How to Fix: “Google Chrome Won't Open on Mac”? 7 Ways Troubleshoot!!

How to Fix: “Google Chrome Won’t Open on Mac”? 7 Ways Troubleshoot!!

So you are sad because suddenly Google Chrome won’t open or start or load on Mac, if you are facing this issue then don’t worry. In this article, we will help you Fix: Google Chrome won’t open on Mac and Macbook Pro. At the end, you will say that i can solve this problem myself.


Chrome Won’t Open on Mac – Troubleshoot

So, what do you do when Chrome won’t open on Mac? Here guide you how you can troubleshoot, if you are facing “Chrome not opening on Mac“.

  • Force-Quit Chrome and Restart Mac
  • Getting to Reinstall Chrome on Mac
  • Run Anti-virus to Scan Malware
  • Stop Google Chrome if It Running in the Background
  • Removing Suspicious Programs
  • Change Your Chrome Permission Settings
  • Remove Google Chrome App’s System Files

Let’s start!!

Force-Quit Chrome and Restart Mac

Mac’s minor issues could be solved while getting to restart your Mac computer such as Google Chrome not opening on Mac. So firstly you should go to Force-Quit Chrome and then restart Mac; here’s how:

  • Firstly you have to open <Apple> menu and choose <Force Quit> option.


  • Now select <Google Chrome> and press the <Force Quit> button.


Wait sometimes, restart your Mac, and then re-open your Google Chrome.

Getting to Reinstall Chrome on Mac

If you are not able to open Google Chrome on your Mac system that means Chrome is not running on your system, then might be Chrome installer is crashed or not completed. To solve is to delete Google Chrome app from your Mac and Macbook system, and then you have to need again download and install Google Chrome on your Mac. Here’s how:

  • Navigate Finder > Go > Applications, search and drag Chrome icon to Trash bin for getting to uninstall on your Mac system
  • Once removed it, you have to go website, and then press button on <Download Chrome for Mac> to download Chrome installer.
  • Once done it, further click on downloaded <dmg> file and drag Google Chrome icon to <Application> folder for getting to install Google chrome on Mac and Macbook.

Run Anti-Virus to Scan Malware

Your Mac or MacBook’s performance get down cause of Malware or virus infection, then Chrome app not able to opening/working/loading/responding on your Mac computer. If you seem many ads, pop-ups on your system then might be chance you are infected with Malware. To solve this issue, we suggest you run any best third-party antivirus software to virus scan for your Mac.

Stop Google Chrome if It Running in the Background

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If Google Chrome is getting already to running into background, then Chrome won’t open, hidden in the background. Let’s check to see if Chrome is open and force quite it:

  • Press <Command + Option + Esc> keys on your Mac’s keyboard.
  • This will open ‘Force Quit Applications window‘ and find Google Chrome into list, select it and press <Force Quit> button.

Removing Suspicious Programs

If Google Chrome won’t open on Mac, then might be any third party programs are getting to interference with Chrome. So you must be removed these suspicious programs from your Mac system.

  • Launch Finder, click on <Applications> option.
  • Now you can check list of programs that you think is suspicious, if found it.
  • Then perform right click on program, click <Move to Trash> to remove it.
  • Further you have to right click on <Trash icon> on Dock and hit on <Empty Trash> to empty Trash.

Change Your Chrome Permission Settings

  • Firstly you have to launch Finder
  • Press hold down <Shift + Command> keys and then hit on <G> key from Mac’s keyboard.
  • This will open new dialogue box, copy and paste this line into box: ~/Library/Application Support, then click on <Go> button.
  • Next, search a folder named Google
  • Perform right click on “Google” folder, and select <Get Info> option.
  • Further new one window will open, and press the <Lock> icon that showing at the bottom right at the same window.
  • Now enter your log in username and password and hit on <Enter> key


  • Next hit on Add (+) tab that appear at the bottom left side.


  • This will open drop-down menu, choose <Administrators>; hit on <Select> option.
  • Further you can view <Admin> under <Name> column.
  • Now you have to need change <Read-only> to <Read & Write> that is appearing under the “Privilege“.

Shut down all windows and should be try to open Google Chrome again. I hope, you problem “Chrome not opening on Mac” will be solved.

Remove Google Chrome App’s System Files

After changing Permission and reinstalling the Google chrome app not opening on your Mac, then you must be deleted system files, but remove it after uninstalling Chrome App. Here’s how:

  • Launch Finder on your Mac or Macbook.
  • Press <Go> option from top menu, choose <Go to Folder> from context menu.
  • Copy and paste this line into search bar: ~/Library/Application Support
  • This will open new window, and find the Google folder
  • Open this Google folder and then drag all files to <Trash>
  • Move back and navigate Finder > Go > Go to Folder
  • Copy and paste this line into search field: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome
  • Choose all content inside that folder and drag them to <Trash> to remove them.
  • Once finished this process, you can install and download Chrome

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