How to Screen Share in Webex Meetings? On PC, iPhone/iPad, & Android

If you are already using Webex meeting for making video conference and then you wish to know that how to possible screen sharing in Webex meeting then this content for you.

In this article, we will guide you that how to screen share in Webex meeting on PC, iPhone & iPad, and Android. I hope that it post will be most helpful for you.


How to Screen Share in Webex Meetings

Here, we will quick guide you that how to share your Computer, iPhone/iPad, and Android screen while using Cisco Webex; like as

  1. How to Share Screen in Webex on Computer
  2. How to Screen Share in Webex Meetings in iPhone & iPad
  3. How to Screen Share in Webex Meetings Android
  4. How to Screen Share in Webex with Multitasking

Now let’s start!!

How to Share Screen in Webex on Computer

If you want to use Webex meeting on your laptop or computer system, then you can follow few simply steps; below mentioned all:

  • Firstly, visit <Webex website> on your browser and get sign in with your credential. 
  • Now Webex meeting will be open on your system, and then click on <Share> option that is appearing at the bottom of your screen.


  • Select type of your content that you want to share. Here first option is share screen then you can tap it otherwise you will get to browse other share option like as particular app, browse window or whiteboard in which you can draw any thing and write on.


Cisco Webex offers to claim that screen share data do not save locally otherwise remotely, and then get promise robust security features. You can turn on option end to end encryption for needed users.

How to Screen Share in Webex Meetings in iPhone &iPad

The screen sharing ongoing Webex meeting is very simple and easier method. You can follow few steps; below mentioned all:

  • Firstly you have to need either start or join online Webex meeting on your iPhone or iPad device. Once your Webex meetings set up has been completed on iPhone or iPad, then you may be go proceed.
  • Launch Webex app on iPhone or iPad device, and get to sign in.
  • Now new window will be display then click on <> icon for getting to access many options.


  • Press the <Share Content> option and get to access all screen sharing functionality that Webex are providing.


  • Now more options will be appear, then tap your finger on <Share Screen> that is first rank in the elevated list.


  • Further, press the <Start Broadcast> option for getting to start sharing screen.


  • When you wish to stop sharing your screen along with other participants then hit your finger on red colored <screen recording icon> and then select <Stop>.


How to Screen Share in Webex Meetings Android

First of all, you must be get Webex meeting set up  on your Android device, then you may go proceed.

  • Launch Webex meeting app on your android device and sign in.
  • Now press button <…> at the bottom of your screen.


  • Further click on <Share content> option, then more options will be appearing in list form.


  • Again tap on <Share screen> option, and then new popup will be shown on your screen.


  • And finally, you have to tap <Start now> option.


Now you have full functionality on Webex meeting for sharing your screen to other participants with ongoing call.

How to Screen Share in Webex with Multitasking

Here we will discuss unique method that allows you to share your screen along with multitask features like as While seeing your friend on your system, you can also share other notes, apps and to browse the web. With following few simple steps you can do it; below mentioned all:

This method is implemented for both on your computer and mobile.

  • First of all Download and install Reflector on your system
  • Your computer and mobile device must be connected with same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the <Reflector> on your device, and join a Webex meeting.
  • Open screen mirroring/cast option and get to start screen mirroring to Reflector.
  • Making ensure that your mobile device screen share proper then open Reflector and click on green setting nest to device name. Here must be toggled off.


  • On your computer, press the button <Share Content>. 


  • And select the <Reflector> option that looking as mobile device screen.


  • And final, click on <Share> option

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