How to Use Webex Meeting on Android Phone/Tablet as Video Call !!

In this article, we help you about how to use Webex Meetings on Android phone and tablet, and in the end you will say that it is easier task to me..

Cisco Webex Meetings is a business-oriented video conferencing platform that allows to totally free to remote meet up to 100 participants without any time limitation, so it is one of the best established online video conferences meeting solution. Do you know that how to set up Webex Meetings? If yes then ok otherwise you may be proceed.


How to Use Webex Meetings on Android

If you are using Android Smartphone then you can also use the Webex meeting on your phone, but before using it you must be set up on your Android phone. To do this:

But first of all, Webex meetings must be set up on your android phone/tablet, then one question will be arisen that how to set up Webex meeting on Android and what is the procedure of downloading and installing Webex meeting. Don’t take headache.

You can also share video on Webex Meetings as well as can be shared your screen with easier steps.

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Then you have to proceed further.

Now let’s start!!

Getting to Start Webex Meeting Without Log In

  • Launch Webex meeting app on your device
  • Click on <Join Meeting>


  • Then new window will be open and enter the meeting id number otherwise invitation URL with following by your name and email address.


Note: This all information are mention in your email invitation when you are invited to a Webex meeting.

  • Now tap on<Join> option.


Getting to Start Join a Meeting in Webex Meetings

  • You can choose scheduled meeting that you want to join and tap on <Start> option.


  • If, you get prompt that will ask you to access your Camera and Microphone for getting to participate in video conference.


  • At the bottom of your screen, few icons are available that help you to enable or disable your camera and microphone otherwise can be changed audio method that you are using in order to hear the meeting.


Note: In webex, you have to need use internet or Wi-Fi to hear the meeting otherwise you also can make call with using of your phone without requiring internet connectivity.

  • To make call with your phone, you have to need tap on audio option that appears at the bottom right of your device’s screen and select the<Call In>


  • If you get any prompt then click on the <Call xyz xyz xyz xyz> this prompt that will be displayed bottom in your device’s screen.


Getting to Start Conduct or Schedule a Meeting in Webex Meetings

  • Launch the Webex meeting app on your device.
  • You have to go to <My Meetings> while swiping left on your screen.
  • Choose the <+> icon to schedule a meeting.
  • Now you have to need feed a title to your meeting, add participants and set <Meeting Date, Time, and Duration>.


Note:  You have limit to invite up to 40 attendees at a time.

  • Tap on <Start> option to schedule/conduct meeting


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