Importance, Advantages, Disadvantages, Features, Characteristics of RAM

Importance, Advantages, Disadvantages, Features, Characteristics of RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) modules is used internal the computer system for storage temporary data for Central Processing Unit.  It can access all necessary data and file programs randomly from cache memory, and it is also known as “Primary Memory“, “Main Memory”, “Internal Memory”. RAM is hardware part of computer which is embedded on the motherboard.

RAM is volatile nature memory, that means it is capable to store data and instructions while power turning on. When we turn on the computer system then RAM fetches all necessary data and instructions from hard disk, and stored them. CPU uses fetched data by RAM to perform the specific tasks.


Importance of RAM (Random Access Memory)

Computer RAM helps to store data which are required at once like as open files and data related to open programs, as well as it allows to run multiple programs parallel, running various complex programs or open to enlarge files like as (streaming video or photo), and it can fastest occupy the free space.

RAM has not ability to change speed of CPU, and other RAMs cannot add as per need for improving the speed of your computer system. If, RAM is totally full, then your computer system will get slow down. So, better RAM must be installed as possible for maintaining the performance of a system such as working enlarge files and complex software programs. But small amount of memory is sufficient for using of email, browsing internet, working with small size documents.

Advantages of RAM over ROM

  • RAM has not any movable parts, so it can perform all operations without any getting noise.
  • RAM consumes very less power compare to hard disk, CD, DVD, FLOPPY, DISK and USB.
  • Due to decrease carbon emission, RAM gets to enhance your life of battery.

Nano RAM Advantages

  • Less power consumption
  • Better data storage
  • Greater denser
  • Fastest memory
  • Boost up

Dual Channel RAM Advantages

  • It can be added multiple channels of communication in between the memory and memory controller.
  • It helps to enhance data transfer speed

DVD RAM Advantages

  • It can be written over many times.
  • It is reliable because it is able to store data for many years.
  • It has massive data storage capacity like as 4.7GB and 9.4GB for double sided disc.

Features and Characteristics of RAM

  • RAM is able to both operations like as write and erase.
  • It helps to boost up of computer system’s speed compare to RAM.
  • It allows to CPU gets access data quicker to RAM.
  • It is less expensive to SSD, and it can perform all operations compare to them.

Disadvantages of RAM over ROM

  • RAM is volatile nature memory, so it can’t store data to long-life.
  • RAM contains limited space for storing data.
  • It is more expensive memory.
  • If, any time CPU wants to read data only from RAM side, then it gets to slow data access from cache and registers than ROM.

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