25+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Mesh Topology | Benefits & Drawbacks

Hello Friends! Today, through this post we will provide you information in detail about many advantages and disadvantages of mesh topology; as well as various benefits and drawbacks of mesh topology network with ease. At the end of this article, you will get to know fully about pros and cons of using mesh topology network without any issue.

Introduction of Mesh Topology

A mesh topology is a network set up that allows to each device and computer to make interconnection directly with each other; and they don’t need any centralized device like as hub or router. The all devices and nodes are linked each other through twisted pair cables and coaxial cables.


Mesh topology is the traditional form of networking; but today still it is also going to use for home automation requirements, HVAC systems, and smart building. The mesh topology network was designed over three decades ago to get support military applications. The mesh topology is also going to use and utilized into wireless networks. Mesh topology is a fastest network that allows to transfer data or information as instantly. This network topology can be considered as secured network with less maintenance

Advantages of Mesh Topology

If you want to get know about what are the advantages of mesh topology? Then don’t worry! Here we will explain about several merits and benefits of mesh topology network; below shown each one in detail, you can check them:

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Keep Manage Massive Network Traffic:

Mesh topology doesn’t allow to pass any hierarchical relationships that makes them get transmission along with multiple data at once. The main aim of mesh topology is developed in a manner that every network devices will be going to capable to make communication along with other individually. Hence, it has ability to control huge amount of network traffics.

Dedicated Connection:

In the mesh topology, every connection is constructed as a dedicated link, therefore each link is able to keep manage its data. Hence all data can flow over each node without any traffic hassle; as well as several devices also can transmit the all data at a same time.

Privacy & Security:

While using the mesh topology, you can get strong security and privacy. It is not going to use any centralized authority in its mesh network; just it accepts only authorized users. Every connection in the node is depended separately that means the all communication are made privately. Therefore, it is getting fewer chances to virus and threating attacks over the network; thus all data flows protect in the mesh network.

Keep Manage Huge Volume of Data:

A network being a mesh topology is able to keep manages the tremendous volume of data than to old systems. Therefore, it has most possibility to make connection with many devices at a same time for transmitting data simultaneously.

Device Connection without Affect Data Transmission:

The mesh topology structure allows user to add new one device without getting any disturbance the data transmissions, because every node make the communication along with others separately. Therefore, there is not any hindrance, cause of adding a new one device.

Quickly Pass Message:

In the mesh topology, all messages can be swapped between two node instantly, if short route is available in between those nodes. Thus, messages will be reached quickly its destination point as there are several routes present.

Easy to Make Fault Recovery:

It is also easily to identify any fault and instantly solved. Cause of making the dedicated link in between each two node, hence the fault can be easily isolated without any obstacle.

Target Certain Location to Add Strength to Your Network:

While using the mesh topology to transfer data, you can easily target certain location of the building structure to get reinforce the qualities of that system. Thus, home users usually implement this structure to fix connection discontinue that can arise problem with online access.

Great Scalability:

A mesh topology doesn’t need any extra routers because the every node works as an individual router that gets one to modify the size of network with ease. Therefore, you can easily add new one technology to any room in a corporate condition at the real-time speed of operation temporarily.

No Centralized Authority:

The mesh topology doesn’t require enabling the any centralized device like as hub or switch; so there are not centralized controls required over the network. Each computer is able to transfer and receive data without any central authority. As well as, they also don’t require to run a firewall otherwise other software solution that to keep manage the privacy.


A mesh topology is also great robust in the nature that means it has ability to get continue all functioning even if there is found any failure. Mesh network contains the various links that allows to make ensure to each node is along with best alternative paths. Thus, whenever a workstation gets the malfunctioning then whole network will not be affected.

Great Consistency:

The mesh topology has extremely consistent data transmission rates, because every node is going to attach to many other nodes over the network; as well as there are also several paths present for a one node. So, it is impossible that path unavailability is certainly cannot occur.

Very Less Possibility to Get Network Failure:

The advance structure of mesh topology over the world that means it is going to nearly impossible to get down unless there is global disaster where all network devices we utilize around the globe get wiped out

Great Flexibility:

The mesh topology is going to use as best flexibility, cause of its partial shortfall option. So, single node is not forced to get complete group of the connection for every node; whereas the network can be developed along with the partial web to take benefits of its increased communication.

Disadvantages of Mesh Topology

In this section, we are going to explore about all drawbacks and limitations of mesh topology network; below shown each one, you can read them:

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High Expensive:

The mesh topology is getting higher implementation cost compare to other, cause of the need of many parts of equipment’s that are most costly. It is unable to run perfectly; unlike you have all cabling, internet bandwidth, hardware that are mandatory for the complete installation set up.

More Time-Consumption:

Once it is going to operational, easily to add new one node; but its initially process is more complicated and time-consuming.

Installation and Implementation Difficult:

Unlike other network topologies, mesh topology is getting more expensive installation and implementation process. It requires the individually hardware and cabling that are considered to be higher cost. As well as, installation process is more difficult because every node makes lots of connection.

Tough Maintenance:

Beyond of installation, it is also most difficult and time consuming task to keep maintain the mesh network. In the mesh topology, more cables are going to use for build-up that makes the tough task for administration.

Higher Chances to Get Redundancy:

A mesh topology is capable to keep manage the large number of networks, cause of this, more possibility for redundant connections. If a single node makes multiple connections then it increases the overall cost; but whereas a new computer are attached, separate hardware and other equipment must be bought; otherwise this system could be become redundant.

Additional Hardware Needed:

As there are various direct connections therefore there is going to require for lots of hardware devices then it will become more expensive to create such a network. Massive wiring is needed that means extra hardware components are required.

Higher Complexity:

Every node of the mesh topology network works as a messenger and router; then it will go to get more workload and make a complexity that unable to see in the other topologies. Thus, there are higher chances of failure.

Latency Problem:

A mesh topology is going to suffer with latency issue, because the messages require to be flowed from one node to gateway will not completely delivered on accurate time duration. If your network is getting less powered, low memory and bandwidth your system could more experience latency problem. It is simplest, but they are unable to keep manage on time messages.

Each Node is Getting More Increased Workload:

Each node has many responsibilities; as well as each one acts as router. So, this system is more complicated.

More Power Consumption:

As shown above that every node into mesh topology works as both messenger and router, then it is going to bear double workload; hence it also requires more power. Therefore, a mesh network consumes lots of power compare to normally it should for its operations. Cause of this, these nodes is getting low powered or battery powered with problematic.


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