Where are Electro Pneumatic Regulators Used? Should be Known

Generally, they are used to control the force, tension or torque. For instance, in food industries, it is used to get a precise temperature to make the right food items precisely, in testing of leakage, they are used to check the leakages of gas and water pipes and in welding machines to provide the accurate gas in the set amount to obtain the right temperatures for performing the work. 

These types of digital air pressure regulators combine the regulator with a proportional solenoid that is electronically controlled. They require a controller or instead of that the control signal is integrated into a programmable logic controller(PLC). With the help of it, pressure can be conveniently controlled in real time on the provided feedback of the regulator. 

Most Common Places of Use:

Here we have listed some places where it is necessary to use an electronic pressure regulator:

In Manipulating the Downstream Pressure:

Mostly an electro pneumatic regulator is used at the places where you have to manipulate the downstream pressure to fulfill the need of the system. In the proportional pressure regulators cylinders are used that apply pressure on the shaft and put a brake on the spool to stop the flow of the medium. They contain a very simple circuit that limits the pressure, a directional valve and the cylinder. This is the cheapest and the simplest way to control the pressure. 

Car Brake Systems:

An electronic pressure regulator valve is used in the pressure brakes of the cars. It enhances the pressure on the brakes to stop the car according to the force applied to the brake pad by the feet of the driver. 

In Conveyer Belt:

The electro pneumatic regulators can be used at the places where you have to use conveyor belts. A conveyor belt is driven by a pulley that rotates under the belt. The force applied by the pulley creates the friction to pull the items on the belt. In the earlier times, it was achieved by using a manual way in which a threaded rod was used. When the belt stretches or load on the belt varies then the pulley requires adjustment. It’s a good option to use a pressure regulator. A rotary encoder on the belt sends the signal if the speed of the belt decreases due to the stretch of the belt. At this time the regulator enhances the pressure to the cylinder for increasing the tension on the belt. Resultantly, the speed of the belt remains constant. 

In Gas Chambers:

A most common place where electro pneumatic regulators are used are the gas chambers where you need to have a constant pressure of the gas to create a high quality product. It was not an easy thing to maintain the gas pressure through the mechanical valves. But using the electronic one you can easily maintain a constant pressure by just sitting on your seat. You just have to provide the desired pressure value to the electronic air pressure regulator according to the need of the gas chamber. 

Final Words:

If you want to control the force or tension then look no further than an electro pneumatic regulator. It not only provides you the expected output but also keeps the system safe. 

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