How to Update Carrier Settings on iPhone/iPad? Use 2 Simplest Ways!

Are you unsure about to update carrier settings on iPhone and iPad? Then don’t worry because it is incredible easy process. So here we will show you about how to update carrier settings on iPhone and iPad?. At the end, you will say that it is simplest way and i can do it myself!!


What is Carrier Settings Update?

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Here we will explain simplest form; Carrier Settings are small files that work as communication middleware in between your iOS device and Cellular Network. Carrier Settings let you to send text and mms messages, use visual voicemails, get data and also make phone call. Every phone carrier network providers contain owns their carrier settings. But you haven’t right to see or configure them because these settings are hidden from their users.

Why Should I update Carrier Settings?

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This message is air pushed to your iPhone or iPad mostly by your phone carrier provider such as At&T, T-Mobile, Verizon in USA. This updates are released to offer your enhance your mobile phone carrier’s connectivity to improve calls, data, message and others, while using your iOS device.

So we suggest you to install your latest phone carrier setting update on your iPhone or iPad.

Is It Safe to Update Carrier Settings on iOS device?

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‘Ensure YES’, it is totally safe to update carrier settings. They allow to help your iPhone or iPad function perfectly, because if you don’t prefer to download your service provider companies’ latest files, then this network can get errors and may be other service issues.

Difference in between Carrier Settings and iOS Update

OS update is a bigger announcement, more comprehensive update compare to carrier settings update like as OS updates iOS 11, iOS 12, and iOS 13 – release along with thousands of new features and advance changes to interface of iOS. OS updates can affect the foundation of fully phone.

Other side, Carrier settings updates are just small group of settings, users can’t do any modification in them.

How You Can Check Carrier Update Setting on iPhone & iPad?

If your phone carrier pushed a current update, then you can also check it with following few simple steps:

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  • Open <Settings> app on your device.
  • Tap on <General> option.
  • On next screen, press on <About> option
  • Latest carrier update is visible next to <“Carrier” or “Network Provider”>
  • If still you did not receive current version, then you can restart as forcefully to your phone and check once again.

How to Update Carrier Settings on iPhone as Manually

Updating carrier settings is pretty simplest process, here’s how:

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Note: iPhone and iPad must be connected along with Internet connection.

  • Open <Settings> app on your device.
  • Tap on <General> option.
  • On next screen, press on <About> option
  • If your phone carrier has current updates, then messages will be appeared like as <Network provider Settings Update” or “Carrier Settings Update> into pop-up form.
  • Finally, press on <Update> for getting to update your phone carrier settings.


  • Now your iPhone is updated along with latest phone carrier’s settings. Once completed process, your iPhone should be working fine.

How to Update Carrier Settings on iPhone via iTune

You can also download carrier settings on your iPhone or iPad through iTune; here’s how:

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  • Open iTune on your PC (Must be current version otherwise it will deal to error)
  • Make connection in between your iPhone and your computer through USB cable.
  • Shut down all working programs, if you don’t do it then iTune can get interference process.
  • If you will view pop-up on your PC that means your phone carrier update is pending.
  • Hit on <Download>, and then update it.

Important!! If you still don’t view a pop-up, then go to Settings > About or iTunes

How to Fix: iPhone Carrier Settings Update Failed

If you are getting to lead error “Carrier Settings Update Failed” while updating your iPhone or iPad, then try troubleshooting steps; below shown all:

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Restart Phone

This issue could be cause of minor software confliction or mis-configuration, solving voicemail working fine on your iOS device. Follow this:

  • Navigate Settings > General and find out <Shut Down>, tap on it.
  • On resulting screen, swipe <slider> to Switch-off your iPhone.
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes and once again getting to restart your iPhone.

Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

You should try to get disable airplane mode and after few seconds enable it. This process allows refreshing cellular network that may be causing the “Carrier Settings Update Failed“. To do this:

  • Launch <Settings> app, press on <Airplane Mode> toggle to enable it.
  • Wait for 40 seconds and again press on same toggle to disable Airplane Mode.

Reset Network Settings

Here we are going to reset Network Setting then your issue “Carrier Settings Update Failed” might be sorted out.

Important!! After getting to reset network setting, network-related settings will be deleted such as: Wi-Fi passwords, Bluetooth devices, VPN configurations, and more.

Note: Not erasing personal data such as images, music and other apps.

  • Launch <Settings> app, press on option.
  • On next screen, find <Reset> and tap on it.
  • Further press on <Reset Network Settings> and put your passcode
  • Now you have to press on <Reset Network Settings> to confirm your choice.

Refresh Cellular Data

This issue gets persist cause of network errors, so you should be refresh cellular data (Turn on and off), to do this:

  • You have to go Settings > Cellular
  • Now get toggle switch on and then off.

Install iOS Update

Follow only simple three steps:

  • Open <Settings> app on your iPhone
  • Tap on <Software Update>
  • If you see any file then download it.

Eject and insert phone’s SIM

Sometimes iPhone is not getting to able to fetch your SIM card. This issue is occurred cause of not placing SIM card properly in iPhone’s SIM slot. So we suggest you to eject and insert SIM process.

  • Get switch off your iPhone or iPad
  • To remove SIM tray by using any pin or SIM ejector tool
  • SIM out from SIM’s tray and then keep it again properly.

Bottom Lines

Above shown both methods to update carrier settings as manually and via iTune, whichever way you select, process would not take long and incredible easy.

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