15 Keys Difference Between RAM and ROM | RAM Vs ROM | Comparison

RAM and ROM are both using as internal memories in the computer system.

What Are The Difference Between RAM and ROM?

Now, here we will discuss some differences in between RAM and ROM with using of Comparison Chart in tabular form; show below:

Difference Between RAM and ROM


Full Form

Memory Variants

Memory Storage



Storage variants

Preferred as

Data retention while getting power

Processor accessibility


Different types of Memory 


Size of memory’s types



Random Access Memory


1 – 256 single chip

Both ability Read and Write



Main Memory

Crashed stored data in RAM, due to failure of power

Processor is able directly to access data in RAM


Two types of RAM: SRAM and DRAM

Data can be modified

Large than ROM (Read only memory)

As CPU Cache and Primary memory


Read Only Memory


4 – 8MB single chip

Only Read

Slow to RAM


Secondary memory

Data can be accessed when power turn off 

Processor cann’t  directly access data in ROM

Lesser to RAM


Cannot be modified

Less than an inch in length

Used as Firmware by micro-controllers

RAM (Random Access Memory) helps to store all programs and data, and then CPU uses them efficiently in the real time. RAM is ability to perform both operation such as read and write. You can also call the temporary memory because all data exist in the RAM until power gets turn off, when power gets  turn off then all data will gets erase and can’t restore.

There are two types of RAM; like as –

Static RAM: SRAM needs the continuously flow of power to retain the data inside it, and it more costly to DRAM. SRAM is using as cache memory for the computer.

Dynamic RAM: DRAM requires for refreshment to retain all data that holds it, and its speed is slow as well as cheaper compare to SRAM.

ROM (Read Only Memory): ROM stands for “Read Only Memory”. This memory is able to store data in permanently means, and it is non-volatile memory that means its data never destroy when power get turn off. It is programmable chip because in which stored all instructions that are most required when to start computer.

There are four types of ROM; below explain each one –

MROM: MROM stands for “Masked Read Only Memory“, and it is very first ROM was hard-wire devices. Masked ROMs consist pre-planned program of data otherwise instructions and it is cheaper as well.

PROM: PROM stands for “Programmable Read Only Memory“. On this PROM, data can write only one time, and it remains there forever. PROM is capable to retain their needed data when Computer is getting turn off. User purchases a empty PROM, and inserts the needed data with help of PROM program.

EPROM: EPROM stands for “Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory”, and in which stored data can  delete by using of ultraviolet light for some time frame up to 40 minutes. The ultraviolet light clears its data, and now you can to reprogram the memory.

EEPROM: EEPROM stands for “Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory“, and In EEPROM, all activities such as programming and erasing  performed by electrically. This EEPROM is able to reprogrammed and erased in more than ten thousand time.

Key Differences Between RAM and ROM Memory

  • RAM is capable to both operations like as Read/Write, whereas ROM is capable only read operation.
  • RAM has ability to store data as temporarily nature because it entire data get crash while getting turn off power, whereas ROM can store data lifelong.
  • RAM is a volatile nature memory, whereas ROM is a nonvolatile memory.
  • RAM’s speed has faster compared to ROM.
  • RAM comes in the category of primary memory, where as ROM comes in secondary memory.
  • RAM can update easily any time, whereas ROM’s data never update.
  • RAM has range from 64 MB to 4 GB, whereas ROM is smaller compare to RAM.
  • RAM is expensive compare to ROM.
  • RAM stands for Random Access Memory whereas; ROM stands for Read Only Memory.
  • RAM has two variants as static and Dynamic RAM, whereas ROM divided into MROM, PROM, EPROM and EEPROM.

Summing Up

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