40 Features and Benefits of GPS Tracking System – Easy Guide

Hi Friends! Today, here we will explain about various benefits of GPS tracking system as well as most remarkable features of GPS tracking system with ease. This is unique content over the internet. So we make sure that at the end of this article; you will definitely fully aware about few essential features and benefits of GPS tracking system without getting any hassle.

GPS tracking systems are getting more popularity with businesses and consumers looking to protect their assets. While getting to investment in the GPS tracking system, you can easily prevent the costly losses and theft incidents.


Advanced GPS tracking systems play a vital role in making ensure the safety on the roads. These tracking systems have undergone vast transformations to fit the modern drivers and road protection needs and provide the next generation features that are going to truly revolutionary.

Benefits of GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking system allows you to enhance your business productivity and streamline operations; in additionally, it also makes life easier for drivers and transport authorities. Now, here we are going to cover few significant benefits of GPS tracking systems; below shown each one, you can check them:

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Excellent Route Planning:

GPS tracking system allows you to help the identify the optimal and worst path by reviewing detail for the previous trips by using the location history map. Hence, fleet managers are able to best road by getting to identify busy road being location-based history data. Therefore, optimized route assists you directly enhance about how efficient and productive driver.

Cutting-Off Operating Expenses:

A GPS tracking system also helps to decrease vast amount of expense like as reduce fuel price, lesser repair prices, low downtime in the vehicles, lesser insurance prices, and less probability for road accidents. Thus, with helping of tracking system software also permit you to cut back on administrative sites, tax software, and other tools which this program is able to serve for you.

Safety to Vehicle or Asset Theft:

The GPS tracking system and virtual geo-fenced parameters even allows to help prevent cargo, vehicle, and other asset theft. Thus, vehicle administrators are capable to keep track of location of all vehicles in the real-time; and taken immediately action, if any vehicle stolen or deviated from its road.

Optimal Usage of Fuel:

Although, drivers are also capable to control case prices; then you can make ensure optimal fuel usage. With the using of GPS tracking technology, you can also optimize the path of every vehicle to decrease fuel consumption. As well as, GPS tracking system can also limit fuel price, because it will be notified you anytime any one of your vehicle’s driver is getting to perform worst behaviour like as unauthorized usage, speeding, unwanted idling, and etc.

Reduced Insurance Prices:

Today, most of insurance firms will offer a special discount for any transport and fleet company that are using the GPS tracking system.

Enhanced Productivity:

Another benefit of this type of GPS tracking system is that you are able to become most competitive by helping of tracking performance against the delivery service level agreements. The SLA (Service Level Agreement) is going to define the degree of service that you can expect from a vendor and lays out the metrics. This is also enables the remedies or penalties, if the degree of service level is not completed. For instance, if you SLA time say that you will deliver a package by 10 am; then you are able to prove that you were there on time otherwise before the expected delivery time along with GPS system.

Cutting-Off Detention Time:

The detection time can price fleets up to $1500 per driver annually. Instead of, as per the DAT survey, just 3% of drivers obtain detection fees for over 90% of their claims to shipper. Being a real-time tracking system and automated geo-fencing notifications; then you are easily capable to identify whenever the driver enters and exits a facility. The behalf of this data, you can easily determine the unproductive shippers and receivers that detain drivers for longer and frequently.

Superb Customer Service:

The GPS tracking system and a real-time vehicle location data can assist you serve the enhance your customer service and get a leg up on your competitors. Whenever you get to know perfectly about how far away your vehicle are from their targeted point; then you are able to deliver perfect estimated times of arrival to your customers

Usage-Based Invoicing:

The GPS tracking system also assists you get to know where your vehicles and assets are and how long they have been there. This tracking system is most useful for the gas and oil firms. This is because, to calculate perfectly time on the site is important for getting to invoice and getting paid. Therefore, fleet administrators are even easily capable to keep manage invoicing, billing and payroll along with location based information.

Improve Safety Measurement:

Drivers are often more responsible being GPS tracking system, because they get to know that fleet authorities keep monitor their driving. In additional, fleet program solution are coming with hardware to keep monitoring the drivers. Therefore, it also helps to prevent worst driver behaviour like as unwanted idling, abrupt stops, speeding, and getting detour away from the closed optimal path. As a result, administrators are easily capable to make roadside help and services call before the situation gets bad.

Real-Time Notifications:

The GPS tracking system also allows to push the notifications anytime a vehicle enters otherwise leave a job site. While getting to receive this information in a real-time assists to lessen administrative tasks. For instance, getting this data permits fleet authorities to touch receivers and shippers whenever vehicles arrive the facility based on the geo-fenced alerts.

Getting the Maintenance Reminders:

The service maintenance and vehicle diagnostic is most critical portion of making ensure to all vehicle run smoothly and prevent unwanted repair prices. Then, GPS tracking system will give the reminders for maintenance based on engine hours and mileage.

Cutting-off Administrative Overload Works:

Fleet administrator also decreases administrative overload work by getting to eliminate the manual paperwork and fewer phone calls to drivers. This is because; fleet authorities are able to get real-time updates only by seeing at their fleet’s management dashboard.

Avoid Unnecessary Vehicle Use:

While you are using real-time GPS tracking system and location history records, fleet authorities are able immediately identify if any vehicle is being misused for personal use and side jobs.

Prevent Traffic Violations:

This is the most amazing benefits of GPS tracking system is their use to preventing the traffic violations. In this case of traffic ticket; you are able to use camera based clue and data from tracking system to close the case.

Enhance Communication Between Dispatcher & Driver:

Most of businesses work being most efficiently when their communication is on the point. Whenever, the drivers and dispatchers should make communication directly. If a driver is getting to tie up along with a customer, then they can confirm the dispatcher to assign other drivers.

Adopting the Digital Timekeeping:

By using of GPS tracking system; you can easily discard the billing discrepancies by using of digital timekeeping. At next, it will also help to decrease the dispatch inaccuracies.

Being most competitive:

While you are using the GPS tracking system; you can easily beat your competition your transport business. Cause of this, you are even capable to cut off costs, and serve the excellent customer service and keep your works happy all time.

Going to Up the Number of Trips:

With helping of GPS tracking system, you are capable to make better blueprint your plan. So, your administrator will be help to assign tasks when they spot an idle vehicle. Hence, you can make the number of trips every day. More trips converts to more revenue.

Optimize Financial Management:

With using of GPS log data, you can easily analyse the routes taken by your drivers. Moreover, you are also capable to make a vast profit and loss analysis and assign your budget accordingly.

More Predictable:

Unfortunate, if your transportation business is a strict ‘No’. Then, be more predictable by offering your customers being accurate delivery times, and real-time tracking information and other minutes data

Features of GPS Tracking System

In this section, we will explore about most remarkable features of GPS tracking system in detail, which you should be known before using it; as follow them:

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Advanced Analytical Dashboard & Reports:

You should be known about difference in between the analytical and normal dashboard. A normal dashboard provides the overall view of your vehicle; but the analytical dashboard serves the in-depth analytics into your vehicle operations. It might not be and important feature at first but; it plays a critical role whenever transport managers make essential business decision through vis a vis fleet. And the analytical dashboard of fleet management software appears the hidden and game changing insights in the format of charts and graph.

Customisable Alerts:

In the real-time location tracking, most of authorities of vehicle are going to invest in the GPS tracking system that serve the real-time alerts. The robust transport GPS solution must be sending the customizable alerts frequently and in the real-time. It should be capable to provide the wide range of customizable alert like as: Long idle times, Vehicle maintenance, over speeding alerts, Route deviation, and etc. Thus, these alerts also play vital role in streamlining operation such as cutting off operation prices and fostering business growth.

Fuel Monitoring:

The fuel monitoring system that makes ensure accuracy is a must have features in the transport management software. The fuel level and determine the reading completely at the trial period itself because a something of here and there can cause issues. Check whether or not you are getting alerts in scenario of a quickly fuel drop and rise.

Execute Ticketing & Enquiry:

In the transport business, inquiry plays the important role, when your clients and fleet owners want to execute any inquires about an extra feature like as batteries, tyres, insurance, and so on otherwise wish to reach out for further business. Ticketing that means real-time chat support on the private portal where clients create the complaint tickets. These queries can be executed about to features, services, and other related to the business.

Minimum Six Month History & Reports:

If, you want to track a hundred or thousand vehicle at a time; then it not easy task. So, its history plays the vital role. This is because, tracking system permits you to keep scan it on quarterly, monthly, and weekly as per the performance of vehicles. While getting to visit at history page, choose the time frame that you wish to replay, and hit the playback button. You are able to get processed data into form of report that easily getting to download and share along with others.

Compatibility with Sensors:

The compatibility of software is getting to do being different types of hardware. As assets and vehicles need numerous sensors based on the industry or sector they complete to. Many solution like as TPMS, video telematics, and fuel monitoring that would require the planting of hardware to read data. Door sensor, temperature sensor, and tire removal sensor are to namely a few.

Reminders to Service & Maintenance:

It is not easy task to remember the servicing data for a hundred of vehicle that fleet owners own. So, with the helping of GPS tracker, you are able to make schedule to push the reminders for vehicle’s maintenance and service. It might be that it is not essential feature, but it is not of the most sought after feature in this sector. You will receive automatic reminders for servicing dates, licence expiry, and permit renewals and so on.

Real-Time Vehicle Diagnostics:

GPS tracking software system has excellent compatibility along with ODM device that assists you to monitor the real-time condition of the vehicles internally. Thus, you are capable to keep checking the engine health and vehicle’s thoroughly health. GPS tracker also allows predicting the problems capable of becoming critical issues further and cutting-off downtime.

Customised Solutions being Seamless Integrations:

It is always the excellent things to settle for customisable solution as there is always few wiggle room for additions and subtraction. White label GPS Tracking solution providers such as TrackBit provide the fully freedom in the order of feature selection, design, and integration of all sorts.

Enabled Dashboard Camera:

GPS tracking system kept recording of vehicle trip that will provide the more information about the tour, and it also serves an essential record in the case of road accident or other disputes. Cause of solid evidence, it can assist you to settle your any legal dispute; if they create since every record is time-stamped being best accuracy. While merging the HD video recordings with modern analytics then it also serve the best training tools for getting to educate drivers on the worst driving behaviour like as speeding, distracted driving, tailgating, and sharp acceleration.

Keep Monitoring the Driver Behaviour:

To keep monitoring driver behaviour is most important factor to make ensure the optimum efficiency and productivity. While getting to monitor the driver behaviours, you can easily cutting-off the road accidents by safely driving habits. In additional, best GPs tracker system also provide the visibility into host of various driving behaviour habits, like as idling, harsh breaking, acceleration, and so on. By using these data, you are able to advise your driver as enforce measures to improve safety.

Real-Time Location Tracking:

The real-time location tracking is the most important and critical feature that each GPS solution should have. With helping of real-time location tracking, transport managers are able to keep staying updated about where their vehicles, drivers, and other asset at any specific time duration. This tracking system permits them to respond immediately to emergencies and recover vehicles otherwise goods fast in the event or theft.

Tour History:

It is most useful feature that any good vehicle tracking system should have is trip history. This tracking system allows you to keep tracking of your vehicle’s trip by helping of this feature that also permits you to see whether your driver has been making unauthorised tour or staying from the optimum routes for the personal concerns.

In the trip history, you can see few information about vehicle’s acceleration, idling, travelled distance, and stoppages. Cause of this, you are able to keep save money on fuel by planning more optimized trip.

Final Thoughts

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