How to Add Printer to Mac via Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, and IP Address

How to Add Printer to Mac via Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, and IP Address

This article explains that how to Add Printer to Mac via Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, IP Address. And, at the end you will say that i can add my new printer to printer list on Mac, and gets to start printing.

Let’s guide you through the process.


How to Add Printer to Mac via Wi-Fi

If, you are using wireless printer, and want to connect it via Wi-Fi protected Set-up (WPS). Then follow few steps, and your printer can be easier connected to Mac.

Let’s start!!

  • Turn on <Wi-Fi> button on your printer
  • Turn on <WPS> button on your router
  • If, they are not able to work properly then you can refer documentation for instructions of printer and router.
  • Ensure, your printer is connected on same Wi-Fi network as your Mac. when they are connected each other, then add printer on Mac:
  • Hit Apple icon that showing at the top-left corner on the screen.
  • Have to Go <System Preferences


  • Click on <Printers and Scanners>


  • Hit the <+ sign> below the list of printers 


  • Click on <Add Printer or Scanner> : Then you will be see some printers detected by Mac which are placed at you’re nearby in the Add Printer or Scanner submenu.
  •  Choose the printer that you would like to add: Mac allows to display the list of discoverable printers on the present network. 


  • Select the printer’s drivers and software in the
  •  Finally, you hit : : Then new printer will be added into list of printer. Now you can see this on the left-hand side of the Print & Scan window. 


How to Add a Printer to Mac via USB

If, your printer has not networking ability then it can only added via USB otherwise wired connection. If, you are suffering this issue then this article for you. Here, we will explain that how to add printer via USB.

Let’s Start!!

There are few steps, you can follow these instruction; such as –

  1. Your printer connects to Mac laptop or PC with using USB

Note: After getting to plug-in printer’s USB into Mac desktop or laptop, then it will detect printer automatically that is connected by USB, and then download its driver. If it doesn’t not able to auto detect, then you go ahead to further steps.

  1. Hit <Apple Icon>
  2. Enter into <System Preferences>
  3. Hit on <Printers and Scanners>
  4. Hit the + sign that shows below list of printers.
  5. Choose a printer to add: By default tab, Mac will be populated automatically a list of printers over the network, and then you can see printer name along with USB listed under a column.
  6. Hit : your printer will be added into the list of printers, and finally you can see your printer on the left hand side of window.

How to Add a Printer to Mac via Bluetooth

If, your printers are enabled with Bluetooth, then you can make pair it along with Mac and get start to print, but before getting to pair with your printer, you must be added it to your printer list: Then you can follow these steps; such as –

Let’s Start!!

  1. Ensure, your Mac is compatible with latest Mac operating system
  2. Get to <Switch On> your printer (if, you are not aware about it, then you can refer to documentation)
  3. Go to > System Preferences > Printers & Scanners
  4. Hit on + sign button and choose your printer from your list
  5. And final <Add> it

How to Add a Printer via IP Address

If, you want to add your printer with using of your printer’s IP address. Then, you must be known IP address of your printer. Further, you can follow few steps and your printer can be added.

Now, let’s start!!

  • Hit on <Apple Icon>
  • Go to <System Preferences>
  • Hit on <Printers and Scanners>
  • Now hit on + sign below the list of printers.
  • Press on <IP icon>: It looks as blue globe icon
  • Write your printer’s IP address into Address field: Then Mac will try to grab all information regarding to printer.


  • If, you want to change the name of your printer then you can do it easily.
  • Select the print driver in <Use field> as per your need.
  • Now finally, you hit on <Add> 

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