your phone. For this, you can use < Activation Lock> that allows you to secure your precious information from locking phone or other iOS device. Now you can easily delete your all data from your iPhone by using Apple ID, you have two options; like as:

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Lost Mode: At the point when your lost iPhone associates with the internet, you can remotely lock your phone and alter a message that will pop its screen. You can incorporate your contact information so a decent person might return the iPhone to you-Apple Pay. Besides gives additional security and no warnings will be shown on the screen. You can open your device once you recover it by utilizing the right password.

Erase iPhone: The streaming choice is your last resort when you don’t have an opening in tracking down your lost iPhone. The action will assist you with safeguarding significant information that you had in the device, however it can’t be re-established except if you had supported it up before. All the data gets lost, and it shouldn’t be something that you can mess with.

What To Do When Your iPhone Has Been Stolen or Lost?

If your iPhone has been stolen, then you have to need to protect your precious data and potentially recover your device. Here’s what you can do:

Locate Your iPhone: Try to locate your iPhone by using several methods, which are shown above. If you can’t locate it, you can play a sound on the device, enter Lost Mode, or erase its contents remotely

File a Police Report: Contact the police department responsible for the area where you lost your iPhone and file a report. This can help in the recovery of your device.

File a Theft and Loss Claim: If you have an AppleCare+ plan that features Theft and Loss, you can file a claim to have your iPhone replaced by Apple. Make sure to mark the device as lost before filing the claim.

Change Your Apple ID Password: To prevent unauthorized access to your iCloud account and associated services linked to your iPhone, change your Apple ID password.

Contact Your Wireless Carrier: Inform your wireless carrier that your iPhone has been stolen. They can suspend your service and prevent unauthorized use of your device.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you track a stolen iPhone without Find My iPhone turned on?

If your iPhone has been stolen without Find My iPhone turned on, there is no built-in method to track the device. However, you can try the following steps to potentially locate your device:

Check the last known location: If you had location services enabled on your iPhone, you can try back-tracking your locations to see if it was left in a specific area.

Contact Local Authorities: Ask the community police or local security guards at the front door of the facility you were in, as they might be able to locate your device.

Use Craigslist: Post an ad on Craigslist, as someone might have found your iPhone and listed it there.

How do I Find My iPhone last location if its offline?

If your iPhone is offline, its last known location is available when it was last connected to the internet.

How do I Find My lost iPhone without Apple ID for free?

Dropbox is also best trick to track your stolen iPhone without using Apple ID; but before using this trick, your Dropbox app should be installed on your iOS device.

Final Thoughts

Now i hope you have been completely educated about how to find lost iPhone without Find My iPhone service through this article, if yes then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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