Advantages and Disadvantages of SONAR | Pros and Cons

Hello Learner! Today, we will show you about many essential advantages and disadvantages of SONAR technology; involving with various benefits of SONAR system with ease. This is unique article over the internet; after reading this content, you will fully understand about pros and cons of using SONAR without getting any obstacle.

Introduction to SONAR

SONAR stands for ‘Sound Navigation And Ranging’ that is going to use including underwater research, medical area, tracking sub-marine, identify the small object in surrounding environment, and etc. This technology works as ultrasound, RADAR, and seismic technologies.


SONAR can apply in the open air that is most effective in the underwater. This is because; sound waves are able to tend to travel long distance in oceans and sea. The main use of SONAR system is to find far away things underwater along with other communications objectives.

What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of SONAR?

In this section, we will try to explore all possible advantages and disadvantages of SONAR as well as benefits of drawbacks of SONAR technology in detail, then you can take decision that SONAR is better solution to RADAR or not.

Advantages of SONAR Technology

Here, we are going to reveal you some remarkable benefits of SONAR system, then you can take decision behalf of them either SONAR technology is good solution or not; below mentioned all in detail, you can see them:

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In some use cases of SONAR technology like as seafloor mapping and commercial fishing; you budget can get outreached that is major concern. Cause of this, most of ships is going to use in these applications that prefer to SONAR system. Its configuration is inexpensive and pretty simple to operate it.

Better Accuracy & Reliability:

Most of technologies are unable to work perfectly underwater. But, SONAR system is the better solution that holds up well. Cause of its less attenuation in the SONAR technology as compared to other methods of communication like as RADAR.

Having Versatility:

By helping of SONAR, you may be hardly go wrong for identify the available target objects. Now, there is no other communication system that is most effective of long distance underwater as compare to SONAR technology.

It’s moreover that SONAR system better speed of communication; as well as SONAR is capable to cover near about 85% of sea. Due to its amazing characteristics make it most helpful for identify any warships and seafloor imaging.

Disadvantages of SONAR System

There are some significant limitations and drawbacks of SONAR technology, as follow them:

Harmful for Marine Life:

As you know very-well that SONAR system is able to detect any presence of underwater life; although it is expensive things. Usually, just one sound beam are unable perfectly predict the shape and size of any presence of object.

Therefore, to clear the visibility of target object excellent, then SONAR technology must be implementing the multiple higher-frequency sound waves. This is because; this is higher frequency waves making the desired accuracy. But, they end up most harmful for the lives of marine wildlife, as well as human life.

Scattered Noise:

As plenty reflections and transmission need to obtain the estimation of presence target object right; as well as, even there are also higher probability of making the large number of misplaced and unusable sound waves, noise, aka via this entire process.

Instead of this, sea itself is a lossy way and multiple sound waves are spreading over the seawater before they are getting to hit target and move back to this system.


Resonance is the milestone phenomenon, in which sound persist after passing the sound waves will generate. Whenever, SONAR system transmits the sound wave, then resonance of those waves are necessary. When, resonance occurs most regularly, so they could get interference along with the original beam. As the outcome, the system’s accuracy might be suffering.

Pros and Cons of SONAR Technology

Benefits of SONAR System:

There are many benefits of SONAR system, as follow them:

  • SONAR has higher speed of communication.
  • It is inexpensive technology.
  • SONAR system can be used plenty underwater activities, because SONAR system unable to attenuate most in sea water as compare to RADAR waves as well as light waves.
  • SONAR system also helps to identify the depth of water level.

Drawback of SONAR System:

Following are few limitations of SONAR system like as:

  • SONAR technology is unable to transfer data.
  • It can be most affected by other sound waves, if it is implement in outer the water.
  • SONAR system makes the lot of noise that is based on sound levels that is created by SONAR system.
  • SONAR generates multiple waves that can be interfered with turtles, sea lions, dolphins, seals, and etc. So, it is most harmful for marine life.
  • SONAR is most affected by the other sound waves. But, no other electromagnetic waves like UV, Radio wave etc.
  • Due to higher beam of SONAR system, it can be getting worst directional resolution.

Final Words

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