How to Use Webex Meetings on iPhone & iPad as Videoconference? Guide

In this article, we will guide you about how to use Webex Meetings on iPhone and iPad for making and receiving video call.


Cisco Webex Meetings is a business-oriented video conferencing platform that allows to totally free to remote meet up to 100 participants without any time limitation, so it is one of the best established online video conferences meeting solution.

You can also share video on Webex Meetings as well as can be shared your screen with easier steps.

How to Use Webex Meetings on iPhone/iPad

If you are using iPhone or iPad as well as you have to need use Webex meeting then don’t take any tension because here we will complete guide that how to use Webex Meetings on iPhone.

Now let’s start!!

  • Then, launch the <Webex Meetings> app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • If you wish to join an ongoing meeting, then click on <Join Meeting>


  • Then enter the Meeting number otherwise invitation URL, and get to start a new meeting then introduce your credential to sign in for Webex account.
  • When you are present into main menu of Webex app then gets to swipe left side to open next page.


  • Then click on <Start Meeting>, below as image:


  • Now new page will be opened for permissions to access the Camera. Click on “OK” to confirm.


  • Then hit on <Start> option to start then video call session.


  • And other people are eligible to join the video conference with using Invitation URL or Meeting Number. Then click on <Video> icon to carry on transmit video from your device.


  • Now new pop up will be appeared and click on <Start My Video> to confirm.


  • You are ready to start a video calling session in Webex Meetings.
  • If you want to leave meeting any time then click on <X> icon


Getting Start to Join Meeting from Lock Screen Notification

  • When you will get the pop up notification then you can join your Webex meeting.
  • Now you have to need swipe the notification and you will come on your meeting page, and then tap on <Join> to enter the Webex meeting.

Getting Start to Join Webex Meeting Audio From Your iPhone

  • Webex meetings allows you new option to connect to audio by picking a phone call otherwise while connecting over the internet and can be dialed directly into meeting. If you get call at once then select to automatically connect your audio.
  • When you have been started or joined a meeting, then you can see the options to manually connect your audio.

Receive a Call-Back

  • Click on <Call Me> option into popup menu.


  • Now enter the phone number or click on <Plus> icon for adding number directly from your contacts, and tap on <Call>


Call into the Meeting

  • Click on <Call In> option


  • Now you can click one of available Call In numbers otherwise you can also tap on Global Call-in numbers for getting to access entire list of presented all numbers.
  • Access code and meeting number will be fetched automatically and you will be started to connect to the meeting.

Call in With Using Internet

  • Click on <Call Over Internet> to use mobile data or Wi-Fi to connect with audio.


Using a Video System

  • Click on <‘Call My Video System> option into menu.


  • Now you have to need add video room or device address.
  • And tap on <Call> option


  • In the end, choose the <Answer> into video device to connect the audio.

Use Mute and Unmute in a Meeting

  • Click on icon to get mute or unmute yourself on a meeting. Muting that means you do not speak then it helps to discard background noise and distractions in making large meetings.
  • <Mute on Entry> feature is turned on by default while connecting to meeting with using <Call Over Internet>. If you want to turn off then you have to go into settings.

Disconnect Audio

If you want to try disconnecting your audio, hang up from the audio portion of ongoing meeting then to do this:

  • Tap on <…> option then click on <Disconnect Audio>

Getting to Turn on Video during a Meeting

  • Click on <Video> icon, and then tap on when prompted to allow Webex is getting to access camera. You should only have to do this the first time you use the video option
  • Click on <Start My Video> option.


  • Again select <Camera> icon, and tap on <Stop My Video>.

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