25+ Advantages of GPS | Disadvantages of GPS (Global Positioning System)

Hi Learner! Today, we are going to reveal about many advantages of GPS system and its disadvantages as well; involving with various drawbacks and benefits of global positioning system with ease. We make ensure that at the end of this post, you will definitely fully aware about pros and cons of GPS system without getting any hindrance.

Overview of GPS System

GPS stands for ‘Global Positioning System’; it is global navigation satellite systems that offer the location, velocity and time synchronization. The GPS system serves the critical abilities to civil, military, and commercial user around the world. The GPS is kept to maintain by the US government and is free getting to access to everyone along with GPS receiver.


The Global Positioning System (GPS) is made up of a network of approximate 24 satellites placed into orbit by United States Department of Defense. Initially, GPS system was designed for military apps; but in 1980s, the government issues it as publically for civilian use. The GPS is capable to work in everywhere over the globe with 24*7 time.

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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages of GPS System?

From this article, we will guide you about cover various major advantages and disadvantages of GPS system| drawbacks and benefits of global positioning system with ease. So, you should be known about before using of GPS on your devices.

Advantages of GPS System

In this section, we will show you about various advantages and pros of GPS system; below mentioned all, you can check them:

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Monitoring to Any Object:

GPS system permits you to monitor of vehicle as well as other electronic devices in the real-time. What will be happened that GPS is placed in the item you wish to track, then you can get to know the proper location of that item. GPS can be used directly to track the movement and progress of deliver vehicle. As well as, if you wish to move the higher value assets, then you can be protected so by helping a GPS.

Ease of Accessibility:

Today, GPS system is getting more popularity, so it is going to increase in the development of the application and software integrating GPS. The unbelievable advantage of GPS system is that objects and spots became more accessible as they ever were. You don’t have to need carry map or pamphlets along with the direction to arrive your target point. If you have a GPS system then it will help to cover all your location needs. As well as, it also permits you to find out for nearby spots in a few steps.

Keep Saving Time:

GPS (Global Positioning System) delivers the real-time data that allows you to check the traffic updates. To keep waiting long times in traffic wastes the lot of time. For a business point of view, the lost hours are equal to liability that can cost them long run. Hence, GPS system works as a time saver in this scenario. It also serves the traffic updates, thus drivers can select the route as per the situation. Hence, GPS system permits them to arrive the destination by using the critical road, saving on fuel, and time as well.


The satellites behind GPS are paid for, keep maintaining and upgraded by US Department of Defence; that means the system is essentially free of cost. But you might have to pay for a device and software to use it. Smartphone application, like as Google Maps that is using the GPS system is usually free.

Making the Communication:

Most of people are going to use GPS for making the communication, whether at some point in your life or regularly. You may not have realized it. Whenever you try to book a cab by using mobile apps, then you don’t have to need make a call the driver to ask their location. Just you can check it via apps by helping the GPS. For this reason, this GPS system has applications in fleet management. To get summarize, GPS system permits you to make communication effectively.

Helping to Navigation:

Today, the widely use of GPS is to get navigation systems. To merge along with map technology, it has been became the powerful tool for road vehicle and boats. GPS is capable to pinpoint a device’s location along with their accuracy and can be compared with coordinates; the statistics is most helpful for calculating a device’s direction of movement and speed. This information can be utilised to offer the step by step direction from Point M to Point N in the real-time.

Simple & Easy to Use:

To get navigation by using the GPS system is usually very simplest and need less skill and effort, when it compared to conventional technologies like a Map-Reading. Just, you have to put destination and device will do the rest. Hence, Global Positioning System is also most easy and efficient technology to use for tasks such as surveying.


Mostly parents are going to use GPS system to keep tabs children and make ensure that they are safe or not. This same technology is also used by children to keep tract to their parents. Therefore, GPS system is also most helpful to keep staff members and other safe in the specific jobs.

Local Area Search:

Today, most of people are going to use GPS system for serving information on the neighbourhood area. For example, searching out that where the nearest hotel and filling station; as well as finding out the restaurants that are on or off for business. This is most helpful, when you are going to long route trip and search a spot to stop for sleep, fill fuel, food, and etc.

Traffic & Weather Alerts:

One of the amazing stuffs about GPS is that it is all occurring in the real-time, that means you can get any notification if there is a any traffic accident or other kind of hold up ahead. If you are notifying an area where there is a severe weather occurring. Then it not just can this lesser your journey time, but enhance your safety as well.

All Time Available:

GPS system is essentially operated by satellite technology, then it is 24*7 available across the entire globe.


The Global Positioning System is paid for, therefore it is updated and maintained by US Department of Defense; hence it offers always accuracy. Most of apps, devices, and software that are using the GPS system are properly regularly updated as a free. Cause of this, GPS and other related technology always provide information with accurately.

Monitor Health Parameters:

Today, GPs system is also going to use to keep monitor the exercise and helps to amateurs to enhance their health and fitness; so it is most helpful for the professional sports men. It is also capable to calculate the speed, distance travelled, as well as using the information to get estimation about calories burned.

Choose the Route:

GPS also allows you to give the choice of route in the real-time that is enabled flexibility. Then, you are able to select the route as per your certain needs and desires. When, by mistaken you take wrong turn then new path will be calculated by helping of GPS system. If your desired path is blocked with any reason, then GPS is most helpful to calculate the new pathway.

Defence Usage:

While getting to use GPS in your general usages, the defence also employs the GPS system whenever setting the target for guided missiles. GPS system helps to improve the accuracy via providing the missile a certain set of coordinates, and decrease the collateral damage by less possibility of missile going astray.

Land Surveying:

It is should be taken land surveying before the development or construction. Now, GPS has gradually converted conventional land surveying technology, because it is cost effective, quicker, and most accurate. It takes only hours along with GPS instead of day.

Predict to Natural Disasters:

There are various scientific apps of GPS system instead of navigational mattes. GPS systems is also used to help detect the structural problems in roads and buildings. It can also serve the prediction for natural disasters such as earthquakes through the monitoring of tectonic plate movement.

Disadvantages of Global Positioning System

GPS system comes along with few downsides, as compare to other technology. Therefore, here we will show you about some limitations and drawbacks of GPS system in detail, below you can check them:

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Privacy Issues:

GPS systems are also going to use to track anyone without their knowledge. Any device can be fitted into car, for example the victim’s real-time location can be known at any time. This technology can be used for an aid of all sorts of nefarious and criminal objectives; like as burglary, kidnapping, murder, even stalking. These GPS systems are most cost effective and easy to buy.


Undoubtedly, you are capable to find the perfect location by helping of GPS; you should not be totally depending on it. This is because, few hassle may be block the satellite signals, and outcome will be inaccuracy. These hindrances might be anything from trees to snowfields to structures. Some other errors can be happened whenever the satellite signal is getting to travel from space toward Earth, especially via ionosphere. To adding up, the combination of errors along with a satellite and the receiver produces the incorrect output.

Less of Local Knowledge:

Local knowledge will be count for most when traveling. Totally trust on the GPS system that means you can be missed out any information that may be helpful for your journey. For example, whether a part of road is prone to getting to flood or other hazards at the specific times of day, whether there are any scenic views, otherwise the road is totally shuttled down during specific time of duration like as cause of railway crossings and draw bridges.

Battery Failure:

If you totally dependent on the GPS system can cause issues, if you are getting to suffer a signal fail, or you are using a battery oriented device that out of power usage. Unless, you have few source of backup, like as conventional paper maps, then you are easily able to find yourself lost without any idea that way to go.

Reliance on the US Department of Defense:

The US Department of Defense developed GPS system, therefore they are getting to control over it. So, GPS is totally dependent on them. Whenever, they wish to restrict its usage, then they can do it at any time without any boundations. They designed the system for the military and navigation goals, before it was developed to the public. Hence, we are using it for tracking to someone. Its reliance on the United States Department of Defense means denial of getting to access mustn’t surprise you.

Commercial Exploitation:

Since GPS system is merged along with other technology, like as internet social portals or mobile apps, then it can become easiest for any commercial firms to monitor someone’s movement and exploit this information to collect data on a person’s travel and shopping behavior, or target them along with advertisement based on their location.

Distract in Driving:

Mostly GPS devices are by their very nature distracting. This is because, they give you audio instructions and all you have to do is at the glance over the map occasionally. So, you are able to end up mess around along with your phone and other devices attempting to alter the target point. Then cause of this, you can get a major accidents.

GPS Predicts Different from Ground Reality:

It doesn’t matter that how powerful the GPS system is; so you can’t say that it is totally safe technology. This is because that ground reality might be always differing from what a GPS predictions. For instance, you are getting to travel, and GPS displays the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) that means half an hour later. But, it is not actually happenings on the road. Because it can be a traffic issue, road blockage, a rally, flooding, otherwise any accidents that can delay your travel. Therefore, GPS while mandatory, but should not be believed blindly.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the major advantages of GPS surveying?

  • GPS provides the high level of accuracy as compare to traditional surveying methods.
  • It is capable to calculate are done quickly and along with higher degree of accuracy.
  • Few GPS systems can make communication with wireless for real-time data delivery.

What are the advantages of GPS in civil engineering?

  • The GPS signatures offer the coordinates pinpointing the perfect location of a provided subject. This location tracking system is able to work as offline as well.
  • It also assists to make a record of where project workers and equipment are the given time, and enables a wealth of time & money saving abilities.

What are the main disadvantages of GPS in sport?

GPS system has not ability to prove to be accurate for keeping to monitor with short-term distance and speeds, then you would be need the analyse the performance of team sport athletes.

What are the disadvantages of GPS in surveying?

  • GPS land surveying equipment needs a clear view of the sky to obtain the satellite signal.
  • All GPS survey equipment is object to failure from dead batteries and system malfunction.

What are the disadvantages of GPS in agriculture?

In this article, already we have been explored above many limitations of GPS system with including agriculture, you can check them.

Summing Up

Now, i hope that you have completed educated about major advantages of GPS system and its disadvantages as well; involving with various drawbacks and benefits of global positioning system with ease. If this article is valuable for you, then please share it along with your friends, family members or relatives over social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and more.

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