How to Fix: “iMessage Not Working on Mac”, and Troubleshoot in Mac!

In this article, we will guide you about how to fix: “iMessage Not Working on Mac” and how you can troubleshoot messages on Mac. I hope, in the end your problem will be fixed!!

Apple offers the amazing feature iMessage for making chat across to all Apple products, and it is also available on Apple Watch as well. iMessages allows you to send  all message in between Apple users on Messages App. iMessages service can be used on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iPod touch, and Apple Watch as well.

iMessage Not Working on Mac

No doubt! Apple’s messaging feature usually works fine without getting any hindrance, but sometime you can face few issues like as message doesn’t get delivered, you are not receiving messages, iMessage not opening on Mac, iMessage stopped working on Mac, and iMessage not connecting on Mac. And other couple of factors can also affect your iMessage.

So here we guide you all possible caused and solution.

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iMessage Not Working on Mac – Troubleshooting

In this section, we will cover all causes that your iMessages not working on Mac properly, and we will provide all solutions that how to fix them.

Let’s Start!!

Get to Clear Messages Cache

If iMessages not working on your Mac is getting some trouble, might be Mac’s cache is fully packed, and then you have to need to clean your filled cache. Be careful, cache is in your message history, so don’t delete your chats in your devices.

You can follow few simple steps to clear cache in Finder; below mentioned all:

  • Firstly, launch Finder app on your Mac.
  • Now you have to press Command + Shift + G through Mac’s keyboard.
  • Then text entry box will be displaying, and feed this line: ~/Library/Messages/
  • Now you can delete files in the Messages folder named chat.db, chat.db-shm, or chat.db-wal
  • Finally your Mac trash folder will be free to forever delete your iMessage cache.

Making Ensure iMessage is enabled

Due to minor confliction in iMessage, you can get problem in iMessage and it is unable to work properly. So we guide you that you should be preferred to re-enable iMessage on Mac and fully set up iMessages in Mac. To do this:

  • Firstly you have to need launch iMessage on Mac.
  • Choose <Messages> on the menu bar.
  • Now choose <Preferences> into drop down menu.
  • New window will be opened, and then select <iMessage> option on the top of window.
  • Under your Apple ID, you get turn off toggle next to <enable this account>
  • Final close your Messages app and then you can reopen iMessages on your Mac.

Cross Check Time-Zone Settings

Your Mac does to verify the time and date of all messages received. If you are not receiving messages on your Mac otherwise this messages app is pushing you notifications of new messages but they do not appear on your device’s screen. Might be, this time and date settings have been mismatched. Here guide you about how to check it:

  • Now firstly you have to click on <Apple logo> that is appears at the top left corner into your Mac menu.
  • Choose <Date & Time>

iMessage Not Working on Mac

  • And hit on <Lock> icon that is displaying bottom of your window and introduce your password.
  • Making ensure option is toggled turn on that is showing under the <Date & Time>
  • Finally you have to click again on <Lock> to protect your Mac.

Be careful, Making ensure that date and time setting is working correctly, you have to need verify both date and time are correct before shutting down your window

To Verify Keychain Access

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Like Several app, Messages gets to Keychain Access to authorize services like iMessage. We guide you about how you can check Keychain Access to iMessage, but you are not able to update anything into your Keychain Access for iMessage. To do this:

  • Now you have to need open Keychain Access on your Mac syatem
  • Type into search bar field that is showing at the upper right corner of your window.
  • Then it will get you appear all of encryption and signing keys iMessage has logged along with your Mac. If here you nothing to see then it can create issue.

iMessage Not Working on Mac

Log Out and again Log In to iMessage

If you will try to re-login to iMessage app then i hope your iMessage will work properly. Here, how you do it:

  • Firstly launch iMessage app on your Mac and fo go menu bar and choose “Messages
  • Now you have to select <Preferences> in drop down menu.
  • New window will be display and choose <iMessage>
  • Select <sign out> next to Apple ID
  • When you get logged out properly then you have to go again log in with using of your Apple ID.

iMessage Not Working on Mac

Getting to Reboot Mac

iMessage has common problem is that it is unable to send message on Mac otherwise it is also not delivered on Mac. Then you can implement this trick <Reboot Mac> and this issue will be solved. To do this:

  • Click on <Apple Logo> that is showing into Mac menu bar.
  • Choose <Restart>, and then follow on screen prompts that get to force shutting app.
  • Now your Mac will get reboot automatically at once.

Checking your Internet Connection

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You have to need cellular network to send regular text messages because iMessage is must be enable your device along with internet connection for it work properly. An establish internet connection is required in order for using iMessage that is either Wi-Fi or mobile data. After that you should not get panic if iMessage is not working properly on Mac, because now here you have to require checking of your internet connection with opening and browsing on web.

Checking your Apple ID or iCloud

Before using iMessage, you must be cross check that your Apple ID or iCloud is enable or not. If it is configured properly Apple ID on your Mac then hit on <Apple Menu> and chooses <System Preference>

Now you have to go <iCloud> setting and check Apple ID that you are using, and it must be same Apple Id which are using on your iPhone then it will be sync in between your Mac and iPhone.

Getting to Enable on Mac

If sometime your text messages are not getting show on your Mac then you should be check message forwarding that must be enabled on your Mac. If it is disabled then you have to require enable “Message forwarding“. How to do this:

  • Go to Setting > Messages and now click on <Message Forwarding>
  • Now new window will be opened and get turn on toggle of your Mac.

iMessage Not Working on Mac

Update macOS

Latest macOS updates helps to fix bugs and other issues along with most native apps with including Messages. If your Mac is not updated with latest version then you should be try it:

  • Open and choose < System Preferences>
  • And now you have to select to install any pending updates on your Mac.

iMessage Not Working on Mac

Getting to Disable VPN

If you are using any VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your Mac then you have to need disable all those VPNs and try to iMessage again.

Getting to Change DNS

You can use default DNS (Domain Name System) server to famous service like as Google DNS. It helps you to fix issues iMessage connectivity issues.

  • Click on <Wi-Fi> icon and then select <Open Network Preferences>
  • Choose the <Advanced> option

iMessage Not Working on Mac

  • Switching to <DNS> tab

iMessage Not Working on Mac

  • Now you have to feed these DNS servers like as (8.8.8) and (

iMessage Not Working on Mac

  • Click on <Ok> and then <Apply>

Getting to Reset all Settings

If till now, you are facing problem that iMessage Not Working on Mac then you have to prefer that reset all settings. To do this:

  • You have to go Setting > General > Reset

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