20 Advantages and Disadvantages of Chrome OS | Pros & Cons

Through this article, we will provide you tutorial about 20 advantages and disadvantages of Chrome OS; as well as pros and cons of Chrome operating system with ease. This is unique article over the internet, so i make ensure that after reading this post; you will get exactly to know several drawbacks and benefits of Chrome OS without any hassle.

Google Chrome operating system is an open-source lightweight and alternative to other operating system like as Mac OS and Windows. Google introduced the source code for Chrome operating system, in July 2009 underneath the BDS license that is the part of a larger project known as Chromium. It was developed on top of Linux Kernel that works on the ARM and Intel X86. The main objective of Chrome OS is to get intensive on those Web users who spend most of time on the Internet by using Web applications.


Chrome OS should not be getting to confuse along with the Chromium operating system; it is the parent project of Chrome OS. Whereas, user are unable to get download and install the Chrome OS because of enabling with security features. Google Chrome OS is already pre-installed on Google Chromebooks. Chrome OS is able to run various web-based applications; but it doesn’t allows to run old PC softwares.

Chrome OS Advantages and Disadvantages

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of Google Chrome OS? Now we will explore to highlight the benefits and drawbacks of Google Chrome OS; as well as many pros and cons of Chrome operating system without any hesitation.

Advantages of Chrome OS

Here, we are going to spread light on many pros and benefits of Chrome operating system; below shown all, you can read them:

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Simplest User Interface:

Chrome OS’s user-interface is most simple and clean compare to Mac OS and Windows. Chrome operating system is a web client that means a web browser that easily runs on the Chromebook. It is very easy to configure the operating system. You have only need to power on your Chromebook and logging with credentials detail to get started. Its maintenance is very less, as well as Google is going to update the OS automatically and regularly.

Based on Linux kernel:

As you know very well that Linux is very strong and trustable operating system, so Chrome OS is designed as based on the Linux kernel concept. Therefore, Chrome OS also allows you to get install all native apps of Linux on the Chromebook.

Enough Cloud Storage:

While purchasing the Chromebook, it provides you the 100GB of cloud storage as free. Then, you can utilize this cloud storage space in spread sheets, slides, photos, Google drive, and other Google applications as well. This may be more sufficient storage space to perform any task online.

Affordable System:

Chromebooks are getting very less price than to other kind of laptops, because you can buy a normal Chromebooks at the price of 250$ to 350$. Chromebook is a great option to use for normal online works like as navigate social networking portals, streaming videos, checking emails, using other online applications, and etc. By using the Chromebook, you can easily perform your research work.

Open Source and Free:

Chrome OS is an open-source and free-of-cost operating system and its codes are presented on GitHub. Each one is able to view and update the code if he likes too. When, you are using the Mac OS and Windows OS then they are more expensive and paid program than Chrome OS. It will take only 8 second to boot Chrome operating system; as well as all websites and applications are getting to load quickly in Chrome OS.

Less Start Up Time and Portable:

As per the Google, Chrome operating system has a startup time is within 7 seconds; as well as, today Chromebooks are coming with pre-installing the SSD drive. Chrome operating system optimizes the all hardware of devices very much efficiently. Due to lightweight of Chomebooks, you can carry them and move to different area with ease.

Protected from Virus:

Chrome operating system is most protected OS, therefore anyone are unable to attack being any malware/virus. If you are trying to open any app/website, which are containing any virus then Chrome OS will first warn about this. Whenever, by mistaken, any virus infected content then there are less possibility to get infected with virus because of safe-browsing encryption and verified boot.

Make Supervised Accounts:

If your kids are using the Chromebook then it allows you to create the supervised account that helps to keep monitor your kid activities.

Getting Support to Android Apps:

Chrome operating system also lets user to get support Android applications that means user can easily run any android app from the Chrome OS. Therefore, you are able to use both Chrome extensions/apps and android applications.

Office Work Apps:

Chrome operating system also provides the many office work applications such as slides, drive, spread sheets, and etc. Google offers these tools into Chrome browser.

Less Battery Usage:

If you are using the Chromebook then it allows you to use up to 13 hour as well. Most of Macbooks provide the 4-5 hour battery life, then users are able to any office work otherwise research work with ease by helping of Chromebook.

Allow the Touchpad Gestures:

Chromebooks also allow you to use many finger gestures to perform several actions, like as:

  • By using three fingers, you can view all windows, swipe up or down.
  • Make right-click and tap two fingers on other touchpad.
  • To make swipe left or right with helping of three fingers, you can switch between tabs.

Disadvantages of Chrome Operating System

There are many limitation and drawbacks of Chrome OS; as follow:

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Lack of Advanced Video & Photo Editing:

Chrome OS enabled devices are unable to make high-level videos and photos editing task. Chrome OS doesn’t allow to get installs the Photoshop and other adobe program on Chromebook. It has some other apps present, which allow to use for basic editing of videos and photos, not accepted for professionals. The hardware is enough in Chromebook for editing tasks.

Bad Gaming Experience:

Chrome OS is not getting support to Mac and Windows enabled games. You are eligible only to play online game; therefore Mac and Windows supported games are not accepted for installing. Just you are able to play Android games on your Chromebook.

Stable Internet Connectivity:

Most of Chromebooks apps are getting to need a fastest internet connection to use the Chrome operating system. Chromebook’s all applications are totally cloud based. Mostly Chromebooks offer the 30 GB of local storage space that is not sufficient for keeping store tons of data. When, you wish to watch a movie then you have only one way that is stream online via YouTube, Netflix and other platforms.

Not Support Branded Programs:

Adobe software and Gotowebinar are most popular programs for photo editing and online meeting as respectively; but these are not presented into Chrome operating system. They are only work on Mac OS and Windows operating system.

No Specific to Chrome OS:

If you are already getting to use any PC otherwise laptop then you don’t have to require purchasing any Chromebooks, because all features of Chromebook are already available on your PC and laptop.

High RAM Usage:

Chrome browser has a lot of extensions then it consumes higher Ram; therefore Chromebook are going to use high RAM.

Not Supported Off-Line Printing:

If you want to make the printing then you have to need Google Cloud print; therefore for making Google Cloud Print, you must been need reliable Internet connectivity.

Less Support Softwares:

Mostly software organizations recommend to design software for Mac and PC because they are getting massive based uses. So, Chrome operating system is not getting to support enlarges software but it is most focused along with Internet based applications.

Summing Up

Through this article, you have been fully learnt about many advantages and disadvantages of Chrome OS; as well as pros and cons of Chrome operating system with ease. If this blog post is helpful for you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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