What is Fuzzy logic Controller and Its Applications | Examples

What is Fuzzy Logic | Tutorial

Fuzzy Logic Explain – It resembles a human decision-making method. It is related to ambiguous and impermeable information. It is a gross inspection of real-world problems and is based on the degree of truth like ordinary logic / false or 1/3.

fuzzy logic

In fuzzy systems, the values are indicated by a number in the range of 0 to 1. Here 1.0 represents the absolute truth and 0.0 represents total falsity. The number which indicates value in fuzzy systems is called true value.

In other words, we can say that fuzzy logic is not a logic that is fuzzy, but the logic that is used to describe fuzzy. There are many other examples of this, with the help of which we can understand the concept of fuzzy logic.

Fuzzy Logic Applications

There are various applications of fuzzy logic which are use in medicine and computer science such as:

  • Control of spacecraft altitude
  • Satellite height control
  • Intelligent highway system
  • Traffic control
  • Decision making aid system
  • Humidity in a clean room
  • Air conditioning system
  • Washing machine time
  • Microwave ovens
  • vacuum cleaner
  • Bank transfer control
  • Fund management
  • Stock market prediction
  • Fuzzy logic based
    Handwriting recognition
  • Command analysis
    Fuzzy Image Search
  • Train schedule control
    Speed of railways
    Braking and stopping
  • Controlling Structural Design
  • Flow and mix regulation in aircraft vehicles
  • The fuzzy system of the train for passive speed control
  • The shift scheduling method for automatic transmission
  • Improve the efficiency of automated broadcasting
  • Individual evaluation in a large company
  • Control of automatic display in video cameras
  • The cement kiln controls the heat exchanger control
  • Active Sludge Waste Water Treatment Process Control
  • Water purification plant control
  • Fuzzy logic based speech recognition
  • Fuzzy Logic based Facial Analysis Analysis
  • Automatic underground train operation
  • Quantitative Pattern Analysis for Industrial Quality Assurance
  • Control of water purification plant

Fuzzy logic Controller

The information that humans use in their everyday lives is to make and implement easily The common rules of thumb can be applied to those control conditions which they demand. Gaining knowledge to combat the unwanted effects of system feedback can be a powerful weapon.

Fuzzy logic controllers, then use a very flexible set of rules. The solution is then applied Proper membership work Specifying figure, values which are within the shaded area A doubt is beyond the shadow of the truth.

Fuzzy Logic controllers

The values which are located within the cross-hatched area, are called false beyond the shadow of the doubt. If all data falls on one side or the other part of the overlap area, fuzzy logic may be Little profit.

Advantages of Fuzzy Logic controllers

This is sometimes to determine the input signal in the “noisy” environment. This noise, which contaminates the integrity of the actual signal, is dealt with by the general knowledge of the competent operAdvantage of Fuzzy Logic ator. Mathematically, information should be prepared to make decisions and use. If an operator took the time to plot the process information on the X-Y coordinate system, then the operator can visually fit a curve for the data and come with a fairly accurate general representation.

Fuzzy Logic Advantages

There are various advantages and characteristics of fuzzy logic are:

  • It is more simple and flexible.
  • Able to manage trouble with inaccurate data.
  • Not more expensive for development.
  • Can manage the huge area of operating conditions.
  • Work as human reasoning.
  • More precision.
  • Able to use for the HVAC system.

Fuzzy Logic Examples

There are some fuzzy logic application examples from real world such as

A). See the diagram below. It shows that in fuzzy systems, values ​​are represented by numbers 0 through 1. In this example, 1.0 means full truth and 0.0 is completely false.

fuzzy logic

B) Autofocusing system:-

An autofocus (or AF) optical system uses a motor to focus on one sensor, one control system and one Automatically or manually selected point or region. There is a display instead of an electronic rangefinder Motor; The optical system has to be adjusted manually to the signal. Autofocus Methods are distinguished by their type because either is active, passive or hybrid types.

Autofocus systems depend on one or more sensors to determine the correct focus. Some AF systems rely on one Single sensor, while others use an array of sensors. Most modern SLR cameras use through the lens The optical sensor provides light metering with a different sensor array, although the latter can be Programmed to give priority to its metering in the same area as one or more Air Force Sensors.

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