Advantages and Disadvantages of Embedded System | Characteristics and Features

In this article, we are going to explain about various advantages and disadvantages of embedded system; with involving characteristics and features of embedded systems with ease. But, before going to read this post, you must be knows about full detail of Embedded System. So Click Here: Embedded System with their Types, Examples, and Applications!!

Embedded system is a combination of computer hardware circuitry and software programs, and then it delivers the perfect solution of any specific problem, then it is called the “Embedded System“. It is capable to perform specific task independently, or it can be used in any vast system.

advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Embedded System

Here, we will discuss many important benefits of embedded system, such as –

  • Easy to produce higher production
  • Fewer prices for per piece of resultant
  • It has very few interconnections.
  • Better stable
  • Higher reliable
  • To use for one task
  • Portable due to small in size
  • Low power consumption
  • Better accuracy in result
  • Higher speed
  • It helps to grow product quality.
  • It can bear a wide variety of environment.
  • Less likely to encore errors
  • To produce real time response
  • It has no user interface
  • No much data storage
  • Lesser redundancy
  • To run pre planned program for user application
  • As an embedded system usually performs a simple role that does not change, the requirements for the operating system are less onerous.

Disadvantages of Embedded System

There are some limitations of embedded system, like as-

  • After developing embedded system, you cannot make any modification, improvement or up gradation.
  • Difficult to maintain
  • Difficult to take a back-up of embedded files
  • You have to reset all setting, due to happen any problem in the system.
  • Troubleshooting is Harder
  • Harder to move data from one system to other system
  • Limitations for hardware, due to make it for specific task
  • Less power supply durability
  • Limited resources for memory
  • Require to long time to market

Characteristics of Embedded System

Here, we will spread light on several features of embedded system, like as –

  • All Embedded system performs only to specific task, and it executes same work continuously over their lifetime. For example- Printer will perform only to print document.
  • Embedded systems are designed to execute task within predefined time period. So, it performs fastest their activities. For example- If, you cross to get car’s brake then you may get accident.
  • Embedded system has main advantage that is minimal otherwise no uses interface. For example- printer, when you give command to printer for printout then printer will complete its task without any other interference.
  • Few Embedded system are developed for reacting to external stimuli and react accordingly. For example- GPS tracking system and Thermometer
  • Main focus of embedded systems is to get specific target with maximum efficiency level because they consume less power due to small in size, so they are inexpensive.
  • Users have no right to any modification or updating when at once it completely done. You can expect to perform their functions with long time period without any user interference, because they have great reliability and stability.
  • During developing period of Embedded system, Microcontroller or microprocessors are must be used internally this system.
  • To need input and output devices for giving commands to system, and finally to get result
  • Embedded systems offer real-time computation ability..
  • Embedded systems must be used the primary memory such as ROM because all softwares are installed on the ROM chip, and in which no used any types of secondary memory.
  • Embedded system’s hardware is used for getting best performance and security, and other side for getting great features and flexibility, must be used softwares in the embedded systems.
  • Several Embedded systems must be continually reacted to alter in the system’s environment and must manipulate certain results in real time without any delay. For example- car Cruise Controller

Final Remarks

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