Cyberpunk 2077 and Its Take on the Near Future – Should be Known

Cyberpunk came out fresh in the middle of 2020 and just like the time in which it made its release, it was instantly riddled with disease in the form of bugs. At its core, the story was amazing and it had the potential of becoming a top-selling title considering CD Projekt Red spent eight years making it. However, this wasn’t the case and Sony recalled and refunded the game for all those who had bought the game in the first month. Fast forward to now, after numerous quality-of-life updates and bug clears, Cyberpunk stands as a dark representation of where our society is moving.

The game takes up a major chunk of space regardless of whatever station you play it on. Cyberpunk averages up to 80 gigs of space and we’d advise having reliable internet at the ready to make it a smooth, one-day or less process to deal with. CenturyLink Internet offers this solution due to its trusty speeds so go ahead and get your system geared up with them.

The Point

CyberPunk 2077 is a game set in the year 2077 and features a futuristic world. The city in which the game takes place is called Night City and is depicted as a city teeming with crime, disease, fun, rowdy crowds, and all sorts of corruption.

The fun part is that all this is considered the norm and we control our player, V, as they maneuver through hurdles and tasks to gain fame and recognition while working their way up the ladder. It’s much like GTA to a certain degree but with gameplay being much more rugged and in first person. Also, there’s more depth to the violence. Guns may be customized and so can your body. But let’s get into that later.


Many games have boasted that your decisions could alter their ending but usually failed to implement this fully. Cyberpunk 2077, however, nails this. The game has three separate endings each ripe with its own rewards and outcomes.

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How you get to these endings though is where all the fun happens. Each decision and dialogue you share with the main characters affects what your next move could be. Thus, it’s advisable to take a moment to sit down and think about it. This also translates into your decisions to kill or spare people. Everything has a direct or indirect reaction.

Guns & Cars

This is where all the customization fun lies. Guns have a special place in the game for being a representation of what makes Cyberpunk….well, Cyberpunk. Each gun comes with its ability. There are various modes to choose from such as single shot, burst, auto, charge, and then a plethora of different types such as the good old shotties, pistols, snipers, launchers, and a big selection of grenades too. The game wants you to be violent but in style.

There’s so many ways to take out baddies that you’d be well over three hours into the game and still trying to get a grasp of your first gun and its capabilities. The same applies to cars. There’s a car for each terrain. In addition, they each have their own look, handling, and speed. The interior is especially juicy and special for each car along with ambient lighting. Just from driving in first person do you realize that the developers left no stone unturned in trying to make each car have its own personality.


Just as we said, violence is an art in this game. Cybernetic implants are also a delicious feature in Cyberpunk 2077 and are core to your person’s personality, functionality, and aesthetics. You could visit your nearest “Ripperdoc” and get them to install a jacked-up limb, bone, eyes, or muscle on your person to make them an even bigger threat. Some implants are also supplemental to certain guns.

For example, a specific “Tyger Claw” implant on your hand would enable you to wield smart guns. These guns can home their bullets onto enemies without you needing to use the crosshairs to do so. Alternatively, if you can’t scale up a building or generally find it hard to get to high above places then you could use an implant specially designed to enable double and triple jumps using hydraulics embedded system in your feet. Get creative and reap the rewards!


There’s still a lot of potential for Cyberpunk and their first proper DLC is on the way in the next few months with Idris Elba’s character serving as the main person of interest. With most of the bugs cleared out by months of hard work, Cyberpunk now stands as a viable game for our generation.

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It’s take on the near future is, in our honest opinion, scaringly accurate and playing it is a thrill on its own. Check it out on sale this holiday season and grab a copy for yourself if you’re up for it. Night City awaits.

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