How to Encrypt PDF on Mac? Create Password Protect PDF, Use 6 Ways!

In this post, we will guide you about how to encrypt PDF on Mac with using easier 6 methods. You can use one of them as per you convince, and in the end you will say that it is easier trick, I can do it myself!!

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

PDF format allows you to share file easily and most securely without getting to take headaches about data being changed. On this PDF file, watermarks can be attached as a protecting your most sensitive content. So how do you passwords protect PDF on your Mac? Here you will learn about how to add password to PDF on Mac and Macbook.

How to Encrypt PDF on Mac

Here, we will explain you about how to encrypt PDF file on your Mac and Macbook with using incredible 6 easier hacks. You can choose any one of them trick and to encrypt PDF on Mac.

Let’s start!!

How to Password Protect PDF on Mac Using Preview App

You do not need to install Preview app form external source because, it is built-in app on your Mac and Mabook. So here we will create password protected PDF with using of Preview app. Here’s how!!

  • Firstly launch Preview on your Mac and then choose the file from the menu.
  • Further you have to find out files, you want to make password protected and press option.
  • When your PDF file has been load then navigate File > Export.

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

  • Now this will open new pop up window, and put the file name for your encrypted file, select location via <Export As> where to save it. Select <Format> as “PDF”.
  • Further tick the checkbox next to <Encrypt> option that visible at the bottom on same window, and then insert the secret password. In Password field box – Enter password and in Verify – Again enter same password to validate it.

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

  • Now click on <Save> button that showing at the right bottom side. You have been created successfully password protect PDF file.

How to Add Password to PDF on Mac Using Print

With using of print function, you can add password to PDFs on your Mac and Macbook. This trick lets you to handle all access permissions of your PDF files. How to use it?

  • Firstly open your PDF file on your Mac computer, and go to menu bar “File > Print“.

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

  • Next this will open new pop-up window, and on same window hit on <PDF> button that visible at the left bottom corner, and then open drop down menu and choose <Save as PDF>.

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

  • Now again new pop up window will be appeared, and click on <Security Options> tab. 

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

  • Further you going on to next window, here you have to put three types of password for your PDF files.

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

First: ‘Require password to open document’ everyone will require a password to view your file.

Second: ‘Require password to copy text, image, and other content’ to get disable copying contents from your PDF without introducing password.

Third: ‘Require password to print document’ anyone can’t take print your PDF file without entering password.

  • You can select any one otherwise all options as per your need, and then add password and verify them, finally hit on <OK> button.

How to Create Password Protected PDF Using ‘PDF Expert’

PDF Expert is a one of the best program for your Mac to read, modification, and to create password protected PDF file. It is free version. How to use it?

  • Next you have to open PDF along with PDF Expert, and then navigate <File> tab on top menu bar, click <Set Password>.

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

  • Further insert password and then again enter same password to verify it, then hit on <Set> tab.
  • Once done it, when you try to open this encrypted file then you will see message is “This document is password protected“.

How to Make Password Protected PDF Using ‘EasePDF’

EasePDF is an online PDF protecting platform that lets you to make password protected PDF file on your Mac. How to work it?

  • Firstly you have to visit EasePDF homepage and select the “Protect PDF”.
  • Next page will be appeared, and then hit on <Add File(s)> button to select and upload your PDF file on your Mac system otherwise use drag your PDF and drop it into upload portion.

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

  • Further you will see pop up window that demanding you to enter and confirm a password for your PDF. Then click on <Protect PDF> button to begin processing. This PDF will be protected with 256-bit SSL encryption.

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

  • Once completed this process, download link will be on your target page, and then click <Download> button to save it into your Mac system.

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

How to Password Protect PDF on Mac with ‘PDFelement’

PDFelement is an one of stop best platform for solving basic PDF-related task like as PDF editing, converting, creating, password-protecting, unlocking, merging, splitting, and more .It is very simple to use it. To do this!!

  • Firstly download and install (Free version) from its official website on your Mac or Macbook.
  • Now open PDF file with PDFelement that you wish to protect and hit on <Open> button.

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

  • When your PDF is open then visit menu bar and click on File > Protect, then display context menu and select <Encrypt with Password>.

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

  • Further this will new one pop up window, here you put your password for some restrictions; like as:

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

Document Open Password: To protect others from opening your file without getting to permission.

Permissions: Without editing and chanding your PDF file, just you can set a password.

And you can customize on <Encryption Level>. Once done it, click on <OK> button and then this program will produce an encrypted PDF file.

How to Decrypt and Remove your Encrypted PDF on Mac

When you PDF file has been encrypted successfully then you see its icon as ‘padlock icon’ that is showing, it is locked with password.

how to encrypt PDF on Mac

But sometimes you want to open this encrypted file, and then do this:

  • Make double click on your locked PDF to open it.
  • Put your password.
  • Next go to menu and click on <File> then appear context menu and choose <Export> option. Be careful, Encrypt box should be not checked.
  • Further hit on <Save> button.

Now you will see new one file that is decrypted and you can open it.

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