How Do You Know Someone Blocked You On Instagram? With Easy Steps!

Instagram doesn’t inform people whey they have been blocked and then it can make to difficult how do you know someone blocked you on Instagram.

But now these days, if you feel that someone might be blocked you, then their all posts and stories will be stopped to display on your Instagram feed.

Does, that means you are blocked by someone?

Not sure, because person may be deactivated IG account or stopped sharing on Instagram. Then, what is better method to know if you have been blocked by someone?

But, Why to Block You on Instagram by Someone


Due to few reasons, people might block you on Instagram; below mention all:

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  • Making abusing comments on their post
  • Making tags them with irrelevant posts.
  • Making spam on their messages
  • If, your friends want to break their friendship then they might have blocked you.

There are few general signals which aware you if you are blocked on Instagram by someone:

  • You cannot View their posts
  • You cannot look their followers
  • You cannot search user on search bar list
  • You cannot view their following base
  • You cannot view any of their Instagram stories
  • Even if you send message, they will not get
  • They cannot see your comments and posts
  • Their direct message conversation disappears
  • If you search by other accounts, the look for you and them is different

How do You Know Someone Blocked You on Instagram

If, you are blocked by someone and you don’t know either you are blocked or not. Don’t worry! We have amazing 6 ways which help you to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

Let’s start!!

Finding on their Username:

When you want to try for searching someone’s username on the Instagram search bar, then this account will not show if they have blocked you.

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You can only see their all shared posts and profile if you are not get to blocked. But if they have been swapped their profile public to private, then message will be appeared.

If, anyone has blocked their account otherwise deactivate then this profile will not display on the search list.

Finding on other Instagram Accounts:

If, you sure that any IG account has been blocked for you then you can also cross check on other Instagram account with other new mobile number.

If, this account doesn’t shows up into search list then this A/C has been deactivated otherwise changed their username.

But, it is appeared with same username then this account has been blocked you.

Again Get to Follow with Same IG Account:

When you are searching on search bar but this is showing without their any shared posts and photos, then you can try to follow him again.

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That means, that person has not blocked you, and you can also follow them again. This issue happened when you either by mistake un follow the profile or were remove from their follower’s list.

If, this person has been blocked you then you will display an error message and you never follow him/her again until blocked you.

Checking with Sharing Instagram Group Chat:

If, you are joined group chat along with the other person then you have alternative option to see they have blocked you.


All users will be showing in the list of chat members, if you are not able to access for their profile, then they have blocked you.

To Find out with Instagram Unique Profile Link:

When you create the Instagram account then you have assigned a individual URL that is enabled with your username.

Changing the username in the profile link with the account handle of the person who you suspect has blocked you should take you to their account—if it exists.

Search for their profile along with direct link, while opening Instagram in your using browser. and then you will show up their profile or another message that is <Sorry, this page isn’t available.>.


Now you can confirm that their account is existed or not, then log out of instgram and search same URL in the fresh tab in browser. This account is deactivated if you will show same message.

But if same time that profile is appeared that means they have blocked you.

User can change their usernames then URL name also automatically change too. If, usernames were changed recently, then this way will not work properly for you.

Finding Through Your Profile:

If, someone has been blocked you, then you are not able to make comments on that person’s post otherwise do not send any message to them. However, your last made comments and conversations will not display.

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If, you view their profile without any recent post, then you simply blocked.


You can search if anyone has changed their username, but if their changed username doesn’t appear in the search bar list, then ensure you are blocked.

How to Know if Someone Deleted or Deactivated their Instagram Account

If, you want to try to view someone’s profile but you are not able to see it along with your Instagram account then sure that you might be blocked by him/her. But you try to see that account on another Instagram account, and you can see properly than you ensure that you’ve been blocked.

But if, someone’s account will not be appeared on another Instagram account then you can sure that someone deleted or deactivated their Instagram account.

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