Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Computer | Characteristics and Features

In this blog post, we are going to explain all possible things about various advantages and disadvantages of digital computer; as well as characteristics and features of digital computer system with ease. This is ultimate article over the internet; make ensure that at the end of this post; you will definitely completely understood about advantages and disadvantages of digital computer without any getting hassle.

Introduction of Digital Computer

The digital computer can be defined as digital systems that are able to get process information at the higher speed. Digital computer receives the input data that it can process and finally converts the output data; and send it to the output devices for displaying at the front of you, for example of digital computers are smartphone, PDA, Tablet, PC, and etc.


A digital computer has ability to perform various kinds of tasks within less time duration; so they are more reliable and capable to execute work for continuous duration without getting any issue.

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  • What are the 5 advantages of the digital computer system over the analogue computer?
  • What are the main 5 disadvantages of digital computer system?
  • What are the 10 characteristics of digital computer system?
  • What are the five features of digital computer?

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Advantages of Digital Computer

Here, we will explore you about many benefits of digital computer system; below shown all in detail:

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  • Digital computer is preferred the digitally signal that can be transmitted without getting any degradation cause of noise.
  • Easily to manipulate
  • It is less expensive
  • Better reliability
  • Great flexibility and compatibility along with other digital systems
  • It allows to transmit only digitized information through a noise channel without any degradation.
  • It gets the most precise representation of the signal that can be received by using much more binary digit to represent it.
  • Digital computers keep store information as easily compare to analogue system. As well as, new one feature can also add easily to the digital computer.

Disadvantages of Digital Computer

There are few limitations draw backs of digital computer; below shown each one – 

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  • Digital computers consume usually more energy compare to analogue circuit to execute the similar tasks, therefore generating more heat as well.
  • Quantization error can be occurred, while sampling of analogue signal
  • Need the detection of digital signals for making communication system to be synchronized, apposite it, analogues systems don’t require it.
  • Digital computers need the more bandwidth for making digital communication compare to analogue to transmit the same information.
  • Sometimes, digital circuits which are using in the digital computer can be more costly.
  • Cause of generating more heat, it enhances the complexity of circuit like as the inclusion of heat sinks
  • Digital computer always manipulates the discrete elements the piece of information that means the binary code.
  • All digital circuits are mostly fragile that means if a single piece of digital data is damaged then the large block of related data can fully change.

Characteristics of Digital Computer

Digital computers have prominent characteristics and several features of digital computer; below shown each one in detail, you can read them:

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Whenever any task is assigned to the digital computer, then it is able to perform this task as automation without getting any interruption until the finished it. These machines are most helpful for carrying out the tedious tasks that may get tire the human brain.

Higher Speed:

A digital computer has an incredible speed that is beyond human abilities. Where, a human take a more time to complete a small calculation, but opposite side, a digital computer is able to finished same task less than a second, because its speed is offered by the processors. So, we can say that a digital computer has ability to carry out trillions of operation with in a second.

Best Accuracy:

The digital computer keeps store the information as encoded format that allows to guarantees its longevity and accurate retrieval.


A human can also program to perform any specific task in certain time duration. Computer programming means the skill of writing computer program and this involves the implementation of special set of characters, symbols, signs, and etc. This opportunity provided a room for the digital computer to be a versatile system.

Great Flexibility:

Digital computers are great versatile in a nature that means they are able to carry out the different kinds of jobs at once without any interruption; their behavior can be easily modify according to the information they get process.


Digital computers have capability to execute repetitive tasks without getting tired is known as ‘Diligence’; because a human can get tired of performing the various tasks for a few hours then it is getting losing concentration, speed, and accuracy. But, the digital computer is able to do same jobs continuously for several hours, days, or even several weeks and months.


The digital computers are able to complete different kinds of tasks together like as user can play the music while doing other works such as browsing internet, running applications, downloading file, and etc. Therefore, a digital computer’s processor can execute various functions at a time with sufficiently speed, accuracy, and stability to complete the task.

Storage Memory:

A digital computer is able to keep store data and other precious files into its storage area; computer needs a little bit space to save the millions of words. They can also keep store any data due to higher storage abilities. When you have been saved any files in your digital computer memory, then this data saved until someone tries to erase it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the 5 advantages of the digital computer system over the analogue computer?

The digital computers have many advantages over the analogue computers like as:

  • They can keep store the precious data and information at the best accuracy.
  • User can easily upgrade of new one feature in your digital computer.
  • They are more compatible, flexible, and reliable.

What are the main 5 disadvantages of digital computer system?

Above in this post, already we have been shown several disadvantage and limitations of digital computer; you can check them.

What are the 10 characteristics of digital computer system?

  • Automation
  • Higher Speed
  • Best Accuracy
  • Programmability
  • Great Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Diligence
  • Versatility
  • Storage Memory
  • Secrecy and Agile

What are the five features of digital computer?

Through in this article, already we have been explained many features of digital computer system; you can read them.

The Bottom Lines

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