15+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Personal Area Network (PAN)| Limitations & Benefits

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Personal Area Network Definition!!

Personal Area Network (PAN) offers to make connections of multiple devices or other equipment under the single user’s environment within 10 meters to 30 feet. These types of connections can be done wired or wireless. PAN network enables with few computer devices, telephones, video game consoles, electronic devices, laptop, PDAs, printers, smart phone, and other wearable computer devices.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Personal Area Network

In this section, we will guide you properly about many advantages and disadvantages of PAN network | benefits and limitations of PAN (Personal Area Network); below shown all, you can read as your convince:

Advantages of Personal Area Network

There are some benefits of personal area network, such as

Less Expensive

In PAN network, no need any type of cable for making connection between multiple devices. In this computer network, no required addition data charges to use internet, so it is cost effective compare to other network systems.

Data Protection

PAN network is getting higher secure to other network technologies, because in this all network devices are getting permission from authorized person before transmitting data between multiple devices, so it is impossible to get any third-party interruption.

Link to multiple devices concurrently

In personal area network (PAN), multiple devices can be linked to single device at a time. For example – Many mobiles and tables can connect to single mobile computing device.

No Need Additional Space

In this PAN network, to connect many devices you require only Bluetooth system in multiple devices, and they can share file and data between them. Such as – wireless mouse can make connection with laptop or desktop via Bluetooth.

Easy to Use

No need additional advance configuration, so it can be used easily.

Reliable and Stable

PAN network is more reliable and stable, if it is used within 10 meters area.

Other Advantages Are:

  • Data synchronization between multiple devices
  • It is used in different areas such as offices, meetings and conferences.
  • It is also used in devices like as Smart TV, AC remotes etc.

Disadvantages of Personal Area Network

Personal Area Network has some limitations, like as:

Limited Area

This network can transmit data within 10 meters of range.

Data Transmission is Slow

Bluetooth is not able to share massive data with higher speed between the multiple devices, so this PAN network is slower network to another network technology such as LAN, MAN, WAN etc.

Health Issue

PAN network generates harmful ray or signal such as microwave signals, so these signals are getting bad impact on your mind and heart.

Interfere with Radio Signals

Data can be lost, due to interfere with radio signals.

Other Disadvantages are:

  • Personal area network (PAN) is used for higher expensive devices such as smart phones, PDA, laptops, and digital cameras.
  • Transmission of infrared signals on the single line only

Characteristics of Personal Area Network

There are various features of personal area network, such as:

  • It offers the single user environment to connect multiple devices.
  • It needs less power
  • Low cost
  • It allows the small region communication
  • In this network, mostly personal devices with in small region
  • PAN devices are wireless mice, keyboards, and Bluetooth systems

Final Verdict

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