How to Fix: ” Webex Microphone Not Working ” On Windows, Android, & Mac

In this article, we will spread the light about you how to fix Webex microphone not working on your using platforms, and in the end your problem will be solved.

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Your Webex microphone does not work properly caused by few these issues; below mentioned all:

  • Doesn’t have access to the Microphone
  • Webex Web App Does Not Have Permission
  • Webex Preferences
  • Automatic Volume Adjustment
  • Update the Drivers
  • Troubleshoot the Microphone

External Microphone Not Working in Windows 10

Firstly, you must be check that you external microphone is working properly with your system. If it is doing to perform good then ok, but if it doesn’t work properly then you should be fixed it. To do this.

Set Default Microphone to External Microphone

First of all, you have to need set your default microphone for external microphone. To do this:

  • Go to click on Start > Settings > System > Sound
  • Then firstly you will see <Output> in the sound menu then scroll down same window and select your external microphone in you drop down menu.


Now Test Microphone

  • Talk something into your microphone, if grey bar changes blue during speak then it is good.
  • But if not then you can click on <Troubleshoot> button below it.
  • Troubleshoot helps to find out microphone problem as well as guiding how to solve it.

Get to Disable Internal Microphone

After setting you external microphone in your sound menu, you must be disabling your internal microphone via device manager. To do this:

  • Now you have to click on search bar and type <Device Manager> and expend the <Audio input and output> then right click on <internal microphone> and select disable.


After that you might be other problem create related this like as Webex audio not working properly, then then you would be fixed it then you can check it: How to Fix: “Webex Audio Not Working” & “Webex Audio Settings”? Easy Ways

Webex Microphone Not Working

Here, we will provide solutions of all causes due to Webex microphone not working properly; below mentioned all:

Not Granting Access to Microphone

All computers’ apps have to need permission for getting to access of microphone. If you do not provide the access Webex’s microphone then sound would not be enabled during meeting.

  • Open Windows setting and hit on <Privacy> option then privacy setting window will be opened.


  • Now get scroll down of same window and choose <Microphone> that is appearing below the App Permissions section.


  • Then you have to check either microphone access is granted or not on your device. If it is set on off mode then hit on <Change> button and again hit on toggle button to get turn “ON” mode.


  • Now get scroll down same window and check <Allow Apps to access your Microphone> is ON or OFF. If it is turn on then ok otherwise click on toggle and change to <ON>.


  • Again scroll down same window and check the <Allow Desktop Apps to access your Microphone> setting. It also must be turned on. If it is already set “OFF” then change it immediately.


Not Allowing Permission

You have to need to verify extra permission but you are using Cisco Webex web app beyond of desktop app. To do this:

  • Firstly, open Webex meeting space on your using browser.
  • Then click on <Lock> icon that is shows on the left side of address bar.
  • Now making ensure that Microphone setting is “Allow“, if it is not then you have to expand the drop down menu and choose the “Allow“.


Getting to Check Webex Preferences

  • Click on <Setting> icon that looks as a “gear” form on the title bar.
  • Now choose the <Preferences> from drop down menu.


  • Then Cisco Webex setting will be displayed and have to go <Meeting Join Options> and click on it.


  • If you have to use <Always use the following audio and video settings>, then go to <Microphone> option and have to cross check that desired microphone is one chosen.


  • If your setting is already selected <Use my last audio and video>, then you have to need swap it with <Always use the following audio and video settings>. Now you get configure your camera and microphone setting.


Getting to Set Automatic Volume Adjustment

  • You have to go <Meeting Join Options> in Webex setting.
  • Making ensure that <Always Use the audio and video settings> option is already selected.
  • Now you have to go <Microphone> that is under the microphone setting, and choose checkbox to <Automatically Adjust Volume>


  • Then hit on <Apply> button, and you can check that your problem is fixed.

Updating Device Drivers

If you device driver is outdated then issue could be arisen. Windows is able to update the driver automatically but sometime it can omit a massive update then you should be preferred manually. To do this:

  • Get right click on <Start menu> button and choose the <Device Manager> from elevated menu box.
  • Now find out <Audio inputs and outputs> option, and hit on downward arrow and expend it.


  • You have to go <Microphone> in this list and right click on it, and then choose the <Update driver> from elevated menu.


NOTE: Now new window will be displayed on your screen and click on   option, and select option on window. Now your device manager gets to start for finding driver updates and install them.

Troubleshooting Your Microphone

If your issue did not resolve till now then this issue may be occurred into microphone itself, and get to run troubleshooter that helps you to find out problem that what’s wrong with microphone.

  • You have to need open <Windows Setting> and then click on <System> option.


  • Then go to <Sound> setting in navigation menu and make ensure that correct microphone is chosen if yes then click on <Troubleshoot> button to run it, but if it is not correct selected then click on dropdown arrow and select correct microphone.


NOTE: Now Windows is getting to start troubleshoot microphone, and it search a problem then it will help you to guide how to solve this problem. And after fixing this issue, your microphone will work properly in the Webex meeting.

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