How to Add More Storage to Mac (MacBook Pro/Air)? 9 Easily Hacks!

Are you finding best solution about how to add more storage to Mac? If yes, then don’t take headaches! You have come at right page because here we will explore all possible stuffs that let you to add more storage space on your all MacBook system with ease without getting any hassle.

When you are getting to suffer that frustration when you are going to try to get update your download or software a new one app, then only to get an alert notification saying that your ‘Mac startup disk is full‘. Then, you have to try to get upgrade your storage space on your Mac system.


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Storage space is a most important concern that consider with any computer. Doesn’t matter that how many amazing features on your Mac system has, if it is getting run out of storage, then it can cause unwanted problems. Few people even trust that you can never nave much more storage space on your computer system.

Why Add More Storage to MacBook?

The additional storage space is good thing because you have on your Mac system, the many programs, applications, files and other data you can execute and save. If you get out of storage capacity, then you may have to erase some file or uninstall app to make zone for new ones.

You have several options to place this data such as SSD, external hard drive, cloud service, and more. These services can be either paid or free. Whenever you get run out of storage space then you may have to start to get notice issue along with performance. Your Mac system can run get slow and freezes can happen as your MacBook struggles to make everything working effectively without using sufficient storage to do so.

With the helping of adding extra storage space, you can avoid these issues while getting to keep all of the all files and data you want and not compromising the system’s performance.

How to Add More Storage to Mac?

In this section, we will give you complete guide that assist to add extra storage capacity on your Mac device; here we are going to cover all cool methods; below mentioned all, you can go with anyone from them as your convince:

  1. How to Increase Storage Space on MacBook Air/ Pro
  • External Hard Drive
  • Upgrade Mac Storage with SSD
  • SD and Micro SD Cards
  • USB Drives
  • USB C-Hub With Integrated Storage
  • Upgrade Storage With Thunderbolt RAID Systems
  • Network Storage
  • iCloud Storage System
  • Third-Party Cloud Storage

Let’s Get Started!!

How to Increase Storage Space on your MacBook Air & MacBook Pro?

Running out of storage space on your MacBook? Don’t worry! Here we will are cover all effective options, which help to add more storage space on your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro system; below shown all, you can read them as your need:

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If any question is arising on your mind like as

Don’t worry! Here we will solve your query with taking ease. Go proceed!

External Hard Drive

External hard drive is a best option to add more storage to your Mac system. It attaches with your MacBook through a reliable USB cable and lets you to keep save your all file and other data on this storage device. External hard drive is a good way to store enlarge files, which you no longer use usually or for getting to backup precious files. They are less expensive and portable to they used to be. Therefore, you can easily to carry them along with your system, and they also provide other many abilities for you’re to select from.

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The outer structure of external hard drive is not stronger, so they are fragile. Causes of this, they can easily get damage, malfunction or break, if you do some miscarry with them. So we are not going to suggest keeping them in bag constantly. If you bought new Mac system, then you may have to purchase an adapter for using your external hard drive.

However, external hard drives are able to work at higher speed. Therefore, if you wish to keep store large files that you don’t use usually, this you can adopt this method. But, if you wish to get access your stored data regularly basis, then we recommend you another method.

Upgrade Mac Storage with SSD

SSD stands for ‘Solid-State Storage‘ that is used as flash memory. SSD is faster, quieter, and resistant to get damage; it doesn’t contain any moving parts, like as HDD. However, Apple recommended SSD on all latest models instead of HDD. If you are using any old MacBook then it doesn’t have SSD, so you can attach it to get upgrade your storage space.

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But, if your Mac is already using an SSD, then you are able to get upgrade it, you can also check your MacBook model to see that either it is possible or not.

How to Check Mac Model?

  • Click on <Apple Logo> that locating at the upper-left and select the ‘About This Mac’
  • On resulting window, you will view the Mac’s model that is using at the top.


If you want to get upgrade your Mac storage space through SSD then you should be get hire a professional to perform this for you. If you get damage your system then you could be cancelled your product’s warranty.

SSD is great way, if you have to need add extra storage; you wish to increase higher speed transfer, but it is a more costly one.

SD and Micro SD Cards

This is another method to upgrade your Mac system storage space by using SD card slot. SD cards are less expensive to SSD; ever higher capacity card such as SanDisk Extreme Pro 256GB SDXC, is an affordable option to get upgrade.

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Keep remembering that on latest MacBooks that are enabled with SD slot, then you can easily to get increase your storage space. They are less expensive, easy to use and they are available in several capacities. If you have taken decision to buy an SD card then make ensure you purchase the one along with fastest write and read speeds this will make file transfer easily and quickly.

But, SD cards are not inserted into Mac system, so they can easily get lost and file may be get aborted. So make ensure you keep them in protected spot.

USB Drives

If your MacBook contains the USB Type-A connectors, then you are eligible to use USB drive to extend your storage space. These little devices can inserted into additional USB slot and protrude from Mac’s side. It is also cheapest method to upgrade your Mac system’ total storage space.

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If you have USB Type-C MacBook then so sad because USB Type-A is a larger port and manufactures are able to take benefits of size to squeeze in flash memory. As resulting, that looks similar as wireless dongle and you can leave it added to your Mac system at all time.

Like SD and Micro cards, USB drive can also get damaged with ease. If you are going to carry them in your bag most of time, then they may be get malfunction after a specific time duration, and few file may be get aborted. Making ensure that you keep store them in a dry and safe spot to avoid any major damage.

USB C-Hub With Integrated Storage

Latest MacBooks are coming along with USB Type-C connector, that means you have to need to access to a decent range of ports.

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The Minix NEO is a initially USB Type-C hub that links both ports and storage to your Mac system. This hub has a 240 BB M.2 SSD, which supports read and write speeds of up to 400 MB per second. You also grab four helpful ports like as one HDMI out with support for 4K at 30 Hz. two USB 3.0 Type-A, and one USB Type-C. Due to small size; you can easily carry this hub anywhere you go.

Upgrade Storage With Thunderbolt RAID Systems

Apple and Intel was developed an ultra-fast interface named as ‘Thunderbolt’. It is an active cable instead of the passive USB standard that means it is able to carry a lots more bandwidth that makes it suitable to transfer or get accessing file on the external storage medium.

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RAID stands for ‘Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks’. It is also used for storage technology that merges a couple of drive components into one unit. This system lets you to link several hard drives and combine them into single, and offering the fastest writes and read speeds. Therefore, you are able to get access many devices at same time frame and at higher speed.

We agree that RAID provides ultra-speed storage and reliability, but it has some demerits like as it is most costly storage method. And it is large in size so you are unable to carry it with you going. Mostly, you will keep it on your disk drive at all time, but if you are going to travel a lot then it might not be the good method for you at that time.

Network Storage System

This method is not common to upgrade storage space of your MacBook; it can be useful if you have another component at your home. With the help of this space of another device, you can easily transfer the enlarge files from MacBook to that device, and then get free up space on your MacBook.

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However, you don’t require any extra equipment or device to perform it; this is the less expensive method.

Demerit of this option is that you have to be in the similar network to perform it; you are eligible to get access the files only if each device is on the similar network, which can be tricky.

This method is most beneficial for wired connection; if you are going to use Wi-Fi then it will take important most of time to transfer the large file. Mostly people use Wi-Fi and since it have several devices on single network can get slow things down; this may be not the better option for getting upgrade storage space.

iCloud Storage System

If you want to attach more storage space to your MacBook without getting to use any additional device then you can prefer to keep store file online.

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The main downside of using cloud storage is concern to speed that is limited to whenever your internet speed. Getting to download data from cloud system is not ideal if you are a remote user who usually uses smartphone tethering. Any types of bandwidth restriction or get slow shared network are also a problem. Thus you have to need to buy extra storage to make this work for user.

You can go with iCloud storage if you wish to opt feature like iCloud Photo to keep store your original photos and keep only local optimize version on your MacBook system. Make ensure that you have to get access to photos along with option of downloading a full-sized original, when you have to require it. You have also to rights to get switch your music listening to a streaming solution such as Apple Music or Spotify and get listen on demand instead of keeping stored locally to your system

Apple provides the ‘Store in iCloud’ feature, and with helping of it your MacBook will get automatically store the all files you don’t usually use in cloud. You can also make many rooms on your system for file you use regularly.

If you wish to get turn on this feature on your Mac system, you have to follow few simple steps:

  • Click on <Apple Logo> at the upper of left-corner and then select the <About This Mac> option from elevating context menu
  • On next window, select the <Storage> tab then tap on option


  • Furthermore, on resulting window you have to click on <Store in iCloud> option as showing image


Benefits of using this iCloud system is that you are able to get access it from different types of devices and no place limitation that means this files can be accessed by you at anytime and anywhere.

Third-Party Cloud Storage

You don’t prefer to use iCloud feature to make extra storage space for MacBook system then you can opt a different kind of cloud storage services that is depending on your requirements.

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There are some services, which you may be considering them as your needs:

  • pCloud: 500 GB for $3.99/month
  • Mega: 200 GB for €4.99/month
  • Amazon Drive: 100 GB from $11.99/year
  • Google Drive: 100 GB for $1.99/month
  • OneDrive: 100 GB for $1.99/month

Wrapping up

Having read this article, you must have an exactly idea for getting Mac more storage space. So, i hope that you have completely learnt about how to add more storage to Mac by using 9 easier methods. Whenever you wish to keep save any enlarge files and programs then you like while getting to have your Mac system run perfectly, you are able to do by selecting one of them option, which are shown above in article.

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