Advantages and Disadvantages of Peer to Peer Network | Characteristics and Features

Hi Learner! Today we are going to cover many advantages and disadvantages of peer to peer network; involving with various features & characteristics of P2P network with ease. At the end of this post, you will get to know fully about pros and cons of peer to peer network without any hassle.

In the peer to peer network, all “Peers” means all computers; they are linked with each other through internet. P2P network has not any central server, so each user is capable to share any types of files on any peer over this network. On other words, you can say that every peer on this P2P N/W plays role as server as well as client.

Advantages of Peer to Peer Network

Here, we will spread light on several benefits of peer to peer network, such as:

  • All workstations are capable to access any types of files, so does not require any costly server.
  • All users have own permission that they can share any file over the network. So, does not need any well trained staff for operating this Peer to Peer network.
  • Without any high level knowledge of this network, you can easily configure this P2P network.
  • P2P network is more protective.
  • If, any one peer of this network is getting to halt then entire network will not effected instead of those parts.
  • P2P network is adaptable because in this network, new other computer systems can be easily configured. So it is more flexible.
  • Due to best scalability, it offers better performance because if we want to add extra client over this network then its performance is not getting degrade.
  • Users can find all files any time because its library of files is available 27*7 time.
  • Users can start data retrieval process at any time without any hindrance. For example – if you want to download enlarge file but its downloading is halt in between due to any reasons like as slow internet connection or bad performance of any device, then you does not require any downloading process from the starting.
  • User does not get any impact of downloading time of enlarge file while degrading internet speed of connection

Disadvantages of Peer to Peer Network

Here, we will discuss various limitations of peer to peer network. Below explain each one:

  • Peer to Peer network is a decentralized so it is big challenge to administrator. Entire accessibility of fully network cannot be controlled by one person.
  • All computer system can be used anytime duration.
  • Every computer system contains unique password over the whole network.
  • It does not contain any center medium of data storage for file archiving.
  • Slow performance because every computer is accessed by other users.
  • To get backup of data is harder task because it’s all data is saved on different types of computer system as well as it has not any centralized server.
  • Overall security of P2P network is less because all computers perform their tasks independently, and it also contains its own data. So any types of viruses and other Trojans can be easily transmitted over this network.
  • Many movies, music and other copyrighted content are sent using, so peer to peer technology is implemented into Torrents.
  • Over this network, any file can be accessed remotely by other users without getting any permission because unsigned or unsecured codes are existed on any particular terminal points.
  • You have to require specific software programs which help to make the file usable, if you are getting Torrent download.
  • In P2P network, users do not get any preview of file content before download.
  • User’s IP can be exposed automatically by P2P protocol, and if you want to solve this problem then can be used virtual private network.
  • Speed of Internet connection can effected while uploading and downloading simultaneously.
  • Few peer to peer networks can transfer illegal data on your computer system without your permission.

Characteristics of Peer to Peer Network

There are some characteristics and features of P2P network, like as:

  • Peer to peer’s nodes have to use both resources and produce resources because if users increase the numbers of nodes then to enhance the resource sharing capacity of this network.
  • It is harder task to produce better protection for each node because all nodes of P2P network perform tasks like as clients and servers.
  • It has better stability and scalability.
  • It does not need any central repository for managing their content because all nodes in P2P network are autonomous in nature.
  • Its data is flowing one side.

Final Remarks

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