Advantages and Disadvantages of Operating System | Importance of OS in Real-Life

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Importance of Operating System

Operating system has more importance for the all computer system because every types of Computers are lifeless without using the operating system because operating system allows the interface for interacting between the users and all software which are installed on the operating system.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Operating System

Advantages and Disadvantages of Operating System

There are various positives and negatives impacts of operating systems so here we will explain the advantage and disadvantage of operating system.

Advantages of Operating System:

  • O/S provides the interface between the users and hardware.
  • O/S allows to User Friendly Graphic Interface for all users because it provides various menus, buttons, icons, and more for easy navigation
  • No required any technical skills for operating GUI O/S.
  • Cost effective.
  • It has responsible for controlling and manipulate of all computer functions.
  • These platforms are comfortable for all programs.
  • It allows the best features such as “Plug and play”, means no need any drivers for using their devices like as mouse, keyboard, and more.
  • O/S uses numerous techniques such as memory segmentation, paging, and swapping. Operating system can manage own memory with using those techniques.
  • O/S helps the transformation all programs into process for executing the instructions, and it has responsible for synchronizing of all process.
  • Operating System can also manage all types of interrupts.
  • O/S implements all types of scheduling techniques such as first come-first served, Round robin, Priority scheduling and shortest job first scheduling etc for scheduling the all process in CPU for execution.
  • It helps to destroy the external fragmentation.
  • O/S has responsible for distributing all data over entire system.
  • O/S gives the permission for demanding paging as well as prepaging.
  • It has no required to fragmentation.
  • It helps to map all pages in effective manner.
  • O/S allows sharing one piece of data with many users.
  • It also can share different resources like as Printer, Fax etc.
  • O/S can be updated time by time without any hassle.
  • It provides the flexible interface for installing all types of games and software, and can run easily them.
  • Some O/S provides the protection from dangerous files and virus such as Windows defender in Window O/S.
  • Numerous O/S are available in open source such as Unix/Linux.  Operating System can be run easily on computer system without any cost (Free).

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Disadvantages of Operating System

Here, we will spread the light on limitation (cons) of operating systems.

  • It has enlarged memory access times such as page table lookup.
  • Need improvement with using TLB.
  • Required guarded page tables.
  • Need more memory for memory management.
  • Need internal fragmentation.
  • Page Table Length Register (PTLR) has to bound with virtual memory size.
  • It required more improvement in multilevel page tables and variable page sizes.
  • Unknown users can be used your system without your permission.
  • If operating system get fault then your data can be destroyed from O/S.
  • It is very difficult task for providing the entire protection from all viruses because any threat can be inserted any time.

Summing Up

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