How to Fix Webex Screen Sharing Not Worki’? Windows, Mac, & iPhone

In this article, we will help you to fix your problems Webex Screen Sharing Not Working on many platforms likes as Windows, Mac, and iPhone. In the end, your problem will be completely shorted out.

Webex allows you to online Video Conferencing will both desktop and mobile as well. In Webex Video Conferencing, you are able to share your content and screen from your computer system and other participants can see your content at this time.


Webex Screen Sharing Not Working – Fix It

If you are facing more problems while sharing your systems screen ongoing Webex video conference on Windows, Mac, and iPhone platforms, then this post for you!!

  1. Webex Screen Sharing Not Working on Windows – Fix
  2. Webex Screen Sharing Not Working on Mac – Fix
  3. Webex Screen Sharing Not Working on iPhone – Fix
  4. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Why is Webex screen sharing not working on Mac?
  • How do I enable screen sharing on Webex Mac?
  • How do I get rid of the grey box in Webex?
  • How do I solve ‘webex share button greyed out’ on Mac?

Now let’s Start!!

Webex Screen Sharing Not Working on Windows – Fix

Due to few causes, your Webex not able to work as your expectation. Now here we will explain full guide on how to solve WebEx screen sharing problems; below mentioned all:

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Not Getting to Join Audio Conference

When you have been joined Webex session and look a green mic blinking on your participants ‘panel, but you are not getting to hear anything. If Mic icon is getting to visible on each participant instead of your panel, then you have not joined audio conference till now. By mistaken shut off the pop up window while prompting when you join audio conference.

To fix it: To click on <Audio> option then gets integrate Voice conference then you have to go for joining Conference button. While clicking <Ask for Mic> option on participant’s panel, you can speak something to participants. Then presenter will get to pass Mic to you.

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Omitted Useful Information in Shared Document

In some scenario, if you want to try share some documents but other participants are unable to see full detail. While using of Shared file, objects and special fonts might be omitted.

To fix it: Alternately, You can prefer Share Application beyond of Share file.

Getting to Disable Annotation Tool

While getting to Webex session, only you have to right to allow annotation for other participants. By mistaken, annotation is disabled to all attendees.

To fix issue: You have to need enable this feature with clicking on Menu > Participants > Assign Privilege. Now check Annotate button and click on <Apply> icon.

Unable to Join Webex Session

This problem occurs when you have not better established internet connectivity. Then in this scenario, your browser will not response and gets hang when you want to try setup Webex meeting.

To fix this problem, you make ensure that your PC should be meeting your computer requirement of Webex program. Now you can monitor your system either is ok or not while joining meeting.

Not Able to Share Any Documents

If you are not able to share any types of file like as text, Excel or PowerPoint. In the Webex, to be used converter software that helps to choose files into Webex document with using a print loader. You have not right to share any presentation without having administrator privileges to add Printer rights on your system.

To fix problem: Now you can use share Desktop or Share Application. Another alternative you send the email with attaching file to hosts who having to Administration Rights.

Getting to Echo on Going Conference Call

In this phase, all participants might be used headset along with Mic. and then attendees should mute their Mic but they are not getting to turn to speak.

To fix it: All participants should be used headphone or earphone together with their Desktop or Laptop Mic.

Webcam Unable to Work

If your webcam is already to connect with your system but other participants are unable to see you.

To fix it: Click on <Webcam> icon that appears on participant panel, and again click on <Start My Video> icon. Now other participants can see you.

Webex Screen Sharing Not Working on Mac Fix

Here, we will explain you that how to troubleshoot while ongoing meeting and screen sharing issues on your Mac system; below mentioned all steps:

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  • Making ensure that your Mac must be up to date.
  • Getting to restart your system Apple menu > Restart
  • If you prompt to update your app then check to see any update on your Mac from within app.
  • Close all working apps and try to once again.
  • Close the app with forcefully and reopen it; to do this:
  • Press Command + Esc key
  • Then force quit window will be opened.
  • Search the app, and hit on < Force Quit button>

This problem may be occurred due to not given security permission, so you should be editing it.

  • Click on Apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy
  • And then click on <Privacy> option
  • Now hit on the <Lock> icon to make update, and then click the checkbox next to app that you are getting issues.
  • After make to change, you have to need restart the app, prompting notification will ask you restart it, and then get to restart and try once again.

If you are facing this issue till now then you can follow these steps:

  • Open your <Activity Monitor>
  • Find out process named <NetAuthAgent> if you search it then select it all well.
  • Then click on <Quit Process>

Webex Screen Sharing Not Working on iPhone – Fix

Same as above

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is Webex screen sharing not working on Mac?

If your Mac system is not letting you to share your screen in the Cisco Webex Meetings, then please make specific screen recording has been turned on in your Security & Privacy System Preferences.

How do I enable screen sharing on Webex Mac?

You have to go Privacy tab > then enable the ‘Cisco Webex Meeting’ into Camera section. If you already given permission during a meeting then restart the desktop app for getting to change to take effect. If you want to use screen recording and sharing during meetings then hit on <OK> button after appearing the pop-up.

How do I get rid of the grey box in Webex?

Just, you have to press ESC or press <Ctrl+Shift+Q>, to exit clear-view mode.

How do I solve ‘webex share button greyed out’ on Mac?

  • If this button is greyed out then it will be set to ‘Call me’ option.
  • Then click on <Call me> to expand this option menu, and select the <Use computer for audio> option; If, you wish to transmit your voice.
  • Now, Join/Start button will turn into green colour.

Summing Up

Through this article, we have been revealed all possible stuffs, which help to solve issue ‘Webex Screen Sharing Not Working‘ on Mac, Windows, and iPhone platforms with ease. If this content is helpful for you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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