15 Advantages and Disadvantages of Bluetooth | Benefits & Drawbacks

Hello Friends! Today, from this article we will be listing out the 15 advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth as well as drawbacks and benefits of Bluetooth technology with ease. Therefore, after reading this post you will get know completely many pros and cons of using Bluetooth technology without and hassle.

Introduction of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is best technology that is using as universal and permits devices to make communication for short range wireless voice and data. Mostly, Bluetooth wireless technology uses for transferring data over the smaller distance. Bluetooth technology introduced by Ericson in 1994, and now it executes in the industrial, scientific and medical band form 2.4 GHz to 2.485 GHz.


The Bluetooth network is also known as ‘Piconet‘ and group of interconnected piconets is named ‘Scatternet‘. The prime goal of using Bluetooth is to get replace the wire that is normal using for connecting device; while still making the communication in between them with secured. Bluetooth has capacity of transmission 720 kbps, and it can support maximum 7 devices at the same time.

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Advantages of Bluetooth Technology

Now, here Let us describe some of the advantages Bluetooth technology in detail, you can check them:

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Availability & Accessibility:

Now these days, Bluetooth is an amazing feature present in mostly devices like as tables and smart phone. These different types of devices being Bluetooth show its universal presence. While purchasing PC, you don’t have to need any hardware component, because the Bluetooth adapter enables them to make communication along with Bluetooth enabled devices. Few Bluetooth enabled devices like as wireless speakers and headphones, wearable technologies for monitoring activities, Bluetooth-enabled smart home appliances and office equipment, smart devices such as smart watches, and more.

Wireless Transmission:

This is the main advantages of Bluetooth is that it doesn’t need any kinds of cable for it to broadcast data. Therefore, you are capable to send and receive files without getting to require worrying about wires. Now these days, most of applications are going to use of Bluetooth technology like as tracking devices, heath monitoring, and personal security system.

Other examples of wireless connectivity through Bluetooth are remote control in between the device and another supportable device and appliance, real-time location systems for locating; Bluetooth enabled medical devices help to keep record health parameters.


Cause of its simple interface, any rookie user can adopt Bluetooth. This is because; you don’t have to need any skill in this area of technology for using Bluetooth. As well as, its pairing process is also easiest in the Bluetooth. It doesn’t require any software and driver for getting to install process involved here. All you have to do come on Bluetooth on both edges of devices and make them easy discover. All Bluetooth enabled devices are able to link quickly. But, few devices need to put PIN authentication.


Now these days, Bluetooth applications are available as freely on your devices; but you may need to charge for transferring files and connecting devices. Instead of this, there is even no additional charge for using the Bluetooth applications. It  allows  most of devices as free and without limitations on usage.

Simple Interface & Ease of Use:

It is simplest to make pair in between the Bluetooth enabled devices, because it has not required any additional installation program to build communication. Moreover, It doesn’t need any rigorous set up process for both devices to make communication.

Bluetooth technology also enabled with protocol for getting to identify services by using of Service Discovery Protocol and Universal Unique Identifier to show the list to certain services and features of specific device. These kinds of protocol permit to another device to readily determine and appear the name and class of the device that orients to pair with, and its services otherwise features and technical precious data.


Another major advantage of Bluetooth technology is its better energy efficiency that drives to less power consumption. Cause of this, Bluetooth consumes the low power signals. It has specially Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard that make them ideal for electronic devices being small form factor, and keeping to maintain the minimum battery life.

Today, modern iteration to the technology as known the Bluetooth 4.0 also that allows the better power efficiency as compare to Bluetooth 3.0. It also allows the dual mode to grab benefits of energy efficiency and fastest data transfer rates.


Today, Bluetooth devices are not pricier, so users are capable to purchase these Bluetooth devices like as speakers, headsets, and so on at the reasonable cost.

Benefits of Bluetooth Technology

Easy Automation: While using of Bluetooth, you don’t have to make any types of connections or temper being any buttons. Two or multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices are able to make communication automatically, when you have to come within range of up 30 feet of one another.

Wireless Standard: Bluetooth is a standardized wireless protocol that means it is higher compatible about near any wireless device. It has capability to make connection many devices with each other, although they are not identically model or brand.

Less Interference: Bluetooth-enabled devices provide the better performance and they are usually capable to keep away the interference from the signal of other wireless devices. This is because, the usage of less power signal and the underlying technology as known as frequency hopping.

Make Personal Area Network: A Bluetooth technology has capability to make a network up to 7 devices within range of 30 feet, which allowing them later linkage to one another. Many PAN networks can also make in a one room of users.

Universal: A Bluetooth performs a universal standard that allowing to recognize throughout the PAN world.  Because the technology is most eminent that you can almost ensure that your devices will support for years to come.

Other Benefits of Bluetooth:

  • Bluetooth is easily able to update.
  • It has not any interoperability problems.
  • With using Bluetooth, users are capable to transfer data into different formats like as text, videos, picture and other.
  • Latest Bluetooth adopts the FHSS technology for getting protection data transfer.
  • Bluetooth can be used in headphones, laptops, PCs, music system, and so on.
  • More efficient in their performance
  • Plug and play feature
  • Bluetooth is robust and flexible

Disadvantages of Bluetooth Technology

In this section, we will reveal all possible things about disadvantages and limitations of Bluetooth in detail; below mentioned all, you can read them:

Range Restrictions:

A Bluetooth provides the range for making connection just within 100m. As you know that Bluetooth has a small range of communication technology (less to WiFi connection also). But, based on the edition and nature of the devices, its range can be varied. The devices that require to be linked have to be in this range. For instance, Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 have the transmission rate of 25Mbp.

Less Speed of Transmission:

A Bluetooth is slower technology as compared to WiFi and also you are also unable to transfer enlarge files over the Bluetooth making speed the major drawbacks of Bluetooth. But, latest version of Bluetooth offers the better speed and great reliability than the last one version.

Upgradability Concern:

If you prefer to use the PC or laptop, then you can easily upgrade it with latest versions. But, you are using small devices like as headset or smartphone then you are unable to upgrade them. This is because; this technology is going to use as differently in different versions.

Inefficient Energy:

As you know that Bluetooth needs the minimum energy requirement; especially for BLE. In the real-life applications, this technology may significantly drain the battery life of the device, specific when it remains turned on. For instance, smartphones and tablet consume their battery life for the different software processed and to keep its many hardware components running. Thus, Bluetooth radio enhances the power need of the device.

As well as, energy efficient is totally based on the particular class of radio. Class 1 radios have most power intensive, because their transmission range of up to 10 meter fewer than 100 megawatts. Class 2 radios transmit at 2.5 megawatts while Class 3 radios transmit at 1 megawatt.

Compatibility Issue:

Although mostly Bluetooth implementations are dependent upon the standard; there are still compatibility problems along with Bluetooth. There are many reasons like as drivers, versions, profiles account for this. This is usually relatable to Bluetooth 4.0 with less energy technology and it is unable to compatible with other versions of the Bluetooth.

Limited Connections:

This is biggest drawback of Bluetooth because the newest version of Bluetooth that is Bluetooth 5 can support just up to 7 devices that is lower than WiFi technology. Although, the recently versions have the limit to make connection just upto 4-5 devices. Hence, you are unable to connect more than 7 devices to your phone or laptop.

Security Concern:

A Bluetooth technology adopts the several measures to avoid the unwanted access like as authentication, confidentiality, and key derivation along with custom algorithms. Although, it has plenty cased of security vulnerability documented by researchers and media organization such as use of malware to hack the hardware control.

Cause of using the irresponsible usage of Bluetooth enabled device and other Bluetooth apply can also enhance the security vulnerability of a single or firms. This technology is most susceptible to DOS (Denial-of-Service) attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, message modification, and eavesdropping.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the advantages of Bluetooth over WIFI?

A Bluetooth permits to less range of data transfer in between devices; as well as you are also unable to transfer enlarge files. But, WiFi has better speed with reliability.

What are the disadvantages of Bluetooth on health?

Bluetooth devices transmit less levels of nonionizing radiation. Exposure to this level of this kind of radiation is not dangerous to humans. As per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), routine exposure to nonionizing radiation is “generally perceived as harmless to humans.”

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth technology?

In this post, already we have been explained above many benefits and limitations of Bluetooth in detail, you can see them.

Conclusion: Pros and Cons of Bluetooth

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