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Introduction of Virtual Machine

The virtual machine’s OS is commonly knows to as the ‘Guest OS’; and VM is the emulation or virtualization of a physical computer that offers the all features of a real system as physical computer; but it is unable a tangible physical parts, just an emulation of one.


Virtual machine operate on the isolated partition of their host system along with own memory, CPU, storage space, operating system (like as Windows, Linux, macOS), and other resources as well. So, end users are able to run all application on the virtual machine and use them as they are doing work on their workstation.

Advantages of Virtual Machine

Here, we are going to tell you many pros and benefits of virtual machine, then you can take decision behalf of them either virtual machine is good solution for your or not; below mentioned all in detail, you can see them:

Benefits of Virtual Machine Are:


Virtual machines are enabled with other virtual resources as well. Each one is virtualized like as hard disk drive. Hence, even if the machine destroys there will be no issue to the hose computer.

Easy to Setup and Configuration:

It is most time consuming to setup the physical systems and servers. Then, you have to need to raise a buy order and keeping wait for it to be executed. Once completed it, then awaiting the product to be shipped and configure that can be taken hours.

After making the all connection perfectly, still you have to need install the needed operating system and software that takes more hours. Hence, it is a long wait worth day otherwise even week for the completing the setup process. With using the virtualization; you are able to get started with in few minutes having the productive setup.

Enhanced Flexibility & Scalability:

Virtual machines have amazing flexibility; so you are able easily add or delete them as your requirements. As the depended on your current needs; you can immediately extend up and down the number of VMs you have working. While adopting this flexibility, you can easily keep saving more money in the long run. Hence, you don’t have to need buy any new one hardware components when your needs update.

Availability 24*7:

The most important advantage of the virtual machine is the advanced feature that it offers; permitting the virtual instance to be present at all times. VMs have ability to move the virtual instance from one server site to another site. So, it can be completed without going to shut and restart the processes that are always running.

It also makes ensure that your precious data is not damaged while getting to migrate process. So, it doesn’t matter, if there are unwanted outages, then your instance will always be up and working at all times.

Enhanced Security:

Virtual machines also provide the enhanced security over the physical servers as every VM can be apart from other. Whenever, one virtual machine is compromised, then others would not be affected. AS well as, you are capable to use security feature such as intrusion detection systems and firewalls to further protect to your virtual machines.

ISA Structure:

ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) is an abstract that allows the differentiate software and hardware. Always, Instruction Set Architecture offered by the VM is different from that of a physical computer system. Thus, the tasks that are being executed by the hardware resources are separated primarily.

Malware Identification:

The virtual machine allows the individually sandbox that offers space then users are capable to test the application whether they are most protected or not. With adopting this feature of virtual machine, can be prevented any online malware, threats, and viruses. Instead of this, it doesn’t give any bad impact on the physically storage of your system. Hence, it keeps staying from these threats.

Cloud Migration is simplest:

Today, mostly companies are adopting the traditional school methodologies. They have been performing, because they had done a substantial investment back in the day to make ensure their IT systems were always up and working.

With using the current digital transformation wave, companies are watching to move to the cloud for many benefits. The issue here is the migration of the massive amount of data present on premise. But, virtualization offers the flexibility to perform this task much easier because mostly data would already be present on the server. Thus, migration process of it to the cloud will be pretty simple.

Support Multiple Operating Systems:

This is the biggest advantage of the VM that is getting to support various operating systems on the host computer system. Each OS is virtually available individually with in the host. As well as, it also keeps staying apart from each other, thus users are able to work on various operating systems whenever they require those. In simplest ways that virtual machine can keep holding the software in different kinds of files. They are isolated with everyone along with same computer system. So, you are capable to work along with several operating systems and keeping stay productive without getting to cause any extra price of the organization.

Less Need Physical Hardware:

As you know that while getting to set up a physical computer system needs many hardware parts. Then, you have to need two operating system servers, engineering station, and other server for several goals. Hence, firms also require investing their money to keep maintaining these hardware devices. Therefore, with adopting virtual machines; you are able to keep save few of its capital expenditure by offering identically performance.

Manage All assets Centralize:

Your all virtual machines are capable to keep managing from one site.


When you see on your current configuration, then mostly your machines are getting to idle along. But, along with them visualized and working at the cluster. You can maximize potential while getting to keep save money on the energy prices.

Software License:

Several software packages tie a license key to a HD ID. But, in the virtual environment, the hard drive ID keeps staying the similar no matter that piece of hardware it is running on.

Supportable with Legacy OS:

As hardware evolves, then operating systems are getting to become obsolete. So, it is harder for finding hardware and software that are supported. With using virtualizing, these machines remove the OS compatibility issues.

Forward Compatible:

As new hardware becomes available, although your virtual machines still are able to run over new hardware resources.

Disaster Recovery as Quickly:

Virtual machines are also able to keep disaster recovery as instantly without no wasting time. When you go to host for getting access the virtual machine, then you are capable to go online once again and operate your virtual computer system over the same host. On this process, it doesn’t take much more time; but it can be hassle to control if your virtual computer is unable to work.

Expansion Potentials:

Along with the infrastructure in one place, it is simplest a matter of deploying a new one machine and configure. You have not need to purchase the new servers.

System Upgrade:

The heartache and time of getting system pictures before going to apply a patch and having a system restore failure are all realities. With helping of VMs, if something goes wrong while you apply a patch otherwise update. You are able to simple roll back the VM back, where it was before applying the patch using a snapshot.

Using of Thin Clients:

With the help of thin client manager, replacement of a bad terminal is as easiest as some click and getting to power on the new one unit.

Disadvantages of Virtual Machine

Before going to implement the virtual machine in data center, you must be known about some significant drawbacks of virtual machines, these are:

Initial Pricey Investment:

Higher investment is the one of main drawback. As we know that virtualization assists your business decrease the operational price; but the initial setup price of storage and servers is costly as compared to regular setup.

Thus, organizations require years before they break even, then realize keeping and highly profitability along with virtualization. It is a worst for organizations adopting for enlarge setup at the starting. They could beyond of adopting for a regular desktop setup, then make a move to desktop virtualization.

Data can be at the Higher Risk:

While getting to work on virtual instance over the shared hardware resources entail your precious data is hosted on 3rd party resource. So, you data can be eliminated due to vulnerable to unwanted access and cyber-attacks. This is because; if y our service providers are not offering perfect security solution to safe your virtual instance and sensitive data. It can be done, especially in the scenario of storage virtualization.

Extendibility as Quickly:

Scaling up over the virtualization is a best thing; but it is not so much if it has to be executed in a little duration of time. In this scenario of physical setup, anyone can instantly setup with new one hardware and extend, even if it gives the insist for some initial setting up complicated cases.

Being virtualization that making ensure that all the requisite software, sufficient storage, security, and resource presence can be some difficult task. It can take much time as one might expect when 3rd party provider is included. Instead of, extra price involved in enhanced resource usage is another problem to keep managing.

Potential Security Risks:

The potential security risks can be made by virtual machines; then you are significant working with many operating systems over the one item of hardware. If one OS is going to compromise, then others might also be at risk. So, it can be done strong security measures in the place to safe your VMs.

Less Efficiency:

In the order of hardware accessibility a virtual machine has the less efficient, so it is unable to get access the hardware directly. As well as, its speed is not enough for mostly IT organizations. This makes them use the system that is getting to balance in between the virtually and physically.

Complexity in Structure:

Virtual machine’s structure is more complicated as they are attached with several LAN networks. Therefore, if any errors occur, then it will be getting to challenge for finding out where the fault happened. Hence, the companies require hiring and IT staff who are able to fix these faults and keep running such devices perfectly.


Weak hot computer is able easily affected by infections. This is usually occurred, if there are errors in the operating system. When two or multiple VMs are linked with each other, then infection will be spread to other as well.

Hardware keys:

Of course! You are able to use hardware keys, because users can bind a USB port to a certain virtual machine. Although, you are unable to move the VMs without getting to physically move the key also.

Compromise with Performance:

As you known that virtual machines are running as virtually; but still it has the totally dependency over the host system; and it is based on the host computer. If, your host computer is unable to get robustness, then getting less experience with virtual machine. Thus, it is not capable to offer more productive experience to the users. Whenever, any user wishes to grab higher performance along with virtual machine, then they have to need a most strong host computer that is able to manage the virtual machine.

Less of Efficiency in the Outcome:

As you known that VMs are available as the virtually, as well as their software and hardware parts also present as virtually. Therefore, their OS will not able as sufficient as the operating system of the physical computer while getting to access the physical components. In various IT organizations, the less virtual machine is unable to come into use, if their speed is lesser. So, they have to need looking for a system that can offer a balanced experience of physical and virtual systems.

Need a Specific Hardware:

To grab the mostly benefits of virtualization; you have to need to buy the specialized hardware designed for working various virtual machines. This can lead to essential upfront price that might not be feasible for all companies.

Need Additional Management:

It is difficult task to keep managing the virtual machine as compared to physical servers. You have to need keep tracking of several virtual machines working on a one physical server. This can be paid extra complication to your IT infrastructure and need extra staff to handle as effectively.

Higher Risk of Downtime:

As you known that VMs is totally depended on the underlying hardware resources; if sometime hardware gets fail, then entire virtual machine working on it will be failure. Cause of this, higher downtime can be done for your application and sensitive data.

Not Compatible for all Applications:

It is not compulsory that all apps are supporting along with virtualization; therefore you will make ensure that the application you wish to execute are supported by the virtualization software, which you are using. Instead of, you might be required to run them on the physical servers that can bad impact your overall price savings.

Features of Virtual Machine

There are many characteristics of virtual machine as follow them:

  • Virtual machine is capable to run on many operating systems as parallel on the single host system.
  • The virtual machine is totally separated from one another, hence it is most secured from threats and malwares from any other compromised VM that are running at the same host system.
  • Getting to prevent the mutual influencing and directly data exchanging
  • It is pretty simple to transfer the VMS to another system that can be used by easily copying the virtual machine data since the fully status of the system is kept saving in some files.
  • The VMs are able to operate on all physical host computers that are getting to support the virtualization environment.
  • Host system is capable to share the all resources along with other virtual machines.

Closer: Pros and Cons of Virtual Machine

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