Advantages, Disadvantages, Characteristics of Client Server Architecture

Advantages, Disadvantages, Characteristics of Client Server Architecture

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Advantages of Client Server Architecture

There are few benefits of client server architecture, such as –

  • Client server architecture has fully right to control all activities of entire network centralized.
  • All data is saved on the central area.
  • All network devices can be handled centrally.
  • All concern like as Backups and network protection also can be managed centrally.
  • All users also have right to access entire shard files which are stored centrally.
  • Users are able to access all data anytime and anywhere, so you have not any place boundation.
  • It can be scaled that means as per the requirement its size can be expanded.
  • It provides the Integration of services that means it grants permission of your entire client to access corporate data with using of own terminal, and to eliminate all unnecessary log in permissions.
  • It allows users to share all resources on the other different platforms and locations.
  • Client server architecture is designed on the base of distributed model that means to replace, repair, any updating and relocate server without affecting of client.
  • It is capable to bear massive usage.
  • Client server network has best management to keep all records of entire files, so all users can find any file easily.
  • It allows to all users to decrease the data replication for their applications.

Disadvantages of Client Server Architecture

Here, we will spread light on some limitations of Client Server Architecture, such as –

  • If, main server gets halt then entire system will be failed.
  • More expensive to configure their hardware and software components
  • To need well qualified technical staff for maintaining the server.
  • Traffic Congestion Problem – If large number of client try to send requests at the same time frame then “Traffic Congestion Problem” can be created.
  • Its cost is not affordable for normal users.

Characteristics of Client Server Architecture

There are few features of Client Server Architecture, such as –

  • Client- server architecture performs all activities according to system’s request and response because client fires a request to server then server sends responds with required information.
  • It follows all rules of common communication protocol because all communication protocols are presented on the application layer.
  • Server is capable to receive limited number of requests of client system at once because it uses the system based priority for getting respond to multiple requests.
  • Denial of Service attacks hinder server’s capability to respond to authentic client requests by inundating it with duplicate requests.

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