What is Computer System? Uses and Applications of Computer

What is Computer System? Uses and Applications of Computer

What is Computer

Definition: Computer is a programmable electronic device or machine that helps to processes, calculations and operations totally depended on the instructions which are given by users. Computer system is capable to fetch data through input devices, process it, and then finally display output on the output devices.

Now these days, advanced computers are built for fulfill for several purpose like as browsing web, creating and editing video, writing document, creating applications, playing video games, and so on.


Term “Computer” is derived from the Latin word “Computare” that means to “Calculate”

Charles Babbage is also called as the father of the computer because the first computer was introduced by Charles Babbage in 1837, and it was used punch card as read only memory.

Computer is developed to execute various applications and offers a many solutions with using of software and hardware components of computer.

All Computers need these following hardware components; like as –

Memory: Primary memory helps to transfer data in between CPU and storage memory.

Processor (CPU): CPU is capable to execute all instruction with combination of software and hardware.

Motherboard: This is main board because all other components are connected on the motherboard.

Storage Device: It is used for storing data for long life. For examples – pen drive, HDD, etc.

Power Supply Unit: To need power supply for getting to turn on computer system.

Input Device: Input devices help to insert instructions (input data) to computer. For examples – mouse, keyboard, and etc.

Output Device: Output devices allow to user for seeing generated output. For examples – printer and monitor.


There are different types of computers as per their sizes and power; such as –

Supercomputer: It mostly used in large scale scientific and engineering areas, because where required maintenance for large amount of database.

Mainframe Computer: It was designed to be used process large amounts of data in pet bytes. It able controls thousands of users at one time. The name a mainframe ‘means a frame to hold multiple processors and main memory.

Minicomputer: This computer is capable to support multiple user at once; like as 10 to hundreds users.

Embedded Computer: It is a micro controller technologies based system, and this has been  design for specific task. Embedded computer is not need more power for large computing.

Analog Computer: It uses some physical fact’s continuously variable for solving problems such as mechanical, hydraulic and electrical quantities.

Digital Computer: In the Digital Computer, all calculations and other operations are represented in the form of digits such as binary system “0” and “1”. These computers are able to perform global weather patterns, control industrial, mathematical calculations, and other complicating calculations as well.

Hybrid Computers: These computers are combination both analog and digital computers, because these computers are able to execute both data such as analog and digital.

 Applications of Computer System

There are different types of computer applications; below mention list of computer applications.


Uses of Computer in Different Areas 

  1. Medical and Health Care Sector
  2. Education Sector
  3. Industry Sector
  4. Home (Residential Area)
  5. Commercial Areas
  6. Engineering Design
  7. Arts
  8. Data Processing
  9. Communications
  10. Training
  11. Hotel Management
  12. Government Sector
  13. Weather Forecasting Sector
  14. Library
  15. Business
  16. Science and Engineering
  17. Advertising
  18. Insurance Sector
  19. Scientific Research Sector
  20. Insurance Sector
  21. CBI Department for Criminal Identification
  22. Animation and Film Sector
  23. Book Publishing
  24. Gaming Sector
  25. Sport Sector
  26. Agriculture and Farming Sector
  27. Transport Sector

Defense Sector

Here, Computer plays the major role for any security or defense force of any country, because it helps to develop of all missiles and other ultra tech weapons for military. Computer system allows making communication between commanders and soldiers via satellite.

Other Uses:

  • Missile Control
  • Nuclear Weapon Control
  • Security and Army communication
  • Smart weapon control
  • Military operation and planning

Banking and Financial Sector

  • Internet Banking: It allows to use ATM or Debit Card, Credit Card to shop, buy tickets, pay bills for utility services like electricity, telephone, and mobiles recharge.
  • Electronic Fund Transfer transactions
  • MICR helps to read and sort check
  • Computer helps to handle many information like as account holders detail, deposits, withdrawal, interest, etc

Medical and Health Care Sector

  • Computer helps to keep records the database of all patients history diagnosis, X-rays, live monitoring of patients, and so on.
  • Robotic surgical devices are used for performing delicate operations.
  • Virtual reality technologies help to educate other medical student in training batches.
  • It allows to doctors for determining all activities of fetus that is presented inside MOM’s womb.
  • Miraculous therapies. ECG’s, and radiotherapy are not done without using of Computer system.
  • Computer is also used in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) wards in hospital, and also used for monitoring of blood pressure and Heartbeat to patient’s body.

Education Sector

  • Computer helps to educate all students via online classes online examinations, referring e-books, and online tutoring.
  • Today, there are various tutorial websites over the internet that helps to provide free of cost education in all subjects in the form of videos, PDF, and images.
  • Computer Aided Learning, Computer Based Instructions and Computer Aided Instruction are most famous platform, which are preferred by teacher for getting to teach.

Industry Sector

  • Computers are used for operating the industrial robots, because these robots have to need in very complicated areas where not possible to work for human.
  • Industrial research, process control, and budgeting are totally depended on the computer system.
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture), and CADMPT (Computer Aided Design, process, Manufacture and Testing) are used to design models of electronics, electrical and mechanical models of machines.
  • Computers are also used for other tasks such as managing inventory, creating virtual sample products, interior designing, video conferencing, and more.

Home (Residential Area)

  • We can use the computer at home for performing several tasks such as pay online bill payment, watching online movie, home tutoring, social media access, playing games, internet access, etc

Commercial Areas

  • Computers are used in the offices for keeping to maintain the report, home tutoring, social media access, playing games, internet access, etc
  • Other uses are: Presentation package, database package, spreadsheet package, word processing package, and more.
  • Other areas are – Theater, shopping mall, railway station, etc.

Engineering Design

  • Computers are also used for designing purpose for building, magazines, newspaper, books, and more.


  • Computers are using in different arts like as dance, photography, arts and culture.
  • Photos can be digitized by computer.

Data Processing

  • Computers are used extremely such areas where to need data processing like as income tax, database processing, etc.


  • Computer helps to make communication in between multiple users through E-mail, E-fax, chatting protocol, and etc.


  • Mostly companies preferred the computer based training for getting to educate their employees, because it helps to save money and improve the performance. For example – Video Conferencing

Hotel Management

Computers are used in the hotel for different kinds of tasks like as-

  • Preparing trail balance sheet
  • Front desk management
  • Documentation

Government Sector

Computers play major role in the government areas; such as –

  • Data processing
  • Maintaining a database of citizens
  • Supporting a paperless environment
  • Budget planning
  • Sale tax department
  • Income tax department
  • Computation of Male/Female ration

Weather Forecasting Sector

  • In the weather forecasting, computers allow to predict the all climate on the basis of present and past data.
  • It is used in the metrology for getting research area.


  • Many softwares are available in the market for managing the all data of library, and these softwares are used in the Computer systems. It helps to keep all records of books, updating its records, and can be checked that which books are issued or not.


Today, all businesses are totally depending on the computer because computer helps to get transaction processing, which enables transactions with suppliers, employees or clients.

Other uses are:

  • Payroll calculations
  • Sales analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Financial forecasting
  • Managing employee’s database and Maintenance of stocks etc.

Science and Engineering

  • Now these days, computer is considered as very strong tool for each branch such as Electronics, Electrical, Ceramics, Chemical, Leather, and etc.

Uses in the Engineering

  • Industrial Engineering – In this engineering, computer is used for various designs, implementation of integrated system of people, equipments, and materials.
  • Architectural Engineering: Here, computer helps to design several apartments and building along with 2D and 3D drawing.
  • Structural Engineering: Here, it needs stress and stain analysis for design of ship, spaceships, airplanes, budgets, and etc.


  • Advertising professionals can create art and better graphics with using of computer, and to get print and disseminate ads for achieving goal of promoting of more products.

Insurance Sector

  • All insurance companies, finance houses and stock broking firms use the computer system for managing all records up to date.

Scientific Research Sector

  • First of all, Computers were used for scientific research areas to perform several task for getting ultra speed and better accuracy in their projects.
  • With using of these computers, researchers are capable to simulate environments and areas, emulate physical characteristics and get to allow researchers to proof of their projects with getting cost effective.

Other Uses are:

  • It helps to launch a new satellite into space.
  • It can predict for getting to earthquakes and Tsunami warnings.
  • Nuclear tests can be done through computers.

Insurance Sector

  • All insurance companies, finance houses and stock broking firms use the computer system for managing all records up to date.

CBI Department for Criminal Identification

  • CBI uses the computers to identify criminals for using of resembling photographs of them, as well as using of DNA fingerprinting technique to trace the criminal with using of hair, skin, and blood sample gather from the site of crime.

Animation and Film Sector

  • In the film industry, animation professionals use the computer system for making attractive cartoon films, generating unique music effects, etc.
  • For example – Movie-like Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Happy Feet Robot, Kung Fu Panda

Book Publishing

  • Computer systems help to publish books with using of designing, typing, and editing work can be done with great ease and efficiency.
  • DTP (Desktop publishing) software is used for publishing books.

Gaming Sector

  • Today’s, most advance computers and laptops are available in the market for playing games with great comfortable and enjoyable.
  • You must be needed the internet connectivity for playing Online game, whereas not need for Offline games.

There are some categories in the gaming field; like as

  • Adventurous
  • Puzzle
  • Simulations
  • Action
  • Racing and more

Sport Sector

  • Sport equipments which are used in domestic and international are tested by computers.
  • Scoreboards, recording speed of players, Action replay.
  • Computers are used for printing and selling of tickets to promote games.

Agriculture and Farming Sector

  • Computer systems play major role in the agriculture areas for farmers for getting to guide their vehicle and equipments to execute specific tasks such as harvesting and planting.
  • GPS is very helpful for farmers for mapping factors that affect crop yielding like as wet spots and weed patches.
  • Some useful software are available in the market that allows to farm’s owner for getting all information related to breed, age, health records, and milk production.

 Transport Sector

  • To determine the fluid level, temperature, and electrical system in the cars
  • To monitor transit systems, load containerships and track railroads car. Insurance Sector

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