15 Applications of PCB | Uses & Examples of Printed Circuit Board

Hi Friends! Today, here we will explain about many remarkable applications of PCB as well as different uses and examples of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with ease. After completing this post, we make ensure that you will definitely fully aware about PCB Applications & Uses without getting any hindrance.

Definition of PCB

PCB stands for ‘Printed Circuit Board’; it is also called the PWB (Printed Wiring Board) or EWB (Etched Wiring Board). These PCBs are going to use in different kinds of electronic devices to offer the mechanical support and pathway to its electronic parts. PCBs are constructed with combination of numerous sheets of non-conductive material like as fiberglass or plastic, which can be hold with copper circuitry.


Whenever, the board contains just copper tracks and features, and no having the circuit element like as resistor, capacitor or other active devices have been made into the actual substrate of the board. It is most perfectly represented to the printing wiring board or etched wiring board.

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Applications of PCB in Daily Life

Here, we are showing various areas; where PCBs are going to use PCBs with efficiently. You can find them mostly everywhere in everything from small consumer devices to massive pieces of machinery. There are 15 of most of common applications of printed circuit board by industry; below mentioned all, you can check them:

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Medical & Health Care Applications:

The electronic plays the significant role in the medical and health sector as performing the functions about diagnostic, treatment and monitoring devices. These medical and health care applications of electronic devices regular to enhance as electronic evolves for getting to become more sufficient and dense that making to lead as endless new possibilities. Therefore, printed circuit board is the heart of these health care and medical devices.

PCBs are going to design as higher specialized in the respect to fit the unique constraints of health care devices. Many medical applications have to need a small package to meet the size requirement for the implant otherwise emergency monitoring room. Cause of this, medical and health care PCBs tends to the especially higher density interconnect printed circuit board that is represented as HDI PCB. Health care and medical PCBS might be constructed along with flexible base materials that permitting PCB to flex during uses that can be most significant for both external and internal medical devices.

Uses of PCB in Medical & Health Care:

CT Scan Technology: Ultrasound and CT scanners usually adopt the PCB based electronics.

Control Systems: Fluid infusion, flow rate and dispensation controlling systems are totally based on electronically.

Monitoring: Healthcare and personal keeps monitor few parameters like as heart rate, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitor, and so on.

Scientific Instrumentation: In the medical research, many scientific instruments that are going to use to study bout test patient results and disease like as photometers, control systems for compressors and generators, electronic microscopes, and other items as well.

Internal Devices: Heart pacemakers and other identically medical devices to keep maintain the patient health, which are going to run by minuscule PCBs.

Automotive Applications:

Today, automotive manufactures are going to use many growing electronic components in their vehicles. In past time, mostly PCBS were just used for some items such as headlight switches and windshield wipers; but now they are enabled with various modern features that make deal with driving easier and safe fully.

So, these modern electronics help to improve the safely on the roads as well as offering the excellent driving experience that makes these kinds of system most eminent in the vehicles today. Moreover, the environment on which these circuit boards work in will be getting to demand and they will require being capable to withstand higher vibrations. Therefore, flexible PCBs are more resistant to vibration as compares your using PCB and having many challenges for printed circuit board manufacturers is to meet the requirements of the industry.

Uses of PCB in Automotive Sector:

Navigation System: Today, navigation systems like as satellite navigation are enabled into your vehicles; and they are made with PCBs.

Media Devices: Now these days, modern vehicles contain the advanced dashboards that are capable to link to the vehicle’s radio or media player.

Proximity Monitor: Some advanced cars are enabled with built-in sensors that help to driver monitor their blind spots and judge distances. These systems need the higher quality and most reliable PCBs to perform function as intended and avoid failure.

Control Systems: Some basic functions of a car reliance on the electronics powered by printed circuit board like as fuel regulators and engine management systems.

Light Control: Headlight, side lights, back light and other lighting systems are controlled by car power supply that has the higher power PCB to supply current to circuits.

Consumer Electronics Applications:

Consumer electronics are those devices, which are going to use by human being in daily life like as laptop, computer, smartphone, refrigerators, microwave, coffee maker and so on. Manufactures are producing the many smartphones, laptop and other smaller electronic products which still have several advanced abilities that need the small PCBs along with higher volume of connections. So, printed circuit boards are going to use in consumer electronics also require to be relatively less cost to keep the price of final product less. Manufactures also design the reliable board, because they require their products to function as expected to keep staying in the business.

Uses of PCB in Consumer Electronics:

Recording Devices: Digital cameras, microphones, camcorders and other recording devices totally reliance on their internal printed circuit board to function.

Entertainment Systems: PCBs are also used in your home entertainment system like as DVD player, video-game console, stereo, TV, and more.

Home Appliances: Today, each modern device is running by helping of electronic components like as microwaves, refrigerator, coffee makers, Alarm clocks, etc.

Communications Devices: Tablets, smart watches, radios, smartphones, Fax machines, optical fiber cable devices, Internet devices, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and other communication devices need the PCBs to perform function.

Computer Electronics:  Laptops, gaming PCs, notebooks, desktop, tablets, chrome book and so on.

Industrial Applications:

PCBs are also going to use in the industry area vast fully, especially along with manufacturing facilities and production lines. These types of electronic components are just not only to the day to day processes, but they are also enabled with automation that can assist businesses to keep save on the prices and decrease the possibilities of human error. Printed circuits are designed specially to withstanding higher power applications and other demanding environments that are needed to industrial areas.

Uses of PCB in Industrial Sector:

Power Equipment: Power distribution, power supplies, power inverters as well as other power controlling devices

Measuring Equipment: These equipments are going to use for controlling the pressure, temperature, and other parameters in the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Equipment: Power electric drills, ramps, conveyor belts, hooter, cutter, cranes and presses are used in the manufacturing process.

Aerospace Applications:

The aerospace sector has more strict requirements on the components that need printed circuit board to possess oxidation resistance and durability. PCB gets to assembly along with thermal management is the major USB of any operating system utilized by the aerospace sector. It has a compact layout for heat dissipation that is able to carry out the PCB heat dissipation design. Therefore, higher customized, heavy duty printed circuit board are crucial to electronic devices utilized in aerospace.

Uses of PCB in Aerospace Sector:

Communication equipment: It is the communication along with ground control is a main part of making ensure safe air travel, so these crucial systems reliance on printed circuit boards.

Power Supplies: PCBs are the vital element in the equipment that provides the power different kinds of aircraft, satellite, control tower, and etc.

Monitoring Equipment: Pilots are also going to use the many types of monitoring equipment like and pressure sensors and accelerometers, to keep monitor the functionality of the aircraft.

Testing Equipment: PCBs are also used for the developing and testing of air vehicles. Testing equipment that grabs the data while getting to structural, vibration and flight testing procedure; utilize the PCBs at its core.

Satellite Control: Gyro and reaction wheels electronics, magnetometers, transponders & image processing circuits, Solar Array / Panel deployment electronics, and more.

Maritime Applications:

All marine vessels and other systems are totally depended on the PCBs to perform functions as desired like as small vessels, communications systems, submarines,  cargo ships, navigation equipment, and etc. Thus, printed circuit boards meant for the maritime adopt have to be to withstand harsh conditions.

Uses of PCB in Maritime:

Communications Systems: Radio systems help to crews to make communication with ports and other ships.

Control systems: PCBs are also used into engine management systems, power distribution systems and autopilot systems. Autopilot system also assists along with manoeuvring, minimizing heading error, boat stabilization, and managing rudder activity.

Tracking systems: Most of vessels are totally reliance on printed circuit board for their navigation systems. You are capable to finding out PCBs in the GPS and radar systems.

Safety & Security Applications:

Many concerns of security systems, whether for businesses, home, or other government buildings, reliance on printed circuit board. They play a vital role in our security and safety more usually as many people realize. Different kinds of PCBs depend on their specific application, but all PCBs are used for security and safety application require to be reliable because these product should be operated as expected at all times to be more effective. Few security devices might be utilized outdoors and must be using PCB that can withstand outdoor environments.

Uses of PCB in Safety & Security:

Smoke Detectors: Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors need the reliable printed circuit boards to function.

Electronic Door Locks: Advanced electronic door locks also enabled with PCBs.

Security Cameras: Security cameras can be used outdoors or indoors that are relied on PCBs. This equipment is used to keep monitor security footage.

Motion Sensors & Burglar Alarms: Security sensors help to detect the motions that are relied on PCBs also.

Telecommunications Applications:

Telecommunication equipment usually uses the printed circuit board to keep control their LED indicator and displays. Being this sector, lightweight and durable PCBs are going to tend to be favorable, primary because of the density of machinery along with in this sector. Aluminium substrate PCB tends to feature enhanced heat transfer properties over FR4 variants. This is usually found into telecommunications lighting applications.

Uses of PCB in Telecommunications:

LED Indicators & Displays: Telecome equipment are usually enabled with indicators and LED displays that use the PCBS.

Telecom Towers: PCBs are also used into cell tower that receive and broadcast signals from cell phones.

Office Communications Equipment: Modems, routers and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices, switching systems, and etc. They are required the PCBs.

Military and Defense Applications:

The military and defense are also going to use PCBs for the wide range of application like as communication equipment, vehicles, firearms, and so on. Printed circuit board meant for defense use have to be durable and exceptionally reliability as they play a major role in the national protection.

Uses of PCB in Military & Defense:

  • Instrumentation monitor system
  • Radar jamming systems
  • Missile detection systems
  • Radio communication systems

Lighting Applications:

Lighting application needs the higher power electricity and utilize the highly luminosity LEDs. So, manufactures are also going to use enlarge number of printed circuit board in this sector. Usually, White color bright luminous white LED mainly make solder on the aluminium base PCBs. Thus, these lights use the low power as compared to halogen bulbs.

Uses of PCB in Lighting:

Automotive Sector: LED lights are mostly used in modern car in the brake lights and headlights. These lights might be most harmful to human eye, if you see directly into it.

Medical Sector: Lighting equipment plays the major role in dental treatment; as well as using in the critical operation surgeons to deeply see the minute things and perform operation. These kinds of LED light PCBs are smaller in size and can be worked by battery and able to render the medical device portable.

Household Purposes: The most significant use of lighting application of printed circuit board in your homes. These lights are available as LED lights, and these LED lights use the low power and then better selection to embed in your home to keep save electrical power consumption and save money. These printed circuit boards are aluminium backed and can be transferred heat sufficiently.

Computer Technology Sector: Computers, laptops, and smartphones are getting back light and indicator light that are all constructed of the LED lights soldered on the aluminium base PCBs.

Examples of PCB in Real Life

There are many examples of printed circuit board that are using into various devices to perform any specific function like as:

  • Engine control system
  • Audio systems
  • Transmission sensors
  • Digital displays
  • Radar
  • DC/AC power converters
  • ABS
  • Air conditioner systems
  • Steering
  • LED lighting
  • Communication equipment
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Blender and coffee maker in your kitchen
  • Heart monitors
  • ENT diagnostic equipment
  • CT scan systems
  • Ultrasonic devices
  • Digital cell counting devices
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Infusion fluid controls
  • MRI scanning systems
  • Temperature monitors
  • Gas analyzers
  • Body temperature devices
  • Peristaltic devices
  • Electrocardiographs
  • Electronic mirror controls
  • Dashboard
  • The navigation unit
  • Engine timing systems
  • Infusion fluid controls
  • Temperature monitors
  • Gas analysers
  • Body temperature devices
  • Peristaltic devices
  • Electrocardiographs
  • Power converters
  • Automation networks
  • Audio interface applications
  • Cross targeting systems
  • Automation networks
  • Cyber counterintelligence systems
  • Control tower systems

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the importance of PCB?

The PCBs are usually used to serve the electrical connection and mechanical support for electrical parts of a circuit.

Which material is used for PCB?

The PCB materials are usually constructed of three elements that are doing to work together to meet the certain target of the electronic system like as Copper, Resin and Glass.

What is the size of PCB?

The standard sizes for PCB panels in inches are 24 x 18, 12 x 18, 24 x 9, and 12 x 9.

What are the PCBs used for?

PCB is also called the ‘Printed Circuits Board’; and these circuit boards are mostly used into electronic devices. The PCB boards both mechanically and physically supportable the device along with connecting the electronic parts. Printed circuit boards are mostly constructed from non-substrate materials along with layers of copper circuitry.

What is the use PCB in electronics?

The PCB is a non-conductive material with conductive lines printed or etched. Electronic parts are installed on the surface of board and trace attaches the components together to form a working circuit.

What are the common uses of printed circuit board?

In this post, already we have been explained above many uses of PCB in daily life in detail, you can see them.

Why do we need PCB?

Without using of printed circuit board, our all devices would not be capable to perform any function. These components are connecting with different kinds of electronic components and permitting the communication in between them.

Final Remarks

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