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Hi Learner! Today, here we are going to explain about many types of GPS systems as well as other different types of GPS tracking devices with ease. After reading this post, you will definitely fully understand about different Types of GPS Technology without any hassle.

Introduction of GPS Technology

Today, the development of GPS system has brought along with it a massive change in the location tracking system. At the initially, GPS technology was once adopted just for the goal of defense security by the armed forced of the US. Then, government got understand its huge benefits of using this technique in the civil world make the GPS technology open for use in the commercial and domestic apps. Therefore, now these days GPS system is going to use in a different types of devices for several purposes.


In the GPS technology, the networks of satellites are doing to orbit the Earth to figure position. Further, every these satellites transmit broadcasts a signal; then especial receivers utilize the signal, they obtain to triangulate their position relative to the satellites. When, a device searches the position by using the satellite network, then it is a GPS tracking device.

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  • What are the 3 types of tracking devices for cars?
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Types of GPS System

Here, we are going to cover many modifications that gives rise to the different types of GPS technology; as well as they all work by using the identically fundamental principle, every class specializes in the meeting certain demands. These types of GPS technology enable like as:

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A-GPS stands for (Assisted Global Positioning System) that permits the receivers to obtain the information from the local network sources that assists in the region of satellites. This GPS system is mostly going to use in the areas, where satellite signal unable to easily reach, and probably cause of trees otherwise tall buildings. Hence, there should be cellular network for A-GPS to work.

A-GPS is getting to become the monetary whenever the GPS was introduced for the commercial usages. Assisted GPS is significantly adopted in the smartphone, where it is capable to make phone’s location information accessible by the emergency call dispatch. This technology enhances the start-up time and lets cell phone to get locking into the navigation system even when the signal is getting to weak; otherwise their phone is appear to just two satellites.


S-GPS stands for (Simultaneous Global Positioning System); it is a modification of GPS that permits the both voice data and GPS signalling to be getting to transmit from the phone simultaneously. Both kinds of data are getting to send simultaneously instead of alternating the SPS signal and reception for the telephone call, and there is great sensitivity. This is extensively helpful in the emergencies to permit service providers like as fire stations, ambulance, and so on to track the source of a make call as the call is on-going.


D-GPS is stands for (Differential Global Positioning System); it is a correction concept that is going to use enhance the accuracy of location data received from a conventional GPS receiver. D-GPS is an advancement of GPS that is offering the great sense of the actual location of an object otherwise person. The normally range of GPS is 15 meters to get the accuracy. D-GPS is able to get narrow the location error limit to 1 inch. This GPS system can work by using the network of fixed ground station that transmits the calculated difference in between the known constant regions and the satellite location. D-GPS is usually adopted by the US and Canadian Coast Guards.

Non-Differential GPS:

This GPS system is totally opposed to differential GPS that is going to use direct satellite signal to deduce positioning. It is getting low accurate as compared to D-GPS, but it has a significantly most comprehensive range of usage.

Mapping & Non-Mapping GPS:

The mapping GPS is a kind of GPS unit that are coming within built maps. It is also getting to possible download maps to attach to the mapping GPS. These kinds of GPS are usually presented in the mobile devices and other handheld devices.

But, non-mapping GPS is another kind of GPS unit that are coming without maps. It helps to show you your region and direction to obtain another point without getting to seed roads or landmarks. So, it is going to use breadcrumb like as trail to mark your progress and direction.

Types of GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracker are performing the outstanding and offering the assist us in this technological revolution. This is because, they are coming many shapes and sizes; so you should be understand them and choose the best types of GPS tracking devices as per your needs.

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Personal Tracking Devices:

Personal trackers are usually going to design as small and portable in nature. Cause of its mobility and access to information from the comfort of their own homes; therefore, they are a great solution for keeping to monitor children, babies, and elderly. Today, personal trackers are getting more demand all over the world because; they are enabled with SOS button. GPS trackers work well and instantly alert the tracker in an emergency. Cause of this, it is also used by pet owners to make ensure that their pets always stay in a certain area.

Asset Tracker:

Asset GPS trackers are developed to keep tracking tools and equipment on a job site. Today, these devices are available in various different kinds and feature different abilities. It is also referred to as equipment trackers; and this GPS device can be protected or kept on any item and offer the real-time tracking option. It is the convince solution for you along with the capability to keep track tools along within specific geo-location. You will be notified whenever an item left or returned to a certain region. Asset GPS trackers can be adapted to virtually any tool otherwise piece of equipment if you select the best tracker for the job.

In the grocery stores, these GPS tracker devices are going to use to significant decrease in cart thefts. By adopting asset trackers, they can also enhance the revenue by monitoring items in a cart, matching it to the customer’s loyalty card and also share that data along with the advertising team.

GPS Trackers in Real Time:

Real-time GPS tracker systems always continuously broadcast data that allow users to keep track their location at every time. Real-time GPS tracking devices are complex and mandatory the use of tracking service and GPS tracking software. Satellite mapping is going to use in the real-time GPS tracking systems to appear the region of GPS tracking devices.

Vehicles and Equipment Tracking:

Mostly, these GPS tracker are usually going to use in cars and other large piece of equipment like as trailers, boats or semi-trucks. They don’t have to need the any large batteries to operate. They are available into three different variants like as:

  • Plug in
  • Hardwired
  • Battery operated

Usually, these units obtain the information; and they collect and use a cellular connection to share it. Hence, remote users are able to get access the GPS tacker data along with cell phone application otherwise a secure web connection.

Plug In GPS Tracker:

These GPS tracker devices usually plug in the OBD || port into vehicle, because this port provides the both power and information as well. The Plug in tracker devices are small in size, easy to install and able to tell if car gets turn on or off. This also provides them the capability to select between active and sleep modes. These tracker systems are good solution for both business and personal users.

Hardwired GPS Trackers:

If, your vehicles don’t have an OBD || port, then device is able to wire directly into a car. This GPS tracker system is better solution for older cars or for diesel trucks that containing the different OBD standard that might be incompatible. Hardwired devices are easily hidden, if they are wired anywhere under the dashboard. This is because; they are not linked with OBD port. Mostly, business owners use the hardwired GPS trackers to keep track work trucks, but not to be always.

Battery Powered Tracking System:

These tracker systems are capable to work without getting to rely on your vehicle’s power. This is because, they have own longer life battery as a power source. Vehicle is mounted unit report in once a minute whenever the vehicle is running and once a hour if it is not. Battery power GPS tacker systems usually get to report in once each 15 minutes.

Cell phone GPS Tracker:

Today, most of mobile devices consist the GPS along with them. Any guy can install an app on their phone to keep track their where about. This technology is used for cellular data to assist locate the device. Cause of this, it has led to revolution in both the smartphone and GPS technology. Therefore, individuals and any commercial are capable to use cellphone GPS trackers as free of cost. These services offer the robust direction; but they don’t serve any information on the car or driver’s behavior.

Satellite-Based GPS Vehicle Tracking:

Sometimes, cell-based vehicle tracking system is unable to work because cell tower are not broadcasting in any region. Then satellite tracker is the best solution to fix this problem. Through satellite networks, the businesses are able to get update from even the mostly remote regions. Alaskan trucking firm usually offers to cover the remote regions. Satellite tracker is sufficiently offer the constant updates on the truck’s region and can also be used by the drivers to make call for assistance when their cellphone are unavailable in any area.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the different types of GPS technology?

The GPS technology has five different variants like as A-GPS, S-GPS, D-GPS, Non-Differential GPS, and Mapping & Non-Mapping GPS. Each one is discussed in detail above in this post, you can read them.

What are the 3 types of tracking devices for cars?

There are the main types of vehicle tracking devices such as Plug in GPS Tracker, Hardwired GPS Trackers, and Battery Powered Tracking System.

How many types of GPS devices in surveying?

There are three major concepts of GPS measurement adopted by surveyors like as STATIC GPS BASELINE, REAL TIME KINEMATIC (RTK) OBSERVATIONS, and CONTINUOUSLY OPERATING REFERENCE STATIONS (CORS).

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