How to Change Your Phone Number on Snapchat? Easiest 8 Steps!!

Wondering about how to change your phone number on Snapchat? Relax! You have to visit at right page because; through this post we will explore all stuffs, which help to reset your phone number on Snapchat with ease.

Snapchat is amazing social media platform that getting more popularity of our generation. Snapchat lets users to send snaps and videos with using different filters, and this filter helps to make any simple things like sending a photo enjoyable. Snapchat app always keeps engage their user with using few features like as filters, emojis, maps, or GIFs.


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While making a Snapchat account, you have registered your phone number. But sometimes, change your mind set; and you want to change your registered phone number. Then here we will cover all possible steps about how you can change or reset your phone number on your Snapchat account.

Why Do You Need to Put your Phone Number on Snapchat?

  • If you get lost your Snapchat password or email id, then your registered phone number helps to unlock your Snapchat account.
  • You always should be going to use your phone number on Snapchat account, and then it lets you to get or change your Sanpchat password.
  • You can also recall your login detail by using your phone number.
  • If you wish to keep safe your Snapchat account, then you have to require a valid phone number.

How to Change Your Phone Number on Snapchat

While creating your Snapchat account, you must be put your number for getting verification and personal detail as well. If you phone number is already linked on another account, and you want to change your phone number from this Snapchat account.

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So, in this section, we will reveal you complete procedure step by step about how to change your verified number on Snapchat from iPhone and Android device; below shown all steps, you can navigate them:

# Step 1: Firstly you have to open your Snapchat app on your iOS or Android device, and sign in along with their username and password.

# Step 2: When your Snapchat account logged in, and then taps on ‘Your Profile’ <Bitmoji Icon> that showing at top-left hand.


# Step 3: On your ‘Profile Page’; you have to hit on <Shaped Gear Icon> ‘settings’ option locating at upper-right corner of your screen.


# Step 4: Head over ‘Settings Page’; you will see list of options, then find out the <Mobile Number> option and tap on it.


# Step 5: On resulting page, you have to delete your existed phone number from box and enter your new valid number, then tap on <Verify> button.


# Step 6: Once completed above process, Snapchat will send a code via Text or Call; you can select anyone mode as your convince.


# Step 7: Enter your verification code that sent to your new phone number, and then tap on <Submit> button.

# Step 8: Finally, you have to need insert your password for confirmation.

What Should You Do? If You Don’t Have a New Number!

You are getting various options in this phase, but every phase has drawback:

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# Bonus Tip 1: Getting to begin a free messaging app, then sign up. (This provides you a phone number)

# Bonus Tip 2: If you are using Google account, then you may also get sign up with a free Google Voice Number.


When you are using to prefer these numbers then it may be risky because Snapchat might be blocking them. Sometimes, if you get lost access with your phone number, then someone may be using this phone number to regain your Snapchat account.

Why Do You Want to Change Your Mobile Number on Snapchat?

There are several reasons why you might want to change your phone number on Snapchat:

Privacy Concerns: If your current phone number is publicly available or associated with another account, changing it on Snapchat can help protect your privacy.

Security: If you have concerns about the security of your current phone number, such as the risk of hacking or identity theft, changing it on Snapchat can be a proactive measure to safeguard your account.

Personal Branding: If you use Snapchat for personal branding or business purposes, having a professional or memorable phone number can be beneficial. Changing your phone number on Snapchat allows you to create a more recognizable and consistent online presence.

Social Media Updates: When you change your phone number on Snapchat, you may also need to update your number on other social media platforms where you have an account. This can help ensure consistency across your online presence.

Device Change: If you have changed your phone, you will need to change your phone number on Snapchat to associate the new device with your account.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Here are some common issues that users may encounter when changing their phone number on Snapchat, along with possible solutions:

Verification Issues: When changing your phone number on Snapchat, you may encounter issues with verification, such as not receiving the verification code or receiving an error message. In this case, try requesting verification with another phone number or contact Snapchat support for assistance.

Locked Account: If you are unable to change your phone number on Snapchat because your account is locked, you may need to unlock it first. Follow the instructions provided by Snapchat to unlock your account.

Lost Access to Old Phone Number: If you have lost access to your old phone number and cannot receive the verification code, you may need to reset your password via email. Once you have reset your password, you can sign in to your Snapchat account with the new credentials and change your phone number.

Multiple Accounts: If you have multiple Snapchat accounts associated with the same phone number, you may encounter issues when trying to change your phone number. In this case, you may need to unlink your phone number from one account before changing it on another.

Technical Issues: If you encounter technical issues when changing your phone number on Snapchat, such as the app crashing or freezing, try restarting your device or reinstalling the app.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to change my number on Snapchat without logging in?

If, you want to change your phone number on Snapchat without logging in; Sorry, that’s not possible, because you must be need your username or email id for getting to sign in your Snapchat account then Snapchat lets you to grant permission to change phone number on your account.

How to reset your phone number on Snapchat?

We already told you above 8 easy steps to reset your phone number on Snapchat account. Go to this article and read carefully it.

Why won’t Snapchat Let me change my phone number?

If you get error notification “We cannot verify this phone number”, then Snapchat’s service might br get down for maintenance. So you would be waiting for going up of Snapchat’s server.

Can I change my verified mobile number on Snapchat?

Yes! You can do it. Through this post, we already covered all possible steps; you can check them.

How can i change mobile number in snapchat without password?

If you have lost access to the mobile number associated with your Snapchat account, you can try resetting your password via email. To do this, tap “Forgot your password?” under the password textbox, then select “Via Email”. Enter the email ID that you used to create your Snapchat account and follow the instructions to reset your password. Once your password is reset, you can sign in to your Snapchat account with the new credentials.


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