Advantages and Disadvantages of SAN (Storage Area Network)!!

Storage Area Network (SAN) is newest technology that allows to data storage internally the network. This network is constructed with using of network swatches, fiber optic cables, servers, and storage devices.

In which, all storage devices are connected with each other via network switches, and for making connection to be used optical fibers. And due to this, SAN’s data transmission rate very high.

In this post, we will explain various Advantages and Disadvantages of SAN (Storage Area Network) | Drawbacks & Benefits of SAN (Storage Area Network). At the end of this article,  you fully aware about all pros and cons of using SAN.


Advantages of SAN (Storage Area Network)

Here, we will spread light on various benefits of SAN (Storage Area Network); below explain each one –

Highly Protective Data

Storage area network (SAN) is optimum solution for keeping your sensitive data, because users are capable to easily implement several types of security measures over the SAN. For example, virtual SAN allows to isolate the users, organizations, and departments. Your entire data is protected on the SAN (Storage Area Network).

Fastest Speed of Data Transmission

If, Users are getting to worry with slow data transmission rate to storage network and storage devices, then SAN is also best solution, because storage area network technology uses the fiber optic for transferring data, and it has ability to transfer data along with up to 5 Gbps. At present, it is latest fastest data transfer network technologies.

Having Fault Tolerance

Storage Area Network (SAN) provides the automatic continuous network operations without getting any worrying, if one or couple of server gets halt or offline. It is capable to automatic traffic rerouting function and built in redundancy while getting to server failure conditions. As a result, your SAN will always ready to perform all tasks. This dynamic failover protection is getting to handy, when user requires to do maintenance work on any types of servers.

Centralized Backup Process

Storage area network has ability to store data at the block level, and all data is presented in SAN as centralized fashion. That means, entire data can automatically replicated and hold on center location. Due to any circumstances, if server gets halt or offline in the network, then other nearby servers grab all control and stabilize the data load, and a final output, the all data transfer over the storage area network flow uninterrupted.

Less Expensive and Fastest Backup System

You are already known that SAN technology implements a centralized backup process. Entire data backup can get automate with using of centralized backup technology. So, entire data of your storage network gets to automatically backed up instantly.

Better Disk Management

Other benefits of SAN is well disk management, because whole storage arrays are linked through centralized storage network, as well as these can be handled by single unit. As a result, you are able to manage individually and allot the storage at the network level to the specific server when it is required. Without storage area network, for inserting huge data in server, you need multiple individual storage disks and feed them in server one by one. But, with using of storage area network encounters all those issues in the disk management.

Disaster Recovery System

With using of SAN, you have better solution for industry leading disaster recovery systems. Storage area network is a secondary storage array that you have to ensure easier and fastest data backup. So, if some time disaster gets then you have option for backup of your precious data as well as it can be easily recovered when it is needed.

Better Redundancy

Storage Area Networks are designed in such technology that these are never get halt or failure. SAN technology enables with many failsafe solutions for securing your data, and as a result, you are eligible all time for getting to access data and application which are needed for your small or large companies. Storage area network is enabled with top notch algorithm for data security, so due to this techniques your precious data always protected and consistent.

As Big Data Center Owners

Storage Area Network has various features that you can say it is optimum solution for data center like as better security, failsafe, fast, and requires low power for getting to operate, so SAN is a better addition to big data center of organizations.

Storage Administration

Storage Area Network allow to save you from several hassle as well as saving your precious time. Simply, SAN gets to simplify storage administration from the ground up.

Easier Link or Unlink Storage Devices

Storage Area Network allows to add or remove any storage devices any time as per your need. So, you are capable to enhance or decrease of your storage space to your storage network anytime without getting any interruption the entire functionality on the server. Users do not need to reset or stop server while adding or removing any storage space.

Work as Single Entity

All servers are linked through network switches, then you do not need to move storage devices from one server to another physically, but you need to assign new storage space from one server to another, then SAN works as single entity.

Never Bandwidth Bottleneck

In Storage Area Network, entire data are holding over the SAN, so all resources of servers and storage devices are always presented with the system. And due to this, user never faces any bandwidth bottlenecks in Storage Area Network.

Disadvantages of SAN

There are various limitations of SAN (Storage Area Network); below explain each one –

More Expensive

If, you want to operate Storage Area Network system, then you will need to pay huge amount of money because it gets to enable with industry-leading data storage and transfer facility. But, your running small type of business then it can be more costly for you, so you can opt to another cost effective solution.

High Maintenance

At the every time, SAN is not best option; because it is designed to control enlarge number of costlier servers. With the using of SAN, you would be maintaining few servers at time then it can get unnecessary expense. In this stage, you can choose other solutions.

Impact Privacy

We know very well that SAN offer better data security, but there get chance of data leakage because SAN is enabled with shared environment, that means all storage devices and other servers are linked with computers. If, anytime data leak from one computer then it could be harmful to others.

Working with Couple of Servers

If, you think that SAN can be used with few servers then it right but it can be more expensive for you. You can grab more benefits with connecting dozens or hundreds of expensive servers.

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