How to Delete Instagram Account on iPhone/Android? Permanently & Temporarily

In this article, we will explain that you how to delete Instagram account as permanently and temporarily on iPhone and Android. In the end, you will fully aware that how it possible!!

If, you want to take rest from Instagram addiction, then you have to right simply deactivate your Instagram account temporarily. You can also remove your Instagram account permanently as well. Just, you can follow few steps given below for same

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently?

With following few simplest steps, you can easily to deactivate your Instagram account permanently, to do this:

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  • Open the Instagram app on your device on which installed it
  • Now, login to Instagram account with inserting your password and username
  • Further, head to the <delete your account> page.
  • Next, you must be needed to select a reason for <why are you deleting your account?>. This option will be displayed in the drop down menu at top of your screen.
  • When, you have selected your reason for deleting, and then re-enter your password.
  • In the finally, hit on the option <Permanently delete (Account Name)>, then you will be permitted the permanently delete your account only after choosing a reason for appeared menu.

Few points, you should be known after deleting Instagram account –

  • Instagram needs a month to fully discard your stored data, until; this account will be totally hidden from publically view.
  • When, your Instagram account is deleted, and then you are not capable to sign up again with entering same username or password.

How to Delete Instagram Account Temporarily?

  • Log in your Instagram account with inserting your username and password. Then open your profile page.
  • Click on <Edit profile> option
  • Next page will be opened, and choose the option <Temporarily disable my account>, it will be appeared on the bottom right side of your page.
  • Now, further choose a reason for <Why are you disabling your account?> and re-enter your Instagarm password.
  • In the end, click on tab <Temporarily Disable Account>

NOTE: In the future, if you want to need this Instagram account then you can easily reactivate this account with using same username and password.

How to Enable Instagram Profile, if It Has Been Disabling by Mistake?

When, you want to try to log in your Instagram account, but you realize that this account has been disable.  If, you violate some rules and conditions of Instagram network then it disables your account, because this social network is very strict if they make violation, and then they will disable instagram profile without any prior confirmation!

If, ensure it is made by mistake, then you can fire request that your infraction be reviewed. How?

  • Open Instagram app
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Follow few instructions that will be displayed on your screen.

How to Create Data Backup before Deleting Your Instagram Account?

Before deleting your Instagram account, it’s a good idea to create a backup of your data to ensure you don’t lose any important photos, videos, or other information associated with your account. Here’s how you can create a data backup before deleting your Instagram account:

Note: Instagram doesn’t provide a direct option to download all your data at once. However, you can request a download of your data, and Instagram will email you a link to download it.

Log in to Instagram Account:

  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile device or go to the Instagram website and log in to your account.

Access Account Settings:

  • On the Instagram app, tap on your profile picture in the bottom right corner to go to your profile
  • On the website, click on your profile picture in the top right corner

Go to Settings:

  • On the app, tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner, then select <Settings> at the bottom.
  • On the website, click on the gear icon next to <Edit Profile>

Request Download of Your Data:

  • Scroll down and select <Security> or <Privacy and Security> depending on your device.
  • Look for the option <Download Data> or <Request Download>
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to request a download of your data. You may need to enter your password to confirm.

Wait for the Email:

  • Instagram will send you an email to the email address associated with your account once your data is ready for download.

Download Your Data:

  • Open the email from Instagram, and click on the provided link to download your data.
  • You may need to enter your password again to confirm the download.

Extract and Save the Files:

  • Once the download is complete, you’ll receive a ZIP file containing your data.
  • Extract the contents of the ZIP file to access your photos, videos, and other data.

Review Your Backup:

  • Open the downloaded files and ensure that all the information you need is present.

Delete Your Instagram Account:

After creating a backup, if you’re still determined to delete your Instagram account, you can do so. Follow the steps in Instagram’s account deletion process.

How to  Deactivate  Instagram Account Permanently on Phone?

Here, you can follow few steps for removing Instagram account; below mention all:

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  • Open Instagram app on your iPhone and Andriod mobile phone, and then log in with your account.
  • Click on <menu option>, and then you will be found Instagram help center, and tap on it.
  • Choose Managing your account option and go ahead to other page, and then hit on the option <Delete your Account> that is showing under the manage your account page.
  • Now, three questions will be appeared, and choose the middle <How do I delete my account?>, and then it will display few instructions for deleting your Instagram account.
  • After that, you should hit on <Delete Your Account> page by clicking link given on that page and get the reason to remove the personal account form optin given on the page like <Why are you deleting your account?’>, it will be appeared in drop-down menu.
  • Choose the reason that why do you want to delete your account, but if your reason is not presented in the list, you can select option <something else>, and go ahead to next step.
  • After choosing reason, you can re-enter your password and confirm it that you really want to delete your account permanently.
  • Once you have obtained a reason and insert your password, then the option to permanently remove your instagram account will be appeared on the bottom of your screen.
  • Finally, Click on <Permanently Delete My Account> button and then your instagram account will be deleted at last along with your entire data such as followers, media,and etc.

How Can I Reactivate My Instagram Account After Deleting?

If you’ve temporarily deactivated your Instagram account and want to reactivate it, you can do so by logging back in. However, if you’ve permanently deleted your account, there is no way to reactivate it. Here are the steps to reactivate a temporarily deactivated Instagram account:

  • Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device.
  • On the login screen, enter the username and password associated with the account you want to reactivate.
  • Next, Instagram may ask you to verify your identity through a security check, such as solving a puzzle or entering a code sent to your email or phone number.
  • In some cases, Instagram might ask you to review and accept their terms and conditions before reactivating your account.
  • Once you’ve successfully logged in and completed any necessary security checks, your Instagram account will be reactivated.
  • Now, you can go to your profile to ensure that all your content and settings are restored.

How to Delete Instagram Account without Password?

To delete an Instagram account without the password, you can follow these steps:

Contact Instagram Support:

You can reach out to Instagram’s Support team and provide them with the necessary information to help you delete the account even without the password or email.

Reset Your Password:

If you have access to your email or phone number associated with the account, you can reset your password. Once you’ve reset the password, you can log in and proceed to delete your account.

Report a Problem:

Another method is to go to Instagram’s home page, log in, go to Settings, and select <Report a Problem>.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I delete my Instagram account 2024?

Through this article, already we have been shown all possible things to delete IG account as permanently or temporarily; you can check them.

How to delete Instagram account on Android?

  • Launch Instagram app on your android mobile
  • Press the <Menu> and tap on <Instagram help center> option.
  • Select the Managing your account option and then tap on <Delete your Account> option.
  • Then select the reason to remove the personal account form optin given on the page like <Why are you deleting your account?’>, it will be appeared in drop-down menu. Select the reason.
  • Finally, Click on <Permanently Delete My Account> button.

How to delete Instagram account on iPhone?

Open your Instagram app on your iPhone and then same steps would be followed above.

How long does it take to permanently delete Instagram?

It may take up to 90 days to complete the deletion process after it begins.

Summing Up

In this blog post, we have been explored all possible things about how to delete Instagram account permanently and temporarily on your iPhone and Android with ease.If this article is useful for you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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If you have any experience, tips, tricks, or query regarding this issue? You can drop a comment!

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