How to Connect Printer to Laptop Wireless WI-FI | Bluetooth | USB Cable

Now these days, to connect printer with your laptop or desktop computer is very easier task. You do not need to hire any technical guys for adding printer via USB and WI-FI.

In this post, we will fully explain that How to Connect Printer to Laptop and PC with WI-FI, Bluetooth and Wired USB cable. At the end of article, you will say that I can do it!!


How to Connect Printer to Laptop and PC with Wi-Fi

If, your using network is not able to detect printer automatically by Windows 10, then you will require configuring printer manually. Don’t worry; we will help you for adding network printer in Windows 10. Just follow few steps.

Now let’s start!!

  1. Click on start icon that is seen in the bottom left corner of your laptop’s screen.
  1. Click on <Setting > that is display “Gear shaped” icon on the power button.


  1. Go to <Device> and click on it.


  1. Click on Printer & Scanner that you can see at the left sidebar.
  1. Now, click “Add Printer“.


  Now, Windows has to start for detecting your printer, after following all instruction which is mentioned on screen for getting to set up. However, if any time Windows is not able to auto detect your printer, then you have to go next stage.

  1. Click on “The printer that I want isn’t listed” that shows screen pop up.


  1. Select the option “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings,” and click <Next>.


  1. Choose the <Create a New Port> and then select option <Standard TCP/IP> in drop down box.


  1. Write your printer’s IP address and click next, and then your laptop will start for detecting your TCP/IP port.
  1. Choose accurate printer: In the drop-down menu for Standard Device Type, select the device type that corresponds with your printer brand.
  1. Now, install printer drive properly: For this, you can select printer manufacturer on the left-hand side column, and driver in the right hand side column. Then click on <Next>.
  1. Choose <Use the driver that is currently installed (recommended)> and click next.
  1. Now finally, you will receive a message that informs you for successfully set up the printer. And click on <Finish>.

How to Connect Printer to Laptop with Bluetooth

  1. First of all, ensure that your printer is open to new Bluetooth pairings, and then follow few manual instructions; like as –
  1. Click notification icon that see on bottom-right corner of the screen and check that Bluetooth is toggled on or not.
  1. Click on <Expend> to see Bluetooth control on your screen.
  1. Go to <Start menu> and choose Setting > Device > and Printer & Scanner.
  1. Click on <Add a printer or scanner> and after some time your printer will be shown in your list.
  1. Choose it and final click <Add device>

How to Connect Printer to Laptop with Wired USB

  • To make connection in between laptop with USB cable: One edge of USB cable gets to plug to your laptop USB port and other is connected with printer’s USB cord.
  • Follow all installation instructions which are mention on screen: Windows 10 is capable to detect automatically your printer and take you through steps of installing the print driver.

After installing successfully, you can check your printer: You have two methods for checking like as –

  1. Click the Windows icon that shows at the bottom left corner of screen, then go to Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners.
  1. You can check under the Control Panel then go to Hardware and Sound> Devices and Printers.

If, everything is ok, then you must be see your printer in the printers’ list, then you can try to print as test page.

But, if Windows 10 is not able to find your connected printer, then click on <The printer that I want isn’t listed>.

Now, Windows 10 will help you for finding your printer. It will help out for finding available printers and you can download drivers for them

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