How to Copy and Paste Picture on Mac and Macbook? Easier Tricks!

In this article, we will explain you about how to copy and paste picture on Mac and Macbook Pro with using incredible easier shortcut tricks.

how to copy and paste picture on Mac

If you are doing a specific project on your Mac computer and there mostly use “Copy & Paste & Cut” command then here we will guide you few basic steps to copy and paste pictures on Mac machine. This is incredible easier to copy any photo on your Mac and Macbook, you can perform it with using your Mouse otherwise helping of keyboard shortcuts tricks.

How to Copy and Paste Picture on Mac

Basic process to copy and paste a picture on your Mac or Macbook; below mentioned both:

How to Copy Picture on Mac

Here we will begin by choosing an image that we wish to copy. It might be from any document, email, internet page and other source.

  • Using Mouse: Make right click on image then it will appear menu and select <Copy>
  • Using Keyboard: Keep hold down <Command Key> and then press <C> key to copy image, now this image will be copied into Mac’s memory.

How to Paste Picture on your Macbook

For getting to start paste the picture that recently you copied, and go to proper window where you wish to paste the picture.

  • Using Mouse: Take position the mouse’s cursor where you wish to place this picture and then press the <right mouse’s button>
  • Using Keyboard: Keeping to hold <Command Key> and then press <V> from your Mac’ keyboard to paste your copies picture.

How to Copy & Paste Photo on Mac by Dragging

Here, we will show you about how you can drag to Copy and Paste Photos from one program window to other location.

  • Copy by Dragging: click and hold the photo with using your mouse, otherwise hold down <option> key on your Mac’s keyboard and then drag your selected photo from its current position to new target place along with mouse.
  • Paste by Dragging: When you have placed then image on its destination point, and release your mouse button and “Option” key from keyboard. The photo is copied to its new location.

Partial Screen Shots

If you are getting problem to copy few images on specific website or other document, may be they are locked. Then to sort out this problem you can use Partial Screen Shots method. How to use it:

  • Go to window where your image is placed that you want to cut or copy, but it is not able to access using ways.
  • Next you have to need hold down <“Command,” “Shift,” “Control” and “4”> buttons simultaneously on Mac’s keyboard, and then mouse’s cursor converts as crosshairs symbol.
  • Further Place the center of the crosshairs on one corner of the picture, and then hold down the mouse’s button and drag the mouse to the opposite corner of the photo so the entire picture is greyed out.
  • Get to free mouse’s button, and then selected area of screen is copied to the clipboard.
  • Now finally, go to location where you wish to paste the picture, and then press <Command + V> to paste the picture into your desire document.

How to Cut and Paste Image on Mac

Here you will learn about how you can cut image from its initial location and then paste it to another area. Here’s how:

How to Cut Image on Mac

  • Using Mouse: Select the picture that you wish to cut, if select one picture then just click on picture by using mouse. And then right click of mouse and this will appear menu and choose the <Cut> option.
  • Using Keyboard: Press and hold <Command> key on your Mac’s keyboard, and then press <X>. This will cut your picture from its initial position and saved on the clipboard.

Now this picture will be deleted from your screen.

How to Paste Image on Mac

  • Using Mouse: Go to desire location where you want to paste image, and then press right mouse’s button then it will display menu and choose the <Paste> option.
  • Using Keyboard: Press <Command key + V> on your Mac’s keyboard, then image will be pasted. But if you have been selected many images then all images will be pasted at once on desire location.

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