Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, Characteristics of Web Server

Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, Characteristics of Web Server

Web server is a combination of software and hardware that uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) as well as other protocols for getting responds to each client requests made over the WWW (World Wide Web).

Before reading this article, you must be known about What is Web Server with their Types and Example?

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Features of Web Server

Here, we will explain the features of web server and characteristics; like as  

  • Web Server can support enlarge data storage support, so it is capable to make multiple websites.
  • Easy to configure log file set up, enabling where to hold all log files. (Log files help to analyses web traffic and more)
  • It helps to control bandwidth to regulate network traffic, so due to this it can avoid the down time while flowing high volume web traffic.
  • Easy to make FTP websites, because it helps to move enlarge files from one site to other site.
  • Easy to set up website configuration and directory security
  • Easy to make virtual directories, and then help to map them along with physical directories.
  • Easy to set up of custom error pages configuration that means it helps to view user friendly error messages on your website, when your website is getting any issues like as 404 Error will be displayed if web pages do not presented.
  • Can be specified default documents for example if any file has not specify with its name then default documents will be displayed.
  • It is enabled with Server side web scripting so it allows user to make dynamic websites. Few types of server side scripting languages are PHP, ASP, Ruby, Perl, Python, and more.

Advantages of Web Server

In this section, we will spread light on the different benefits of web server; such as –

  • You have to right for implementing to server side scripting languages like as PHP, Ruby etc.
  • It is enabled with your coding style because your website structure can be represented as your predefined paths instead of your computer system’s directory structure.
  • It helps to provide you useful knowledge for making communication with your hosting provider, if your want to know about how it works in live environment.
  • It helps to monitor download speed of any web App as well as performance.
  • You have to permission for viewing URL construction and broken links etc.
  • It provides better transparency in transaction in between your website and server while hosting.
  • Your local website plays role as like the live one. For instance, you can configure directory security; test your custom error pages etc before committing them to the production environment.
  • It also delivers best insight in way HTTP communication.
  • It is more control able and flexible.
  • It is hold in protective infrastructure.
  • Easy to handle all applications
  • You have to permission to set up of customizes server as per your needs.

Disadvantages of Web Server

There are few limitation of web server; below explain each one –

  • It may be more expensive compare to use of electronic website hosting.
  • Harder to customize hosting service
  • Due to overwhelm of server at any time, it can get down your website.
  • It is comfortable to use only online enterprise, but if you want to adopt it for own companies which are more superior and requires customized design and style then it is not smart choice for that purpose.
  • To need more protection to sites, like as credit card required at own base for e-commerce online store

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