Introduction of Computer Network | Needs and Importance of Computer Network

Introduction Computer Network

Overview: Computer network means to connect multiple computer system with each other through physical medium (Cable or Wire) or wireless medium and this architecture is known as “Computer Network“.

Introduction of Computer Network
In traditional computer networks, single computer machine, workstation, and servers are linked one by one through Ethernet and other cables. But now, advance technologies are released in market in which to make connection between multiple points through wireless technology. 

 Need of Computer Network

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Now these days, Due to the various importance of computer networks, we are getting more need for Computer network. 

Importance of Computer Networks

Data Sharing

With the help of Computer networking, every user can access all data from the network without any boundation of place. For example – if you are doing any office work at your home such as filling tax files, and same time your boss can receive your file on the destination place without going physically to your home.

Hardware Device Sharing

Computer network provides great flexibility such as multiple computers can share the same hardware devices (printer, plotter, Fax machine, and more). No need, to add a separate plotter with every computer system.

Program Sharing

Multiple programs can be shared on the network, and it allows using client/server applications.

User Interaction

Networks permit all users to make communication with the help of different modes such as Chat platforms, e-mail, newsgroups as well as video conferencing etc.

Remotely Games

Many amazing network games are available in the market because those games can be played from different zone.


VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”, and it allows making telephone calls with the help of IP (Voice over Internet Protocol) instead of using PSTN.

Data Security

On the network, all users can access all your data from offsite and online server, so it can be more harmful. To protect all data from intruders, all companies use the FIREWALL. 

Basic Components of Computer Network

basic-components-of-Computer-NetworkThere are five basic components while using in transmission of computer network; such as –

Message: It is raw material like as data or information which are required for transmission from one device to other network devices over the entire network.

Sender: Sender is the hardware devices that push the data to other linked devices over the computer network.

Receiver: Receiver is destination device that is need data from other network device over the network.

Transmission Medium: We need a medium for transferring data from one device to other devices like as wires, cables, radio waves etc.

Protocol: Protocol is a group of rules which are committed by both edges (sender and receiver), because without using of protocol two or multiple device can be connected with each other but they are not capable to make communication.