20+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Thermal Printers | Features & Characteristics

Hi Friends! Here we will reveal about many advantages and disadvantages of thermal printers & benefits and drawbacks of thermal printers; involving with other features and characteristics of thermal printers with ease. This is ultimate article over the internet; therefore, at the end of this post; you will definitely fully aware about several pros and cons of thermal printers without getting any issues.

Introduction of Thermal Printer

Thermal printer is a kind of printer that doesn’t need ink or tonal to print, but you have to require especial types of paper that changes color while getting to heat. This thermal printer you are most familiar along with is the receipt then you will get from cash registers at the restaurants and stores.


While using the thermal printers, they will offer clear benefits for businesses and people that have to print simplistic stuffs in higher volumes like as labels and receipts. Thermal printers are mostly using for printing in simple black and white.

Advantages of Thermal Printers

Here, we are going to discuss about various pros and benefits of thermal printer and advantages as well; below shown each one, you can check them:

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Less Expensive to Printing Costs:

As you know that thermal printers are inkless printers, and they are getting to use heat to make reaction to create pictures, forgoing ribbons otherwise cartridges in the process. Without having to require for these consumables, your businesses are able to keep save money on the supplies. Therefore, just consumable required for thermal printing paper.

Easy to Use:

Another benefit of the thermal printers is its better simplicity. Thermal printers implement the direct thermal printing concept that means they don’t need the ink or toner cartridges. Cause of these, they can be used much easily as compare to other kinds of printers, like as inkjet printer or laser printers. Just you have to need is to install the paper into the printer and it will work automatically with printing.

Low Making a Noise:

The thermal printers are also getting to tend to be quieter to other printers. This is because they haven’t any movable parts internally the printer itself. Therefore, if you are finding the best quiet printer for your business, then thermal printer is a best solution for you.

Higher Speed for Printing:

Thermal printers are capable to print at the much faster rates as compare to other printers. Their printing heads can make the image in the millisecond that resulting in much faster line per seconds (IPS) and pictures that dry extremely instantly. This enhanced speed is getting to enable faster printing of labels for shipping otherwise packaging and receipts for checking out customers.

No Need Toner & Ink:

In the thermal printers, you don’t have to need use any kinds of ink or toner; so they are the most environmentally friendly solution. Because, there is no require to dispose of cartridge that can be more dangerous for the environment.

Long Life:

Thermal printers are also best printers for a longer life span as compare to other types of printers, because these printers don’t consist any movable components that means they are less prone to break down.


Thermal printers don’t consist any moving parts; so they have more durability to other kinds of printers. That means thermal printers are able to withstand lot of wear and tear. So, they are less likely prone to break down.

High Resolution for Printing:

Thermal printers are also capable to produce the printing at the higher resolution that means you are able to print higher quality documents and photos along with a thermal printer.

Enhanced Print Functionality:

Due to less moving parts and no any consumable besides paper; thermal printers can be used regularly by employees along with lesser interruption. Jams and breakdown are fewer frequently, and ribbons and ink cartridges never require to be replaced.

Less Maintenance Costs:

Thermal printers don’t have any moving parts as compare to their impact counterparts, so they are more durable and reliable. They have less stuff that can go wrong, leading to less down time for the thermal printers. As well as, to keep maintenance price are lesser as complicated repair are unwanted and service needed less regularly. So, all of these, make to lead to a decrease the total cost of ownership.

Improved Printing Quality:

Thermal printers are able to create the higher quality and more durable pictures as compare to impact printers. They can produce clear, long lasting images that are more resistant to factor like as oils, climate, UV rays and so on. These images made by thermal printers are also more legible because there is no ink to smudge.

Disadvantages to Thermal Printers

A thermal printer has many drawbacks while using it, so you should be known about its several disadvantages of thermal printer; below shown all, you can check them:

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Less Paper Life:

It is also an another limitation of thermal printers is that the  paper is used in these printing has a lesser life span to other types of paper. That means, you have to need to replace the paper more often that can be pricey.

Generate More Heat:

Thermal printers are getting to generate the over heat and melt the plastic parts internally the printer; and due to this, jams, misprints, and avoid your warranty.

More Expensive Paper:

The thermal paper can be more costly to replace. Depending on the board and model of your thermal printer; you may have to purchase the especially thermal paper that is most convince with your printer.

High Usage of Power:

This is the major restriction is that thermal printer is getting to consume huger power, that means they are capable to add significantly to your energy bill every month.

Less Picture Quality:

Another drawback Of thermal printer is that they towards to generate lesser quality prints as compare to other kinds of printers, because the paper is used in the thermal printing is coated along with a layer of wax that can cause the picture to display fuzzy or smeared.

No Ability to Color Print:

This is also another downside of thermal printers is that they are only able to generate the print in black and white. Therefore, whenever you have to need to print color documents otherwise images, then thermal printer is not the right solution for you.

Restricted Durability:

As well as, thermal printer has a limited durability. Cause of this, the wax coating on the paper can eventually wear out, then printer can get malfunction.

Print Head More Sensitive:

If you don’t use the proper kind of thermal paper, then print head on your printer could be harmed. Cause of this, thermal printers utilise heat to print, and if you adopting frequently paper, the print head might get harmed from overheat.

Should be More Careful to Paper Storage:

Thermal printer has to be most careful about how they keep store their thermal paper. If, the paper is kept in the humid environment, then paper can warp and print quality will be worst.

Difficult to Find Parts:

As you know very well that thermal printers are not as commonly as compare to other types of printers; so you could have a difficult time to find out the thermal paper and replacement parts as well.

Features & Characteristics of Thermal Printers

Here, we will explore various characteristics and features of thermal printer, as follow them:

  • Excluding of ribbons and cartridges, and thus firms can keep save the money by using thermal printers.
  • Easy and simplest to operate as there are less buttons and involvement of software.
  • Noise less environment, thus they are best solution for offices.
  • Cost-effective and available into many models and sizes
  • Better durability as compare to other kinds of printers
  • Having higher speed for printing mono-chromic ones as compared to other variants of printing

Final Verdicts: Thermal Printer Pros and Cons 

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