Advantages, Disadvantages, and Characteristics of Twisted Pair Cable

Advantages, Disadvantages, and Characteristics of Twisted Pair Cable

Before reading this article, you must be known about twisted pair cable with their types, examples, and applications.

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Twisted pair cable is special type cabling that is used in telephone communication and Ethernet network. This cable is made with two separate insulated copper wires, which are twisted together with each other as well as run in parallel form. The copper wires are persisted with 1mm in diameter. One of them wires helps to transmit data and another is used to get ground reference.

This twisted pair offers protection from crosstalk, signal interference, and noise is created by adjacent pair. When electrical current is getting to flow via wire, then it arises a small, circular magnetic field rounding the wire.

All transmissions are done with crosstalk, interference, and noise. When wires are getting to twisted, then few parts of noise signals is in the direction of data signals but other parts are flowing in the against direction. Due to different twists, it gets to cancel external waves. The receiver is capable to manipulate the difference in the voltages of two wires for getting to fetch data. So, it gets better immunity opposite noise is obtained.

For making connection in between two computer system for getting to connect this cable, we have to need some connectors on the both edges of the cable. Mostly, RJ45 connector is used for making computer communication. RJ is full form is “Registered Jack“, and it is a male-female type keyed connector.

Advantages of Twisted Pair Cable

There are several benefits of twisted pair cable; below all mention.

  • Easy and simple set up configuration
  • It is capable to carry both data like as digital and analog.
  • It gets easy to terminate, implement, install and maintain.
  • It is less expensive medium of transmission for brief distance.
  • Due to damage of some part of twisted pair cable, it does not get any impact to entire computer network.
  • It provides better performance in brief distance.
  • It also offers high cost performance.

Disadvantages of Twisted Pair Cable

There are several limitations of twisted pair cable; below all mention

  • It has not ability to carry both analog and digital signal over long distance without using of repeater device.
  • It has low bandwidth, so it is not able to broadband applications.
  • It can support only maximum 1Mbps data rated without conditioning.
  • Ethernet card is embedded on motherboard internal the computer for connecting Ethernet cables, but difficult to troubleshoot of this cable.
  • It has higher Attenuation.
  • It has not best security because it easy to tap.
  • It has worst noise immunity.
  • Less durability, so it requires the maintenance at the regular basis.
  • Susceptible to electromagnetic interference

Characteristics of Twisted Pair Cable

  • Less power consumption
  • It has great physically flexibility and low weight.
  • It has higher data transmission rate.
  • Low electrical interference
  • It causes interference themselves.