How to Use Google Duo without Phone Number on Laptop & Android?

Google Duo is a popular video calling app, and it is available in the market to other competitors of video calling apps like as Zoom. The amazing segment of Google Duo was that it could work properly with using of less network data that means it doesn’t need to 4G or High-Speed data for making a smooth call. So, here we will discuss about how to use Google Duo without phone number.

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Now these days, privacy is the big problem because today people are getting more concern about privacy and data instead of anything. Due to this, Google Duo was making a small issue for users as demanding the phone number of users who are creating the account for Google Duo. And most of users are getting more hesitation to share their personal number.


Google has announced a fresh feature for Duo app that helps to user for making call without using of phone number. Here you can link Google Duo through Gmail ID.

This feature can be used on Laptop/PC, iPhone, and Android version of app. Now you do not have to need any phone number for getting to verification.

In this article, we will explain about how to use Google Duo without a phone number:

  • How to use Google Duo without Phone Number on Android or iPhone
  • How to use Google Duo without Phone Number on Laptop/PC

How to use Google Duo without a Phone Number

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If, you are using Laptop/PC or Smartphone, then don’t worry. This technique will properly work on your both devices. You are able to make call as many numbers without using any phone number. Here you do not require introducing your phone number once to use Google Duo. So, you have must be Gmail Id.

How to use Google Duo Without Phone Number on Android or iPhone:

If, you have Android otherwise iPhone, then you can implement this technique to use Google Duo without phone number. You can run official app of Google Duo. Before that, you must be used latest version of app and your Android version. If, it is done then you have to need few changing in your phone like as:

  • Download and install the Google Duo app
  • When prompted, allow access to the contact list, camera, and microphone function
  • Have to go Setting > Account > and choose the Reachable with Email Address.

This is very simple and single method to use Google Duo without phone number on your Android Phone.

How to use Google Duo without Phone Number on Laptop/PC by using Web Version:

But, some people use the maximum Laptop or PC, and then you don’t take any headache. Here, another simple method that helps you to use Google Duo without phone number.

Google Duo can be used as web version, Ensure you are signed in your verified Gmail account. When you use the Google Chrome then it will automatically connect with Google Duo otherwise you require any Gmail Id.

Now let’s start!!

  • When user is already signed with Gmail id on the Google Chrome, then Pop-up window will be appeared with viewing your registered Email Id.
  • Hit on <Explore>


  • Again, new pop-up window will be shown then you have to click on <Later>


  • Further, hit the <Start a Call> option then new pop-up will display and “Enter the number” and click on the <Video call>.


This is amazing method to use Google Due with using of Gmail ID. Ensure you are using the Gmail id because when user want to try making call to someone then it will appear your Email id name on another person phone instead of phone number.

User can also update his name of your Gmail id.

It has no limit to make call anyone, and from anywhere and at any time. If, you have not any Gmail id then you make it and taking to enjoy this benefits of Google Duo.

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