10+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Application Server | Benefits & Drawbacks

Hello Learners! Here, we will cover all possible stuffs about various advantages and disadvantages of application server; and involving with drawbacks and benefits of application server with ease. After reading this post, you will definitely fully aware about many pros and cons of application server without any hindrance.

An application server is a special type of server that allows both web apps development and server environment for running them. Application server is software that is placed on server side, and this software helps to deliver business logic back end of any application. You can say that it is a part of network otherwise distributed network.


Application server contains of server operating system and hardware components of server, and they perform all tasks together to offer computing intensive operations and services to application which are inside it. It helps to execute and produces users and application access while utilizing business and function logic of application that is installed on the application server.

Advantages of Application Server

Here, we will be concentrating about several merits and pros of application server; below shown each one in detail, you can check them:

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Enhanced Performance:

Client server network helps to enhance the overall performance of enlarge applications in massive usage environment by limiting the network traffic to get performance tier traffic.

Most Protected:

As Central point, the service provider is going to offer the get access to entire portions the making the data most protected. As well as, there is a layer of security named as firewall that is available in between the application server and web server.


There are getting any changes to the application configuration that take place as centralized as the system settings otherwise database error.

Data Integrity as Centralized:

The application servers offer the data integrity by using the most centralized approach. A single server keeps managing to offer the updates and upgrades as centralizing business logic. Then users have not need longer to follow the traditional way of accessing data otherwise controlling applications.

Transaction Support:

Transaction means to the unit of activity that is going to update to the resources can be construct atomic. While reducing costs and time to deploy to end users are benefited.  All coding respected to stuffs are taken care by the servers that taken a lot of time to get focus on my free horoscope business logic.

Other Benefits of Applications Server Are:

  • It delivers better environment for making to deal along with all internal and external components as well as running services such as asynchronous client notifications, synchronous, and session management.
  • Easy task to install applications in one area
  • Modification of any configuration like as altering of database server can be done in centralize from one area
  • It is easy task to deploy of patches and security updates by them.
  • Offering best protection to all applications
  • Due to fault tolerance, it is able to failover/recover recovery.
  • Supportive to transaction support
  • It takes less time for installing a copy of configuration on every system independently.
  • Due to best Load Balancing, it is great capability to spread all requests on other different types of server depend on their availability.
  • Application server helps to grow up the performance of all applications as it’s depend on client server network.

Disadvantages of Application Server

In this section, we are going to explore about many demerits and limitations of application server in detail, as following:

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More Expensive:

Application servers are usually more costly to set up process. To keep managing the server too requires the additional cost, hence there is an enhance in security and decrease the need in resources.

Getting Network Delay:

While the application server is going to implement then it makes the unwanted the coarse interface; if it is working behind the firewall then as result it creates the delay in networking.

Additional Coding:

Instead of cost, there should be some additional coding required to keep maintain the application server. These kinds of app servers need the both remote machines and web server.

Get Logging Issue:

An application server wind ups getting the multiple calls if there are production problems. If this issue are fixed then it is getting to hassle to recollect the all web server messages.

Bandwidth Usage

Most of users are going to run the application server above the computer network, then it can be increased the usage of network bandwidth.


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