Tips to Write Content that Helps You Rank Higher Than Your Competitors

Have you been thinking about the issues in your content that aren’t allowing your site to improve its ranking compared to competitors?

Well, if this query has hit your mind, then you indeed are aware of the importance of content in obtaining a good position on the search engine result pages.

Content quality matters a lot when you are looking forward to uplifting your site’s ranking.

Producing high-quality content isn’t about using extraordinary vocabulary or beautifying it. The quality of website content is a mixture of multiple ingredients, which should be taken care of in order to get your rank higher than your competitors.

Tips to Write Content

If you are eager to learn the tips that can help you write content that helps you beat the competition, then you should continue reading this post till the end.

Here are the tips to help you achieve what you are looking for!

Understand the Audience & Write for them (Only!)

The primary tip to follow to obtain a higher rank than your competitors is to clarify your views about who you are writing for. This is the essential thing that you need to know because Google and other search engines take this factor regarding figuring out what value your site and its pages are providing to the searchers.

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Content that is based on the needs and interests of the audience obtains a better rank on search engine result pages. It’s essential to emphasize here the fact that you should write only for the audience to gain a higher rank.

Search engine crawlers have become smart enough to depict whether the content is serving the queries of the searchers or simply using black hat SEO tactics to obtain a better position. Therefore, you should be careful about it while curating content!

Strategic Keyword Placement

Keywords contain a vital role in standing your site higher than your competitors. You must use keywords from your content creation strategy and jot down words generically.

Keywords shouldn’t be confused with phrases that artificially grow a site’s ranking on search results.

You can think of keywords as chains that connect the users’ queries with the content available on your site. That’s the reason you need to dig out the best-performing keywords and use them strategically in your content to gain a higher organic position than competitors.

Now here, one more thing needs to get cleared while incorporating keywords; you should take care of their density and don’t go toward overstuffing. The keywords must appear only in those places where they contextually fit the content. In short, you should keep a balance while using keywords; complete omission or overstuffing won’t be the right approach to get your site’s rank above competitors.

Ensure Originality

Originality can be considered an integral element of content, and it becomes even more essential to come up with new text on your site if you are majorly aiming to outshine competitors in SERP.

You cannot expect to get a top position on search results for content that contains duplication or is an entire replica of another source.

The existence of plagiarism won’t allow you to improve your site’s position. Instead, it might get your web page deindexed from search results, as it is a forbidden activity in the guidelines rolled out by Google.

Search engines prefer to rank the sites containing fresh content. Therefore, you must ensure originality in your content and make it plagiarism-free.

To ensure the originality of your content, you can check plagiarism online with a plagiarism checker. A plagiarism detector aids writers in keeping a check on their content’s integrity.

A plagiarism checker is a must-have tool for every writer, as it allows you to figure out the exact portions of text that contain plagiarism. This online utility lets you know the sources from where your text matches.

Avoid Fluff

The guidelines by Google regarding lengthy content getting a higher rank on search results are misinterpreted by many people. The fact that lengthy content becomes more noticeable based on the information it contains must cover multiple facets of the topic. It doesn’t mean that to extend the length of your content; you can include unnecessary or irrelevant information. In writing terms, fluff can be defined as the details discussed in content that aren’t useful for the audience in any way.

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The content you are writing should be highly relevant to the queries the audience enters into the search engines. If your content reflects the opposite and the visitors need help to come across the information they are looking for; they might eventually bounce back.

More visitors leaving your site without satisfactory results won’t allow you to get better rankings than competitors.

Therefore, you must avoid the fluff and ensure you are coming straight to the point instead of frustrating the readers with irrelevant information.

Eliminate All Flaws

Once you are done with writing, you must review it thoroughly before submitting your final draft. In the review phase, you need to keep a check on multiple things.

First, you should proofread the document to find and eliminate grammatical, syntax, spelling, and punctuation errors. Even if you are a proficient writer, you can still make such mistakes while writing, so you must dig out and rectify them.

If you have detected plagiarized phrases in your text, you should remove them. To efficiently remove plagiarism, you can use a free paraphrasing tool that smartly rephrases a text while maintaining its context.

Finally, you should check out the keywords’ placement in content and their density. The missing keywords should be incorporated, whereas those with higher density should be cut down to avoid overstuffing.

This way, you’ll be able to make your content flawless, and it will rank higher than your competitors.

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